Are women generally less intelligent than men in your opinion...

Are women generally less intelligent than men in your opinion? I mean I know there are plenty of women who are smarter than plenty of men, but for every intelligent woman I can think of, I can think of several men who are smarter. I'm not even saying it's anything biological per se, because I think it might be societal more so. Women aren't judged nearly as harshly based on their intelligence in life and typically don't need to be smarter than that average person to get ahead in society so they don't have much pressure to live up to in that area. What do you guys think? Have you thought about it before?

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Name a woman who has invented or discovered something significant in the last 100 years.

Why would you have a drive to do anything of importance when you can just use the sexual advances of men to float thru life?

Marie Curie


All of you have failed to mention the nearuniversal history of men oppressing women, not allowing the opportunity for women to be in a position to "invent things". And if she did invent something, you all damn know a man would take credit for it.

Enjoy your male fragility thread.


On average, no. The thing is that female intelligence tends to all be skewed in the middle of the spectrum - there aren't as many with abnormally high IQs and there aren't as many with very low IQ either.

There are more men with extremely high intelligence, these are the ones who responsible for all the inventions and discoveries.

And there are also a lot more men than women who skew towards the bottom in IQ - these are the virgins who post on Cred Forums while pretending "women aren't as smart as men."

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Name another.

Ada Lovelace

Name one more.

I recommend every man try this at one point:
A few nights ago, I took a pic of a girl from a fb/ig thread here on Cred Forums. In terms of looks she was a 7/10. Possibly 7.5. I used that picture, and made an okcupid profile. Her "about me" sections were generic, and vaguely fun. A replica of the average girl's personality on the website.
I went to sleep around 12:30, and when I woke up at 7:30, I went back on.
I had 800 likes, 500 of which had messages.
I started reading some, and even responding to a few out of curiosity. When I went back on at noon, there were 1200 likes. Clicking through, about 80% had messages.
Within 12 hours, there were 1,200 people hoping for her attention, and her having absolute power to decide.
When I behaved caustically, nearly every guy would apologize to me.
No matter who I chose to be, the world would tell me I was right. The world would give me everything it could to allow me to be true to myself.
When I told people I wasn't interested, they told me I deserved to have a good day, and I deserved to be happy.
Because I was attractive, I deserve good things.

It shattered any illusion that feminism has even a remote validity.


Men and women are generally equal in intelligence, as studies have shown. In my experience, women are often smart but it's extruded through volatile emotions and sexual competition. They're smart in rationalizing their irrationality. Phonies.

Yeah definitely I agree

I tend to think that on average men are smarter than women just based on my day to day interactions with other humans. Generally the dumbest shit I witness in my social circle in terms of the failure to possess common sense is perpetrated by the females. In terms of who does the dumbest ie most dangerous, physically harmful and/or illegal deeds this award definitely goes to the bros however.

That said, in my professional life I am constantly surrounded by intelligent women (am Dr) who often surpass my own intelligence. Sometimes I wonder if i surround myself socially with women of lower intelligence subconsciously because it just seems to feel "right" for women to be of inferior intellect. Or perhaps because the women I associate with tend to be attractive and these women have clearly been groomed by our historically patriarchal society to focus on their appearance and sexuality as opposed to their intelligence and education.

Or maybe my social circle is a good average sampling of the general population and they're just kinda fuckin dumb by genetics. Who knows

Phyllis Nicolson

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I can definitely see the extreme intelligence in men appear randomly in my family
(we are 3 left now, grandpa ded)
But, women do seem to be less driven by logic

The historical oppression of women goes hand in hand with the historical protection of women. To say it's man's fault that women weren't able to do some things that men could do is irrelevant to the topic at hand. We're talking about women right now, alive in this day and age. I could go on but I'm pretty sure you were baiting anyway.

Intelligence is not gender associated, culture can influence on it by making us problem solvers and workers, women the queens or princess in a family who won't solve shit. But enlightenment came with a price. Now every man and woman will be smart but no family consolidation as a goal anymore. Everyone is on their own now.

Also you can't /thread your own post, newfag.

Now try the same thing again as an ugly girl.

This world is set up for the benefit of the good looking. Post a profile of an attractive chad and see how many girls come fawning over you too. But post a picture of a fat guy and you'll be dying a virgin.

Rosalind Franklin
Jocelyn Burnell
Esther Lederberg

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I've done the attractive chad version as well. About 100 messages in a week.
I mean very attractive. I used a male model.
So very attractive male vs somewhat above average female, and the numbers don't even compare

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think about the investments here
so, speaking of the body alone, in order for a female to be attractive, she just needs to not be overweight. In order for a male's body to be attractive, he has to work out for six months to a year.
This is only one variable in the investment differential.
Next is the face.
In order to go from average to slightly above average, lets look at plastic surgery and braces.
So the three most common procedures are: Acne scar removal, rhinoplasty, and (orthodontics) teeth and malocclusion correction.
So each of these is actually fairly similar in price. About 5000 dollars, depending on your insurance.
So, say the average person can be made above average with one of these procedures, and an average male purchases one, and an average female purchases one, which will yield higher reward?
Since I've tested both, I can say unequivocally it yields a higher reward for the female, in the order of nearly 70 times the magnitude.

So, the man must do more work in order to have his body be equally attractive. And he must invest the same capital to make his face equally attractive. And those two together, it yields minimal rewards compared to if he was female.

emmy noether

actually my total experiments so far are:
9/10 guy
6/10 guy

7/10 girl
5/10 girl

What I need to do is create 3 - 10 / 10 female and male profiles and keep careful note of the results.

So far, the first two distinctions are that even when the man is significantly attractive, he'll receive less attention than a moderately attractive girl, and when a girl has a bad personality, both average girl and moderately above average girl, the men are significantly more forgiving than the women are of men with bad personalities.
I will do more direct tests. I'll try to do 50 rude and 50 strange messages for each, and keep note of the reactions.

Lise Mietner.