Anyone go on realself and check out the before and afters?

Anyone go on realself and check out the before and afters?
I usually check out the breast reduction and mommy makeovers

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Unfortunately the thread isn't as popular as I'd hoped but if anyone else does the same thing and would like to chat about it, kik gjones9834 and we can share.


You're missing out dude.
Especially the breast reductions.
So many girls just don't realize that guys can just go look and see their tits, so many of the girls are nervous and self conscious from their huge tits so it makes it 10x hotter.

Exhibit A

i didnt know so many people would do that many plastic surgery

it's even a bit scary

what is exactly do you find exciting in those pictures ? I'm curious

The girls posting their tits for reduction, asking the other women and doctors for advice,not realising thousands of guys are jerking off to the pics.
I'm messed up but whatever

Exhibit B

>yfw you realize this is a clever targeted advertisement for people to make accounts on the website

Thanks for the tip dude, have you ever found personal information about the pictured girls? there are soo fucking many pictures, and you can even search specific ages

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Exhibit C

Feels bad when my gf wants to get a boobjob

They always look like shit

She has B cups they aren't that bad but she still wants them

I think I found a new thing to look at lol

What section do you like best?

How old is she? Are they saggy deflated Bs or little perky Bs?

Looking at the reductions. I understand why they do it, but those big tits are sexy af.

Do you have kik?
I can share the best ones with you

most of them look good imo

Reductions are better

Sure, add me: carstunts

major lurker

this is my new fetish

thank you

What section?

>Asian eyelid surgery

lol this is a thing and I’m not suprised in hindsight. pic related

that's some good shit right there




Very very juicy. Damn

Idk if you are still here op, but this is amazing. I have checked out similar sites in the past but this one looks like a gold mine.

I'm still here my dude.
kik me and we can discuss

Gf has always talked about getting a boob job and follows these kind of pages asking what’s hot and such. We see tits all the time as a result

has it changed from when it was filled with ygwbt posting their huge melons?

Got any examples of what youre talking about?

What size is she now and what does she want to go to? Can we see her tits?

nah anons used to post their finds in these kinds of threads tho. shame

Been trying to find this one chick that got implants I've known for years. She has a very easily identifiable tattoo but I've checked this site and her DR office post op and can't find them. Sad day.

Get them done before marriage user. I've never known a couple that once she gets them, they stay together. She gets more attention and will leave most of the time.


She likes the idea of more attention and wants to be objectified.

>38 band size
tell her to stop being fat and get down to a 32 minimum

Would love to see that

Just found my new favorite thing: the labiaplasty section

Mistyped. She’s 36. She is a little thick but is working her way back down to 32-34 range.

Wait, what? Please explain.

She wants to be seen as a sex object. Wearing tight revealing clothing, high heels, etc. she gets turned on by showing off in public

just looks like they can see more, tbh, forget the fact she no longer looks hideous