Noticed gf's phone

>noticed gf's phone
>last conversation was her ex

What do?

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Break up of course.
But don't mention you saw the phone convo. Will just cause too much drama.

its done m8 dont delude yourself

She better be your ex now

Move on, brah. Move on.

Not be a passive aggressive beta faggot

"Hey babe, why are you talking to your ex?"
"It was by me and happened to glance at it when it turned on, when you were talking to your ex"

You know what, a little drama might spice things up a bit. You know, before I break up with her.

assfuck her then never talk to her again

it's time you became the ex and started chatting her up lol

find her ex, kill him, fuck his dead body, send pics to your gf

Ask her and if not talk to your ex. When she confronts you, you confront her back. Do it all the time to my gf. This is a bit of a bigger issue tho. GL!

What was the convo about? He coulda been on the hunt and she coulda said no

Send her nudes to her dad

it sounds like she's not happy with you and she wants to leave you but can't

this. But just call her out op dont be a pussy man up

Dump her. have sex with her ex.

He might have hit her up and she might have told him she has a bf now, unless you read the actual conversation, you'll never know. Just ask about it. It's 2018, people see each other's phones sometimes oh well

send him a dick pic

>>noticed gf's phone
>>last conversation was her ex

take home co-star


Also calm down dude. Don't run into this like a bat outta hell. Be chill- think. If you go all drama and yelling she will play you bro.

fuck it do it op post results

She should have him blocked and ignored the text completly

Could be something simple. But it could be something more. When I was dating a girl, sometimes i would talk to my ex about things still. We were really good friends, nothing happened between us. It still kind of felt like a bad thing to do. But we genuinely cared for each other still. I did catch my, then girlfriend at the time, sending lewd snaps to her ex. so i was suspicious a little, but never said anything much. I broke up with her because she was a loser.

>sending lewd snaps to her ex. so i was suspicious a little, but never said anything much
I broke up with her because she was a loser.
yeah she's the loser...

I said i caught her sending lewd snaps to her ex..?

Kill them both and flee the country

dont forget to fuck her b4 to let her feel used for a while

hahahah you disabled the like/dislike ratio. honestly please stop posting that absolute fucking garbage,

Well I don't think that's a valid reason. Even if she said no op sounds like a bit of a faggot so she's probably going to end up around this guy and getting gang banged and having the pictures posted on here when op is going to pick up his welfare check in town

Girls never go back to exs.
Stop being a beta

take her phone away

Wrong. I've had a girl come back to me probably 7 times.

what were they talking ab out

she... she dumped you 7 times?

Post her nudes here.
Hurry, before they prune your thread.

Terminate the relationship

The phone should show whether he called her or she called him.

There's a fucking reason she's with you. Have some confidence in yourself, and have some confidence in your girlfriend. Mine texts her Ex now and again and I have no problem with it. Grow up, and just ignore it. I'm betting it's nothing. Don't jump to conclusions. If you let her know you looked at her phone, you fucked up.
Hell, you already fucked up by doing it.

Oh, yes they do. Just not to stay.

my last conversation was my ex too. she wrote to me that she wanted back something hers that I still have, I told her I'll leave it at my workplace and she can pick it up anytime I'm not there.

I wonder if my gf will break up with me now, since I dare to talk with the ex

I hope you're talking about 7 different girls

Yes they do dummy. Typically they fuck up so bad picking the next guy they turn all their family friends and acquaintances against the ex that they burned so many bridges already they don't want her to do that again.

I tx my ex while she has a bf and im in the shithole friend zone! I can't even get a fucking pic

Guess which one I'm hoping for. Flip a coin for me Cred Forumsoys

Depends on what the message was "you're so much bigger than user, jamal" and "fuck off creep I love my boyfriend" are two very different things

casually bring up that one of your exes started trying to text you, start a conversation on the subject to determine her position on talking to exes. If she comes back at you with a negative opinion of people who talk to their exes, that means she's talking to him for the wrong reasons and you should move on. As long as she thinks you don't know, chances are pretty good she'll give away her motives.

Depends on what she said. Did you read the txts?

dump her. quick.

Spill the beans

I get the l luv my bf...not fuck off creep..yet
Also checked

Wanna go into a little more detail?

Lol no. I broke up with her every time but 1. We'd always get back together, fuck like rabbits, I find someone else, leave her, rinse wash repeat.

>>noticed gf's phone
>>last conversation was her ex
>What do?
Get a STD check up, especially if her ex was a nigger.

What? Your English needs some work Eduardo

So ive been texting my ex since new yrs. I hadn't spoke to her for bout 2yrs and well on new years i was drunk n high saw her number n just texted her..i thought it was gonna be someone saying wrong number but she knew it was me. Anywho later that day we talked on the phone n she pretty much lay down the friend zone laws sayin shes with her bf and happy blah blah and she was i don't mind texting you as long it's within friend flirting no asking to hook up or she'll cut me off! I dig it she gives me gd advice on ya

Ask her if her ex can suck a mean cock

How about Fuck you little bitch! Good? Good!

>There's a fucking reason she's with you.
It's because she thinks he makes and spends more on her than her other bf would. She wants to go suck dicks and get her little pussy slammed by any takers. OP is a huge cuck in a few weeks she's just going to tell him it just happened.

don't forget to prep the bull



Lol I know she got down. Last time I saw her she told me she had an abnormal pap smear which means she might have HPV. I might have given it to her because I fucked a hooker with a condom on travel and then came back and fucked her raw.

it's obvious what must be done now OP

The most disgusting part of this is she will meet some guy that didn't do all this stuff and spread it. You're worse than cancer being some abnormal thing, you're like an infection such as aids. kys

Yea, well. She shouldn't have fucked one of my friends a week after she told me she loved me. After that she just became something for me to have fun with. She's a liar and a manipulative person.