I got my hands on someone else debit card. Got pics of both sides

I got my hands on someone else debit card. Got pics of both sides.

Is there a way to use it in some way without getting caught. Online. Like twitch/paypal/etc

How do i do to be like invisible to the card owner.

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bump curious

can’t gelp you if you don’t give us the info on the card

Buy shit load of BTC
Spend said BTC

Wouldnt the card owner see where and when the card was used online, and by me?

Why do you want to steal? Fucking work for your shit and earn you lazy no goo contribution to society. You are the fucking reason my bank sends me a new card every three months and I have to fucking go change all my accounts to a new number.

You can't just use a card without the transaction being recorded by a bank.
If you buy something online, I suggest you invest in a VPN. That way, they probably won't be able to track you to your IP address.
Don't use a VPN, you risk identity fraud charges.

As well as theft or attempted theft for what ever amount he tried to swindle.

It's not worth it dude. If you don't have the cash, you don't need it. The risk is too high.

Very true. I know a lot about this stuff, I have a friend that is quite savvy in identity theft.
You really need to take precautions. He nearly got 5 to 25 years for identity fraud charges.

Whatever you buy is going to be delivered to your house so the paper trail would be way too obvious.

I once read in a version of The Anarchist's Cookbook that you have to rent out a room or something with cash and have the goods delivered there...but now that I think about it even places like that would ask for your I. D. in case you trash the place.

Don't use it unless you want to end up in federal prison getting benis'd.
In this day and age, there is NO way to become untraceable, except in some very specific circumstances and with the right tools.
Without going into too much detail, the moment you use the card, you are caught. You might not get arrested right away, but you will be instantly flagged, and they will prosecute you.

Just work for your money and don't spend other peoples'.

A better idea would be to purchase a P.O. box using cash and a fake ID.

>What is VPN
>What is Tor

Hula-VPN isnt enough i assume?

I dont wanna order to me house. like buy btc or an other currency

I'm not familiar with Hula-VPN. But my friend has used Nord VPN and has had success.

Is Tor really enough?

he posted the number of the card. LOL what a tard

Hey retard - If you buy online you need to know the billing zip code of the card holder. If you don't have that, your shit out of luck before you begin.

call the person and ask for zipcode

googled it up in 20 secs

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Yep the Zip for Lee Cardholder is going to do you a lot of good.

That's just a stock photo for a debit card, man.
OP isn't gonna post the CC number for Cred Forums to use.


Op is a retard kid
>use a VPN
>create a paypal acc with fake information
> Buy shit on ebay and set the send adress to a public place, track the mother fucking package and be prepared to recieve it, they will call you to the number you give them, so get a new chip and stop being a fucktard

Go to a damn public wifi with a spare laptop/phone. Buy Bitcoins or something, or just buy a lot of porn site passes, buy gift cards, etc.

or he can do store pickup or pick it at the DHL/FEDEX office

Paypal now verifies everything and requires a backup funding account as well. So who is the retard?

It ain't the wifi that matters. Using his own computer will lead back to his IP address.

However, if he went to a public library and used a computer there anonymously... Profit?

You still have to show an ID that matches the payment method for a store pick up.

If his is on a public wifi then his IP will change from the one he uses at home.

Cant you just buy it as a "gift"?

They would still need to confirm the person that is picking it up is A) the buyer, or B) gift recipient that the buyer stated it was for. Stores don't just hand out merchandise.

But user sama will buy it for himself as a gift from the card holder. Or he just can put some neighbour address or some abandoned property then be ready for the delivery

You know they don't give an exact time for a delivery. They will give the day but the time is always till end of day. OP just needs to use his own money and throw the card away.. It's because of him and fuckers like you guys that are helping him that many things have gone up in price. All this fucking theft has to be recovered some how and it is the honest people that have to pay for you fuckups.

make small purchases so that the card doesn't get ripped

Special Instructions "Leave at door if not home thankyou"

You do know that credits cards no require not only the zip but the matching address of the card holder for online transactions. So unless he knows the holders address and even phone number he is SOL..

Can't buy crypto, you'll nead ID verification. My top suggestion is use tor to buy shit on amazon, have it delivered to a friend who denies everything.

Shipping services have a record of houses that are occupied or not.. They don't ship to houses that are empty. At least this is the case in most major US areas. Scamming a credit card is much more difficult and carries a much higher charge like a minimum felony three if you are convicted of fraud.

Buy hundreds of dollars worth of gitcards on ebay, paypal or Amazon. They email you the codes. You can't get caught.


Don't buy stuff with your really name or addresses. If you're lucky, they'll just shut down the card without trying to push further charges. Also no matter what you do the charge will still be sent to the bank so it'll always be on some record of a sort. Good luck.

Most places that are legit don't let you use a credit card to buy gift cards to prevent the very thing you are talking about.

But the credit card company never lose, in fact as the card holder you get an insurance in case it gets stolen.

Depends what card and what bank.
If it's say a wells fargo card you're shit out of luck. Any purchase will be denied


>can''t get caught

Unless you're a retard, which OP surely is.

The basic price of everything has resin not only due to inflation but theft as well. Thanks to the internet for a while theft was much easier and because of that most places increased prices to make up their losses.


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If you run it as credit most stores won't ask for a PIN. But if you're on camera you lose.

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>dumb ass op already give the account number
>not knowing that the first 12 digits are related to the type of card, bank, etc. and can be found easy





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Better use open WLAN, tails + VPN + TOR + spoofed mac + hat, glasses etc for max security


There's an 800 number thatll set you up, no joke



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Everything gets down to shipping address...if your shipping address is different than the previous shipping addresses-yer fucked...
However, your fucked anyway...this is not a 'real' Mastercard...it's a Debit card that has some Mastercard protocols is all...
Prolly like $tree fiddy left on it...