Ctrl+f dick rate

>ctrl+f dick rate
Dick rate thread


Can I suck your dick in RL?

Would give the max succ, 8/10 OP moar please

Nice, shame you got cut
Reminds me a little bit of mine...

Sc dunn95



Rate / post then

>That body
user moar I'm b e g g i n g 9/10
GosH, 8/10 desu please frot me x~x

Cute, and I like what you said so have another


Roll that skin down


Holy shit...

Gosssssh, I can't tell you how much I wanna suck you off user


How much could you handle?

Also, more?

Femanon here pls keep posting all of you

Rate, and gief motivation ;-)

Keep asking and I'll keep giving


Looks perfect for a frotting with me

This is me





Is me


Nice shape, well shaven. Body looks good.

Looks all right

Would jerk you off gently

Sc dunn95

Sorry, do not have
But would love to see more

Psssst, more

Glad you think so user, I don't think I'd mind having my dick bullied

I want those soft socks massaging my throbbing cock. Email?

Post asshole pls


Want it in my ass plz

I'm smallish

Me again...


I'd like a taste

[email protected]
That's the first someone's asked for an email lmao
Here is booty user enjoy

You've got mail, probably from everyone in this thread :-)

Sc boredjohnny5



Fuck. Need a mouth to cum in??



This thread is gay as fuck. FAGGOT boys!

jokes on you normie I said no homo before posting B)
Could you just do whatever you want to me user?~ 8/10
6/10 desu, would succc

What's that turd still doing coming out of your ass??

>Looking at another guys butt
G a y

Fucking fags. I hope all of you get aids you disgusting faggots.

mofo. mason. kike. pussy worshipper. clam cuck
these ones are great but better with the skin forward. more special and maybe a bit stinky hehe. rate you both nines. the one (with two pics) is girthy and quite big

Don't judge me, just rate me

truvada. dies in pussies. enjoy your box pox
why are you here. also. not a turd. also. 44% of men have anal. and you guys seem to not understand biology. also gays outbreed you. so dont start. like faggot jew Cred Forums

Kek don't be queer... Be gay. We're all happy for you. Leaving posts to anons about dicks. What are you doing with your life? Get some real dick. Go out and hit a club.

thanks mom. im good. also. you never answered why even show up here then. all you did was nag and project. try to be a secretive fag. lie project and ad hom and get rid of people. because youre "supportive". yeah ok. ill do whatever. and the opposite to what you think or want. mmkay?

Lol maybe I just like arguing with you... We've all got a few minutes to spare while taking a shit

Wonder if you're getting soft by having to reply lol. Someone call a fluffer!

shut up and sword fight me. i should post but i usually like my ratings and im stoned and lazy with that in general. monitoring. and rating ITT tonite methinks

s e n d r a t e s
8/10 user, tbh I'd love frotting with you

Biggest fan, well maybe not in terms of length or girth but I'd totally pound that ass while milking your cock

Lol. At least you're a good sport about it. More power to you. :D

thanks. rant over. wanna describe maybe what youre favorite things are to do with the bois? did you post in here? fuck i love foreskin especially if hard unretracted. why i like softy pics. the slight masculine smell (very rare) makes me diamonds. visually they always do. if you havent posted (i gotta make more pics) are you uncut? is it big? im restoring and almost 7" by maybe 4.75

Lol I don't think anything is going to come up (if you know what I mean) in this thread for me. I might be wasting your time. I don't have any issues with this shit really. It just doesn't do it for me? Ya know what I mean? Uncut, 5.75" average.

Thought I'd mess with the locals for a little bit. If you're not gay then why do this? Just a question. O.o

dicks are floppy and allow men to see who is more masculine i think. you can be a big omega in life and have a huge nog cock. or you can be alpha and have a teeny clit dick. i dont really hit on anybody. but all my life ive been having this sort of fun. we all do. i dont like freud. anybody going to still post pics? prolly i should have. meh. also there's actually nothing biblical wrong with "homosex" either but that's for another board. it means grabbems or pederasty or shrine hookers. or inhospitable rape. but anyhoo. always nice to chat about this sort of thing sometimes. netflix and head you know?


whoa. titanium mode. nice thick skin on the old turtle cap. 9.75ish

Yeah I agree. Its always nice just to chat about things at times. Reminds me when people were just usernames on AOL

Is it possible to instantly fall in love with a dick anons? 1 0 / 1 0 f a m

ahaha. sorry if i was a little cunt. got my back up a bit. 420 blaze it faggots. im a leo. i dont believe in that shit much but it's a weakness of ours. and since i hate daintiness. the second somebody is cool with me. i dont wanna be on my period or womany so men tend to make up fast

you're cute and also have a very pretty ass tbh

want more pics?

fuck wrote it wrong but you know what post i was talking about:)


Like last two nights I got all wasted and got into a fight with a mate over some stupid shit. Next day, cool as DP'ing cucumbers in an asshole. Leo here too.

God yesssss please

based. i tend to like geminis but they are a bit too flakey. cool to see you are leonine too. glad you made up. and cool expression you used. penis. nothing better. it's the dangliness that kills me. and if two buds wanna eiffel tower somebody that's kinda cool too but im not huge on it. maybe i'd be a bit of a cuck and only watch aha

Rate pls

sc nhalden56



around an 8

Hahaha like onision? KingVeganCuck right there. It's been cool. I gotta go. Maybe I'll run into you again sometime...