I work for a funeral home. Picked up this body earlier. Suicide by carbon monoxide...

I work for a funeral home. Picked up this body earlier. Suicide by carbon monoxide. I'm bored and alone at work so trips tells me what to do.

Respect the body

Presa F to pay respects.

Space program, get that corpse suborbital

Fuck it

suprise buttsex


can we get a face?

rolling for this , he would have wanted it this way.

Pls no


Nice quad but it has to be something I'm capable of. I don't have a shuttle available. Try again.

Well fuck...

I don't want to lose my job.

Show it’s penis

OP i am disapointed at your lack of committment in honoring those quads

Suck its penis

did he shit his pants?

no timestamp, nice bait lol

i think that's just camouflage

Wrap small intestine around neck + selfie

Roll for your penor in his pooper

Also, pic with time stamp or OP is a lying faget.

time stamp on his butt

Not lying. I could be much more creative if I was going to get on here and lie. Roll trips and get your timestamp

Pay respects

Ok I paid respects. I'll also do what next trips tells me to.

Just like spaces X did.
Duncan trussle was right


You don't seem to understand... that's quads. This needs to become your life mission. This task will COMPLETE you... get the body creamated and stick some ashes on one of those helium baloons... go to the space center in eastern Virginia and tell them its your transgendered husbands last request to put some of his ashes on a shuttle. Don't give up fag... do you not know what quads can do for you? This will make you a better person... a fucking super hero.

He had a cute ass. Show it to us.


Someone needs to meme this body!


If it's cremated and I'm not sure if it will be or not, I can send some of his ashes to someone if they want.

Timestamp fag

I think he did. Dead bodies usually do.

Dress him up like an astronaut, just tie like 300 helium ballons and let him go.

Yes I love this. In 6 months what would that look like??

show us his butthole. now.