G or something

g or something


hey snarf





hows you

Watching Sterling take the piss out of the new Dynasty Warriors and laughing at retarded comments about what an RTS is on Steam.




sounds like a good time






why we in different threads?

it wasn't tagged

I would guess someone thought that one was going to 404 and made this as a replacement


More dragons


Christ, to be a faggot AND a furry, how much lower does humanities ladder descend? this must be one rung below people who post trap threads, adult babies and cucks



moar hyenas!



i like big yeens

No... More dragons!

dragons are sometimes okay too




Alright... Not just dragons but all reptiles.


I've changed my mind


Get I here faggots


Ew gay

Hell no!


its been 8 yrs for me. youll get there



eww feral is nasty


I doubt it
possible though if the right person comes around



What does it feel like to take a cock in the ass?
[spoiler] I am serious [/spoiler]

feels good

Well, and in particular?

It's warm and feels like you're being violated

bisexual fur is way better

it feels like a warm, throbbing cock is going in and out of your ass, and kinda has the same good feeling of you letting out a massive shit except it's constant, i honestly don't really have much of another way to put it
also potential prostate simulation, now that feels amazing, it makes me tingle all over


I'd make you feel all tingly, boy

It is really fun the first time hurts like he'll but with plenty of training and butt plugging (real cheap but good ones on amazon) it starts to feel good but have yet to have a prostate stimulated orgasm but the dick helps


not sure who you are so probably not

I love this thread. Should I make a discord for us?



Don't you want a gooey load in your ass?

not from someone i don't know or trust


Wrong, you say "yes daddy"


Y e s d a d d y


n o p e

Y'all have just made me more curious and I see pictures such as this one in a new light


Begone thot

you're wrong

I do daddy

Don't care

You need training

What tier daddy is this one?

your outlook on this is not what i'm into

By that, I meant "moar"

Yeah zary, why don't you get fucked in the ass by him you retarded whore?


You're just feeling neglected and want the D



Why partake in degenerate homosexual acts when you could be learning another language to no avail desu.

I need the D. Gotta serve the man


It brings pleasure. People do what brings pleasure.
Morality is dead, btw

i should probably be playing vidya instead of being here but here i am

I have a D that needs attention

I'm more than eager to serve and dirty minded

How so?

lots of fetishes and kinks

Well out with it, boy

Made a simple discord us fur fags to spam forever


I fail to see how that is any more productive, but it is better I guess.

my productiveness ends when i leave work






Mmmmh, such an expression of utter bliss


like right now i'm just getting kinda drunk and hanging out

how are you stairs, having fun with dogeOS





Snarf got pregnant I hear


I have been lazy with my configurations since I had initially lost them by my ssd's corruption and had to rewrite what I could remember but on another distro.
So no.

Enjoying your job?





Breathing my garlic saucw breath u der your nose

sounds kinda aids, sorry to hear about your data issue

i'm loving it, even though the manager is having issues with managing the workers so he laid off a ton and 'temporarily reduced hours' for me until i get cross trained on a bunch of stuff which has been happening




Yeah, but have you given money to minorities?

Idc if its bugs bunny I wanna suck his tail


Breathing under sirs nose mmmmmm guffs




I guess aids could describe it. In the end it worked out so I learned some things in the process.
Though I would have liked to have no made as many mistakes as I did in the process.

When are you going to become a manager then?

Fuckin hot!

water tight butt slits.


Is civ 6 worth it?

Something I ain't got. I use a butt plug everyday for at least 2 hours a day

depends, I like it but people like to talk shit about it to look cool. Diplomacy is pretty fucky, but isn't it always

>having good diplomacy

I'll wear mine a lot longer, but they don't really seem to do much

>Diplomacy is pretty fucky, but isn't it always
did you even read that?

Well I find that they don't leave you gaping but they do make it easier to take a D in the butt

How big are yours?

Stinky garlic pooscents

Succ my d

the one I wear most is 1.3" in diameter, there's a bigger one with a diameter of about 1.6" that I'll wear when I get bored of the 1.3" one
yeah I'll usually wear one for a few hours before I got in with real toys, it helps loosen me up a bit

Okay BB where you wanna meet

My living room


you're not me buddy guy



never mind, you're too dull to get it

some of this in my life would be good


Stinky underwear

Calling a guy daddy with his undies in your face?


while he fucks me, that's very important

While listening to Aqua?


Is good

Saved! Thats so hot!

lmao u would

So you would gladly take two juicy horse cocks in both of your holes, then?^^

And trains

could I just have as many as I can at once? I'd want to reek of musk after they were done with me

it's a learning experience

and idk i guess whenever someone wants me to be

seems fitting doesn't it?

But of course, my dear faggot ~

Wem has a bf noa
So someone has to help me spit-roast Snarf

No, need someone to help me

I want you on my cock, right now




Mr Bear is being a butt!

stick your dick in their butt then



Just tasted my own cum, tasted like scrambled eggs

Why taste like scrambled eggs?

>(69 KB, 800x480)

Mmmm nummy cum cumz ;P

But, but, but
I hurt him a lot when I do that

Lovely! I'm sure there's need for an eager stable hand somewhere

how big yis your wenor hb

they got a big dick

idunno then, how is he being a butt

giv dimensions

One of my darkest fantasies~


I'd be more than happy to oblige

Too much salt tho; needs pepper

Not him but same here. They've got a real juicy asshole too. Tasty



God damn it

Means he is probs tiny

Weird. Depends on diet iirc and general health i think (how active you are and weight and hormones)

I miss my old fwb he had a big watery load that would shoot right out his lil dick. We'd go without for a few days then give me a real mouthful

Not enough natural sugars and maybe to much salt

Pineapple makes a bit of change.


He didn't get us a king/California King bed for V-day. His is almost 10 yr old. And no room for the kitties.

>top kek


big cock on a twink, it's kinda funny

that's an old bed, he should get a new one


6 1/2in
Def for room for the kitties!!!

Oh I thought you were hung


i got a new bed a bit ago, my kitty likes to sleep on it when i go to sleep

post pics of penor

I am for a 5 foot and half midget

I bought us a bed at my place 2 yr ago
Memory foam muffin top

No, what do I get?!

I want a chubby fuccboi

yeah post penor

that's a nice bed

idunno, what do you want

This boi works
He wants you to pee in his butt tooAt least I'm cute~ because of so

Better be

Luc to have minecraft on Nintendo Switch so he and League can plan with me.

There are no attractive furries.


i'm not gonna be one to do that, anything else?

case in point


No pic for you
Send it to Zary only

Idk, thats all can think about for now. I bought Bayonetta and beat 1 today.

My dick is bigger so Im fine

post dick faggotry

your pic is safe with me

was it fun? i've only seen a trailer but never really bothered because it's a weeb game

Another one!

horses are pretty much the sexiest, they have the nice long dongs, intoxicating musk, yummy looking assholes, and they cum lots, what more can you ask for?

hahaha no

self conscious about it?

fuckin saved! Love it. I wanna suck his butthole

>tfw you will never stink of stud musk as your butt leaks their seed

True love is a myth

No. I just dont need any compliments or recognition from people online

i just wanna see it

high key wish I could just live in a stable and relieve their stress every day

sounds hot. I wanna live in an anthro world and have their stinky jocks stuffed in my mouth as a gag and become a cumbucket. Also piss

No dice

Bigger means issues cross dressing

¿Why you interested? !
Do you wanna kidnap me or/and Snarf now too?!!

Asura's Wrath, Devil May Cry, and meme likeness/before or during meme birth era

Liked it on PS3, Switch made it port alright, but still needs an update. Camra angel will murder you.

Peach and Daise outfits make halos into coins and summon Bowser instead of demon limbs. Link one was fucked up. Samus one too.

Bout to play 2

True love is devotion
Not this Romeo and Juliet bs everyone seeks


oh christ yes, I bet their piss would have a real strong smell to it too

/roll 20
natural d20 baby, give it here

i'm not gonna kidnap anyone
i just like to look at cocks

>camera angle
yeah that can always get you


yeah! not to mention how hard it hits you when it sprays out. Also taste~
>you will never lie there with an ass full of cum feeling his hot piss splatter on your back

I may be-able to help with that

wont happen


honestly, I'd settle for being their personal urianal

Is that so?

quit metagaming

evening luc

I'm cold.

chub fuccboi here

I like it

get a blanket

Im always lucky anyway


It's cold here too. Snowed

it is, depending on you

how are you

I'm sure they'd have plenty of fluids to sate my thirst

What about me?

Cold as fuck

heh same here tbh. I'd love it

Where you're at and such of course

blankets help


Why do you think Snarf calls me his twink and him my Bear?!

So Snarf is the booty collector and you're the dicc collector
Got it

Platinum games has that issue I swear

Get in my nest
Kick Ms Chubbington out if you need to


NW us

i don't really collect dicks, i just kinda look at them and then it's done
snarf doesn't have a pic of my ass

Have to go to work. Got called in to cover.

Same here.

Your nest is in the closet, so Jack won't sneeze on it.

high key though, have any pictures with horse guys and piss, asking for science

oh that's really shitty, sorry to hear that

my hours are getting cut while a better schedule is worked on and business comes back

Are you a good boy?

hmm, I'm NE us

enough talk


That's super gay you know


just what I've posted sadly. Got this though. One of my favourites. His nose stuffed in that musky sweaty butthole


Yep. Versatile tho. Can be a bad boy if the other party wants that


Post yours.

Define "bad boy"



but im shy

Rude, dominant, bratty, rough. As well as kinks and on the dirtier side of kink

lol, ok

Later Z

Thank you

How is Mr Snuffles?

I'm hungry

I wish I had some

When people say they're shy they mean they don't like you.

I'm usually very dominant. What kind of kinks

have a good one hunnibuns

no blankets?
sounds like hell tbh

Or that they're stupidly kinky and embarrassed about it

perfect tbh. Also mainly sub/dom, bondage, forced crossdressing, leather/latex, outdoors, gags, toys, piss, musk, dirty underwear and more

Sounds good minus the crossdressing

Yeah, with other people. They don't tell those people they're shy because they're ready to hop on their dicks.

cool cool I'm fine with that. Also pup/pet/pony play

>ITT faggots not long for this world.

Pup play is fun. I even have a collar and leash for it

oh nice! Dont have either yet. I had a tailplug. gonna order another one soon


You aught to get your collar from your master

Do it.

yes please. Sounds good to me. With a lil tag as well