> Idea
We should make a bunch of fake SJW twitter accounts welcoming pedophiles to the LGBT community. But what hashtag should we use?



I think #proudtobepedo sounds good.

> I think #proudtobepedo sounds good.






lol The SJWs already do that. They call it pedosexual.



there i pic of a march that they have a banner that say gay rights and down below its supports peds ant know how to get that then he can use that to

Here it real thats the fucked up thing?

This thread wasn't started by a Russian



love that one

why fake?

that was fake, dude
mike cernovich supporters carrying it in that picture

oh my fucking god... people are so dumb, but funny thing is they no rape apologist BUT say no pedo bashing... the thing is that pedophilia will never be a consentual act

Hash tag Loli!

oh good too know

When the world is run by pedos then that is what happens. Ever wonder why SJWs support pedos? They are trust fund kids of the elite. Imagine what would happen to their settlements and trust funds if their parents ever bankrupted or went to jail for pedocriminal behaviors.

is there anyone old enough in this thread to remember the pedo invasion of /b ?
how was it like ?

Me and a bunch of other anons tried this a while back, had a banner and a discord and everything. Maybe you'll succeed where we failed. Good luck and godspeed from TripleKMafia.

No need to welcome them to the MAGAtte community, you mean, because they're already in it.

It's clover gender you newfags and it's been done already.
Nobody cared.

maybe something more subtle? like something sjws would actually say???

are the closest to decent, but we still can work on it

let's use this one

>the thing is that pedophilia will never be a consentual act
Just like gender transition.

#love at every age
#love has no age

We have a Winnar!


#lovekids, #mybodysajunglegym


conservatives in alabama already did this, welcoming them to the republican party

this one guys


Sounds good to me.


>implying Cred Forums hasn't tried this before
Here we go again.

Stupid gay antifags, want to kill everybody who is not one of 'em

There ARE no SJWS. Just deluded CUNTservatives that hate women, trans people, and POC. So fuck off. Not to mention, this hashtag could legit trigger those who’ve been molested in the past. Fuck you OP, you Trumpsucking turd. Fuck you and your fake “SJW”.

There’s no such thing as SJW. Just people who give a rat’s ass about social issues.


this is fate

Lmao bumping for the luls

This one. Winrar!


Have one been decided?

>whining about triggers
>on Cred Forums
Is this nigger serious?

voting for this

We tried this already.


Go fuck yourself, sjw nut

>burgerstani has the same """idea""" that ten thousand rubes have had for literally decades
there's only one fag you need to worry about.

Please go back to Tumblr, you blubbering whale


#loveislove is the best one

did you know that Pansexuals are already in LGBT so that means Pedophile are also in LGBT

>Just deluded CUNTservatives that hate women, blah blah

The thing is thats actually not true at all. What a complete fucking retard you are. And this is Cred Forums where people are retarded on purpose, so thats saying something.

Why would you need to do that. They are doing it by them selfs.

God, I hate that cow’s smug face...


bumping for this

No it was not it was antifas statement. Who seriously can fonder that about a domestic terrorist group. They support isis and isis loves those young girls.

Nice idea posting it ont he second most popular board where the media definitely wont see it, retard

This. This was their unflinching and unquestionable motto years ago. Let them be intellectually consistent and embrace pedophilia. They want to live by stupid mottos then let's make them die by it

You know, I've always had a theory that this is what's already going on.
Just a bunch of trolls pretending to be dumb ass females pretending to be angry and dumb shit.
And that they were all underground somewhere on the internet planning that they should do next.

Because it's near impossible for all these females to be this thin skinned and upset at literally nothing. Anyone else think this?

I am going on my twitter account right now to spread the message. Catch ya over there faggot.
. #LoveisLovw

I'm offended...

low quality bait

No, because theyre are literally examples of this with millions of views all over youtube. How do you think this would even become known if it wasn't real? The trolls that pretend to be sjw's make up 5% if you grouped them together with the real sjw's and femenists and shit. You're probably one of these retards coming here from tumblr and 9gag expecting to prove everyone here is a troll and what not but except you prove yourself wrong.

>Because it's near impossible for all these females to be this thin skinned and upset at literally nothing. Anyone else think this?
While I like your theory and agree with it to a certain extent, you're not giving enough credit to have vain, grasping, and venal the left is. Let alone all women in general. The left uses women. Only the left could get away with saying women who became millionaires from blowing some greasy fat guy are "victims". One thing about the left that everyone must understand is that they imprint this moral arch/story through history. That's why you hear them say "it's the current year" because in their mind it's all part of some grand story and human existence isn't fluid. It's a Hegelian march through history. That's why they're always pissy and finding new battles to fight, no matter how small or insignificant. It's the view that tearing pages off a calendar means anything.

found the SJW



Why are these alt right pussies so afraid to show their face?


your just a pedo tring to get Cred Forums to do your dirty work

Too obvious. Take a hint from real pedos and call it child love/boy love instead.

Bait = -1/10




The dubs confirm it


>why alt-rights are so scared to show their faces
Meanwhile antifa(gs)

id troll more about paedophilia but that will at least put me in a watch list so no