Sup Cred Forums. This is Bob. He just woke up. Dubs decides what he does next

sup Cred Forums. This is Bob. He just woke up. Dubs decides what he does next.

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Does nothing. End thread

sucks me off

Bob cleans his AR-15

Bob masturbates

Bob sucks his own dick

Bob becomes a girl

Bob shoots himself in the head

Bob goes outside

Bob gets in his car

Bob makes burgers

Bob gets dressed and leaves his house

Bob hangs himself

In light of recent events, Bob decides today is a good day to clean his rifle. Easy there Bob

Bob shits the bed

Bob goes to a grocery store

Bob Bowen and picks up the ugliest Booker he can find.

Bob calls his sister and tells her he wants to fuck her then posts the mp3 on here

Bob sucks his own penis

Bob finds a a good deal from the towns cheap booker. The stickman special

Bob shoots a sandnigger with his now clean rifle

Bob picks up some chicks on a farm

Bob frightens away the hooker yet again. Back home to self suck and facial himself for Bob.

bob pulls out his microdick

Bob builds rocket and launches to prove flat earth!

Bob locks eyes with the hooker and smiles as he drives his car through a large crowd of colorfully haired protesters.

>Bob builds rocket and launches to prove flat earth!
The earth is a sphere

Bob installs cattle rammer amd patroles for liberals playing in the street

>he doesnt get the joke.


Bob uses his clean Ar15 to shot up a school while the booker gives him a lap dance

Bob sucks his own dick on the counter at walmart



keked so hard
bob falls down
and he gets up again
and bob is never kept down

Bob finally has enough and decides to kill himself

Bob pulls up to Walmart and leaves the whore in the car. "There's something I need to do."


Bob rents a car that will see more airtime than the general lee!


Bob sends me $30,000 on paypal.

bob kills himself and gets reborn as the new hitler
then he goes and gas all the kikes

whats dubs im an autist help

Bob does a school shooting with his AR-15


Bob rapes the booker and kills her

Bob takes a nap

Bob meets a frog

nah i've lurked for quite a while. literally the only term i dont understand is dubs, besides the dubs that anime tards fight about

you fell for da bait, mon

i smell bullshit
here's some schooling for your newfag ass
dubs/trips/quads is when you get 2, 3, or 4 of the same numbers in a row
for example
your post has dubs of 55



bob drops acid and becomes doctor who

Dubs os matching 2 numbers on end of post. 3 is trips

bob then proceeds to inject 45 baby wolf spiders down his cock

Bob incites a riot!


inspired after watching black panther bob joins BLM, impregnate a black girl and denies the baby

Bob, tired from the days events, returns home to take a nap. He meets a familiar face in his slumber.

Bob fucks the frog

Frog fucked Bob to death

Bob and the frog has sweet sensual sex?

Bob treats himself to a nice cup of hot coffee and a marlboro red cigarette


Bob calls it a day

Bob fucks donal trump

Bob eats shit

Until next time folks, thanks for looking after Bob

Bob shoots up school with his ar 15



Satan speaks the thrut



God damn it. Give me a moment...



Bob feels strongly compelled by a dark force, to take his rifle to the local high school. It was there things took a turn for the worst... Hope you all enjoyed the Bob series, I will do it again in the future. Peace out you psychos

It was great op good job

Sorry I decided not to make another trap IG fap wwyd cuck thread
Thanks man

thank you OP this was a great thread.