Kik girls

Kik girls


Doesn’t respond to dick pics but she’s no prude

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she doesnt seem too talkative

Side note, shes from Russia

Updates on her?


Doesnt reply at all lmao

Did you say anything worth replying to?

Post responses

account dead


Spoke to her last year, do your worst

I would lick her butthole


generic indian slut with big milf tits

Not active, doesn't go from sent to delivered

Bump, people post some sluts


Idiot, that means not connected to internet

Bbw with cow udders.
Gets off on humiliation especially about her big nipples

I need girls that reply and aren't boring like OP's girl

Im having fun with

I'm not that into bbw



Not giving anything, sending me fucking gifs


I've seen her nudes on here but i can't seem to get them. If anyone can get wins post em

Well give it a try

Highkalorie. This was all I could get off her.

Got any more?


interested in more?

snap lilli_vanilli also no dick picks but gets of on public humil

Yes please!


Got more?, who is she to you?

yes its getting more naughty ...

went to school with her

Great stuff

More please!

post convo and wins you got from her

How did you get these pics bro?

from a good friend of her ... she is a little slut and extremely hot too

Nice! Got any good pics of her tits?

Complexions don't match




Sami71. (with period)
>Fucks her dad

whats her snap?


yes so tell me: next one tits or with dildo inside?

Both please

dildo inside then tits

Tits, then dildo



please show me her reaction on kik

It's not just you talking?


Don't let her innocence fool you

just wanted to give you another pic ... so anyone messaged her?

No wins from any of these?

Dumb slut be creative

id recommend a subtle approach, one by one

lil brown rape slut

any wins? pics? any thing?

/thread nothing ever comes from these

Can we have more?

yes just request what you want to see from her

Any more selfie pics


ass, i wanna see her butt-cheeks

Anymore names??


nude or clothed?


Gettin fucked


surprisingly easy if you roleplay





Fake. Show in thread

sucking dick, or dick-like object

Genius. :D

Kek so good

Bullshit, says her phone's disconnected

Nice. any better sight of it? Cumshots?

more like this please

or she's blocked you



No I have never talked to her, and she is disconnected.

What's her kik?



pussy close up?

Reposting because no results get some new people on it. Orogoro shes Russian and pretty slutty.

tried it, told me to fuck off


How should i start a conversation with one of these sluts? Sorry im new fag in this place.

Yeah shes a bitch.

so, not to be a white knight or any thing. but why are you posting all these pics and asking us to drive her up the wall?

clairep2014 posh UK slut

clairep2016 posh UK slut who may reply


fucking amazing, where did you get this goldmine?


fine, im a fag, im not opposed, just curious

thigh gap?

Cus poor little OP got rejected by her in high school 10 years ago and now hates her for it so he's gonna post her nudes because he's a lonely loser virgin.


she is a slut since she is 16 ... lot of pics are out there you only have to collect them from her guys ;)

lmao when Cred Forums projects. y'all realize this shit isn't just a bunch of virgin faggots anymore? same as reddit

www(.) slash album slash lG/?sort=views_desc&page=4
found the stash if any one is interested

nice here is another highlight of Jenny:


Doesnt send pics but does like to talk, pretty open to chat, and loves to talk like a slut.

whats her SC?


only have her kik. jeennddii

Half of these kik are deleted

Somebody showed her this thread


Shes a HS teacher have fun


Someone fucked up and white knighted I was getting wins

pics or didnt happen

did you know that Jenny has a little sister? :)

Any results? Anybody close???

jenny sure got a lot of kiks

does her sister know what a whore her older sister is?

You should see her little sister haha

no but I think she should know that, right?

you could show me...?

show us more of the sister

You people are nasty looking at these bottom feeding crack whores. No joke.

She just sends me pictures of a circle and gifs.

MODS she is underage (not for long but still) + this is an attempt for revenge porn (according to her, it's her ex trying to get her nudes)


Alternateacc13 is barely on but when she is daaammmnn

MODS I confirm, she just answered to me

lets be real, its probably the same dude who's replying and posted her kik here

still, if in doubt call mods, don't want anyone her to end up in jail haha

>Prison mike ain't goin back


Loves to be insulted and humiliated

more of jenny


have a bf but she loves massive dick and their relationship is kinda open


Her sister


Any wins?

mega of all those jen d pics?

The little sister



chillininbermuda, blonde chick from long island really fucking into weird shit

hahaha man you're a genius
did you tell her ?

What sort of shit?

i save it, but im not sure about if worth it


Jklaca, asian slut with nudes out there.

snapchat: alyssa_thrash18


gg / Yy8dzgh