People of USA...

People of USA, how does it feel to have your valuable stealth tech distributed to your rivals which allowed them to develop their own stealth planes?

pic related, shitty serbs dancing on top of f117-A

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united states military is only as strong as the people in it. it's a fucking retarded joke

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Congratulations on still being 30 years behind the US in military tech?

what were we fighting for in serbia anyway?

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>try to use 1980s stealth tech to make planes in 2015
>still can't do it
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who even mentioned NASA you fucktard?

We didn't deliver advanced tech to the serbs they shot it down during the serbian-croation conflict. It had nothing to do with communists either it was two ethnic groups with centuries long tension finally deciding to kill their neighbors.

it wasnt delivered on purpose, but it was delivered.

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That happened over Kosovo and the F-117s are decommissioned. Also that's '70s technology.

Just like we delivered japan two nuclear bombs. How could we let those things go to our enemies?

Making a foothold for NATO in south eastern Europe under premise of saving Albanians on Kosovo.

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well, russia did steal quite a bit of nuclear tech and know-how from the Manhattan project so we kinda did..

To be fair it was a couple who sold the technology to them which we then executed for treason. The US government had nothing to do with that

Actually, it was shot down during 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, 4 years after the end of serb-croat conflict...

it was more than just 2 people. lax security and such let it happen.

That shot down plane was sold and shipped to China! Not Russia. You are a bit retarded I guess, probably a murican, not?

Keep shilling, negro. The US got that tech from a Soviet research paper that was written in 1954

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after russia got all the info from it they wanted. stay in school, kiddo.

Wasn't over Kosovo

Im sure there's arguments for and against that about people "letting" it happen but I don't really feel like arguing

Then how come Soviets didn't have stealth plane in 20th century?

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They can have it... 117 was a shitty plane anyway.

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