>give you thing on $team possibly
>Ask a therapist something you always wanted too

Keeping it simple tonight! I was out of town all day visiting a sick family member. Put
at the top of your post with a question for the cards (using a new deck tonight)
I've randomly selected 8 ###s 000-999 first person to roll one gets a $team card worth $20!



Should I do it?

coffee is da bes!

*shuffles cards. A few fall out*
>King of penta...grams?
A man who seeks wealth at all costs. This deed will bring you wealth, but at a cost.

Talk about vague questions! What is the considered task?

I would know... I'm physiologically dependent on it now!
Good ... morning... evening?


heya sky, hows things been?

>What is the considered task?

I was thinking that it was time to cut ties with something. So this will bring me wealth?

at a cost! whatcha wanna cut anyways?

The cards say yes, but be wary of different kinds of loss other than financial.

As for cutting ties. There are very legitimate times to cut ties. Especially if the other side has been given ample opportunity to put in equal measure and has failed to do so.

You're luck is bound to turn around in a positive way. Spin the wheel, roll the dice. Take a chance on something.

It's been ok. Family member was in the hospital. Went to visit today. Doing better.


>whatcha wanna cut anyways?

It's difficult to describe.
>be wary of different kinds of loss other than financial

I'm prepared for that. I know that cutting ties is never exactly easy or something to do lightly. But I feel like this venture has run its course. All involved parties have gotten as much out of it as they could, you know?

oh? I hope they get better quick!

hmm lucky? I might go buy a scratch ticket P:


I'll have you know I am amazing when it comes to cards


Stay or leave?

always and foreeeeever

Mmm, I think we've all been there before. I hope it works out for you.

I always say I'm going to buy one once a month... then I never do.

It's like... my chance is 0 if I don't, infinitesimally small if I buy one, but it's higher than 0.

Then we shall settle things like adults
By playing a children's' card game!

>Sun(ny delight!)
You're next venture is looking great. No doubt about it. Doooo eeet

>the first sword ever
Sweeping changes are needed. This card symbolized need for change. So it seems a good possibility that you should go.

What is it you are leaving?


If I go aheat with this relationship, will things turn out okay?

>What is it you are leaving?
My hometown & job, all of my family and friends.

But I will be leaving with the girl I love and am engaged to, so I will not be alone.

I always buy a few and then get enough back to buy some more, eventually though, my luck runs out. One day, I might strike it rich, but I might also get eaten by sharks or struck by lightning.. lol

Your hometown will always be there, eventually many of your friends will probably move. It might be a good experience, and who knows, if you love her she might be the one. Worth it, if so.

Will I ever get rich?


Will I die soon?

I see I see. It sounds like an adventure. I've done the same before to go to the big city. It's worked out so far (except no sig other anymore...). As long as you are prepared for hardship and some failures a long the way. You'll be ok.


>Two wands one ... dear .. in the background?
Again with the change stuff. Consider moving forward with the change.

For a more concrete answer. Be prepared for work. Any long term relationship is going to require maintenance. You will both change overtime without meaning too. Always be open and listening and request the same in return.

are you finished work or just wokeup?

>3+3+3 cups
You're wishes will come true. If your wish is for riches it shall be so. Consider other wishes too though. Financially rich is one but one aspect of a happy life. (though it can definitely buy some other aspects)

>LoZ ... 4+ 4 swords adventure^2
Don't let depression eat away at you. Depression blinds us from the truth like a blindfold. If it lifts for even a brief moment we glimpse the world around us as it really is. When we can't, then rely on others to guide us through the maze of swords.

not really a yes or no answer, but it is the will of the cards.... and honestly a very good answer from a therapist's standpoint as well.

What will make you not want to befriend someone?

No work tonight. I have Friday/Saturday/Sunday nights off currently. 10 hour shifts Mon-Thur night.

mmm, hard question to answer honestly. Since I haven't seen every situation yet I can only answer what I know currently. If a prerson has shown persistent disregard for the feelings of others or myself. Not just once, but over time has shown a pattern of behavior. I tend to give a level of trust up front and put my belief that people are innately good but capable of bad things up front. Then build personal trust or distance myself based on succeeding behavior.

>Don't let depression eat away at you.

I never do. Depression is more like my weapon and my shield at this point.

Anyway, I'm just in a place where I have two different ideas for what to do with my life. One of them is best for a short life and the other is more long range. I don't want to take on something if I'll leave it unfinished.

ah? What options are considering?

Can I recover it?

Hmm, so being inconsiderate tends to set you off?

Speaking without specifics, my long term plan is basically taking a chance on people. Not in general, I have specific people in mind. My short term plan is nothing destructive or anything. I have no desire to hurt anybody. I just plan on burning through all my resources and enjoying a short life, dying when I run out of resources to burn.

ahh gotcha, forgot. it's monday afternoon here.


if i win give it to this guy

>Final Cup VII
Possibly, but be wary if it is too easy. You may be being taken advantage of. Other's may use your willingness to seek recovery of this object to lure you into a trap. Be careful

What do you seek to recover?

Only if it's a persistent set of behaviors.

oooh. Short term hedonism. ... I'd really think about what you overall goal for your life is. Do either of these options really get you closer to fulfilling your "meaning of life" (IE your personal meaning)? If not... maybe consider more options.

Mmm, already getting sleepy. Did 5 hours of driving today.

oddly enough... I've rolled 2 of the 8 #s myself so I removed them and rolled 2 new ones -_-

>The stoned chick behind the altar.
New pursuits await you in the world of knowledge and intelligence. Begin studying something new. It will pay off.

>I'd really think about what you overall goal for your life is.

Don't really have one. I guess if I had to say there was anything I want to do it'd be save/destroy the world. One because I have a compulsive need to play hero. The other because I don't want anything to exist after I'm gone. I'm fucked up, man. It's better for me not to try to find any meaning.

> tarot
will me and E ever be something in the future? thank you for the reading!

My emotional state
A lot has happened in recent years and I've become very apathetic, irritable and disheartened towards life. I used to help friends with psychological and emotional problems but now I feel just as bad as even the worst cases of people I've personally known.
It's not that I want happiness or joy, I just want to have something that gets me by other than just tolerance. I don't feel right

hello darling.

Mmm, those goals probably have some underlying desire for importance. A hero is remembered for their actions (but also usually for their sacrifices moreso). To leave nothing behind means there may be no possibility you won't be remembered. Just something to think about. These decisions will still be here tomorrow, and the day after. Just think on things. Maybe being remembered is really important to you. There are plenty of ways to accomplish this. ^ ^;

If you're serious about it. Seek professional help. Apathy can be combated pretty effectively by medication and counseling.
>something other than just tolerance.
You need meaning. A goal. Something to strive for. To invest in.

I went years without getting professional help and it hurt me greatly. Now I see a psychiatrist and a therapist and things haven't looked this good in years.

>more cups! (4 of them)
An offer should be considered....If the opportunity presents itself... go for it. You may hesitate out of fear, but press on.

I hope for your sake it happens... but if it doesn't..... as someone who has had recent feelings of the same nature. You'll find those qualities in someone else. Or... in a few years you may want something else.

holy hell it's monk. Hide the womenz (and the menz)!

will I see him again?

Can I sleep peacefully for once?

the only one that I'm after tonight is my friend and her third eye. how are you doing? it's been so long. we should talk sometime, just about life. it's too often that we play games instead of just using our words.

>Maybe being remembered is really important to you.

It's kinda the opposite. I don't want anyone to remember me. They'll just be sad when I'm gone. It's more like I just can't stop myself from interceding when I perceive something as being unfair to someone. So I always end up in situations that I don't really have anything to gain from. It's annoying when you think from self-interest.

As for ending the world, it doesn't have to do with me personally. I just don't want to miss any of the stories that will continue to play out in this world. I don't really want to be important to any of them but I do want to see where things go, even without me in it. And that will never be possible. So the next best thing is for everything to stop when I do. Then I know that I won't miss anything. I feel like every person has a bit of this as a part of the human condition but they're all able to disguise it better to themselves than I am.

Eeeeek, I know E likes me as a person but like, I feel like he can really be of good benefit in some way just by the way he carries himself and what he's capable of. I guess scared of rejection and other circumstances? I love a man with intelligence.

aww shucks... you outed me for my addiction to vidya... you are right though...It's agreed then.

>3 sticks WITH MAGIC
The seeker shall find what they search for.
Yes, but you must seek him out. Do not wait for him.

>WHEEL. OF. Cred Forums!
Yes. ... that's it. This card is an emphatic yes.

Mmm intelligence is attractive. Emotional intelligence is a big thing selling point for me E>

I can understand that. For me I don't concern myself with the dealings past my mortal life. I feel like it would be a shame to miss out on life, but even now we miss out on so much... but that's what makes life a lil more special I think. The uniqueness of the experience. You put it best yourself. Part of the human experience. We value life because we know mortality. In seeing others die we learn to value what we have. Even if it's only a slight bit more or only for a short time.

Will the trip in October be good as much as i hope?

>I've randomly selected 8 ###s 000-999 first person to roll one gets a $team card worth $20!
Just in case

your willingness has been noted. for now, I need to rest.

Just how someone can never shut up about interesting things, you know? this person has so much substance to them even though sometimes he can be a bit cocky. Hopefully the next time I do see E again, maybe it'll be the chance? It's all a waiting game.

this picture... my my

>mister magic himself. Elvis Wandsley!
Travel is one of the King of Wands favorite past times and he is generally a success in all ventures. I'd say yes, this trip will be very nice.

and nope no winners just yet.!

I have about 15 mins left for tonight then I must wash dishes, take out trash, clean the catbox, wash clothes and do all those other adult tasks we all loooooove.

Here's hoping it's a good meeting with plenty to be happy about ^ ^ . Maybe he's just showing off for you a bit as well.

>We value life because we know mortality.

Maybe. I just don't want to miss out on information. Plus, I want to see things that no one else will ever see. Know things that no one else will ever know. I just want all things uncommon, weird, strange, unknown. I want to immerse myself in them, make them part of me. I want everything. But that is also impossible. All the things that I want are impossible except death.

That's why life is all so difficult and dull and bothersome. I just find it so hard to continue onward when the scope of possibility limits everything. I try to limit my scope but that just leads me straight into depression. Cool detachment, aloofness. That's my only real refuge since I can't bring myself to embrace delusion and pursue the impossible.


Do I truly love her?

Will love ever exist in my life again or am I bound to only feeling loyalty?

rollo patrollo

>15 min
uh... rolling

>S.O.S (six of swords)
This card symbolizes journey and voyage. Love is much live a journey. It is an action that is long endured with many beautiful points and many hardships. Love... is an action. It is the action of taking the good and the bad of someone, the ever changing nature of yourself and the other person into account and striving to make it work. If you do this. Then you do love her.

Ah such lofty goals. Sounds like you feel and underlying grief that life isn't what you wanted it to be. It's too much of a letdown and when you try to adjust your expectations it just brings back the grief of an ideal lost. There's a lot of inner searching to do in your future if you want something different than this.

*sigh* I always meet someone in every thread i would just love to explore these concepts with as their therapist. Tonight that's definitely you. Whether much would come out of it beyond insight into ourselves is for the unknown. I think you could find other ways to view life, but only at some concessions that you may not be willing to make at this time.

Rolling for trips and asking to OP to answer to my request

Will the trip in October be good as much as i hope?

thank you! I wish you nothing but good fortune in the days to come also! :) maybe just a little, I picked up on his behavior. He's like a teen at heart lol.

fuck my life, no trips
grats :'

>King of Swords (I'm out of jokes ok?)
Yes, but you must make a clean break from your previous attempts and try something new

Interesting point. from the 3 point theory of romantic love loyalty could also be seen as commitment. The other sides are passion (physical) and intimacy (emotional intellectual)

oops! I'm so sorry. I forgot to link you in the post!! It's this tarot here!
mmm, good luck to you too ^ ^

Alright. No winner tonight it seems. That's ok. I'll be around next weekend. I might just up the ###s from 8 to 10 next week. Have a wonderful night anons


>oops! I'm so sorry. I forgot to link you in the post!! It's this tarot here!
Thanks user, I'm happy to aknowledge the trip will be good accorrding to the cards!

>Tonight that's definitely you.

What else is new.
>I think you could find other ways to view life, but only at some concessions that you may not be willing to make at this time.

That's always been on the table. But I can't make certain concessions without first being utterly broken as a human being. The world hasn't beaten me yet but if it ever does, I might be happier. This has been a problem I've been stuck on for at least 10 years now. There are just things that I can't concede without violating whatever good remains in me.
>If you do this. Then you do love her.

What a shame. I fear I've already spoken to her for the last time.


I feel so alone. Why am I not satisfied with any of the friends I have around me?
I feel like I'm constantly looking for that 1 friend to complete me, but I'm just fucked alone and depressed.

Are you a yeuropean friend?

Why can't I enjoyed anything
Everything seems useless
I am tired of being myself
Tired of people
Tired of life

Shit, it's already finished

Eschew fatalism while never forgetting that the gods will not be mocked. Nothing is more futile than trying to avoid our fate but nothing makes humans happier than to try