Drawthread Vorefag piss off edition

Drawthread Vorefag piss off edition

nice one

Requesting a short vore comic of this girl swallowing a tiny person whole and alive. One panel where she's holding them above her open mouth, another where she gulps them down, and a third where it shows them in her stomach as she falls asleep.

Requesting Samantha taking off her clothes, and then putting on your Swimsuit

Requesting these three being cute together also make it SFW pretty please and thank you.

Samantha Extra Ref

Requesting little red goat dick Asriel showing his rusty asshole after taking a shit

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nice try you fucking idiot

Anchor post for rhapsody huge tiddie squeezing drawing

>I want to see Rhapsody's huge breasts being squeezed from behind just like pic related, just giving her the hardest squeeze you can. Let the fingers just sink in, y'know?


he gone?


>the entire thread got nuked
gonna do tiddy gropin and muscle swipah soon btw
also in case the dude didn't see
oh yeah i got that, just saying hope they name their cute bot girl soon is all

oh hey there you are lol

You know is time to lewd it, don't you?

Requesting Yin riding his brother's (Yang) massive cock with the same lip-biting expression. (you can even have Yin wear a Bee outfit for shits and giggles)

still working on this one . but if anyone wants to take a request from me that would be great

Please you draw to Maria Pappas as a girl of the 1960's (1965)

Backup thread:

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I'm suspicous

/r/ more cute art of these two, maybe Lemn comforting her slightly younger crybaby brother Leim.

Requesting Ellie fingering her butt looking somewhere between a little uncomfortable and surprised