I’m an NRA member. What’s the solution leftists?

I’m an NRA member. What’s the solution leftists?

There are millions of ARs and AKs in the United States.You can ban them but you can’t remove them from society because a holy shitload of people own these guns. You bitch, whine and scream at Trump to “do something” but you have no idea what “something” is. What the fuck is your solution? Do you want the US to turn into communist China and have the government confiscate all of these types of guns? Do you know the shitstorm that would happen if they did that?

Don’t bitch about solutions and live in the real world for once

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Even then, the whole argument against mass shootings is fuckin retarded, 1.5% of gun violence in the United States comes from mass shootings, so why are we so obsessed with it?

How many people need to die before the government finally makes drugs illegal?
Oh wait....

Exactly, The left will cry for 17 kids that got killed but not over MILLIONS of veterans who are homeless and in need for help. They should "do something" about that.

They should “do something” about the fucking mass shootings in big cities where little kids get shot through the walls of their fucking houses and drive-by gang shootings instead of menstuating about a few psychos that the FBI didn’t do their job to stop

You sound like a whiney little bitch.

Cry some more you big baby.

Way to give a perfect example of how prohibition doesn't work, be it for drugs or guns

"I don't want it in schools, or near children. Keep the traffic in the dark neighborhoods, they are animals anyways so let them lose their souls"

No I sound like a rational human fucking being. Liberals literally live in a fucking fairy tale world. Completely incapable of logic or rationality

A bigger black market for guns will actually cause more street violence.

Wah wah wah. You sound like the illogical child.

Sounds like you need a diaper change you big baby.


No, I'm fucking serious. You want a deadly weapon? Kill for it. Put every fucking gun owner in a fucking arena, unlimited ammo restocks, last one alive gets to keep his gun license.

>be me
>just hanging out in the warehouse after being manufactured
>finally getting shipped to retailer
>get put on display for potential purchasers
>mfw.gif someone actually decides to buy me!
>owner takes me home
>cleans me up real, real nice
>be so fucking shiny
>owner now decides to go and put me to use
>be a little nervous
>its okay, im made for this
>owner now takes control of me
>we start heading towards where he wants to go
>we then see several people
>theyre walking, minding their own business
>suddenly, for no reason, my owner kills them, but he uses me to do it
>mfw he just drove right into them
>mfw the cops arrived and arrested the man
>mfw the tow truck came and picked me up to get repaired and eventually resold to a new owner
>mfw my previous owner is doing life in prison
>mfw no one ever blamed me for the murders
>mfw im a car

How come when a car is used to kill, it's the driver's fault, but when a gun is used to kill, it's the gun's fault?

So, Trump is literally Hitler.. but you want to ban all guns. How will you defend yourselves from his oppressive, nazi regime?

That is what OP is asking. What is the something that needs to be done?

oh aren't you clever.

dumb faggot, they aren't the same.

Yeah, I'm sure your little small-dick peashooter is gonna work great when a predator drone blows up your house from 30,000 feet with a guided missile smarter than your kids.

That's not an answer to the problem. 0 points to you

I know what you mean. I own an ar and love it. It's fun to shoot and work on. I'm not crazy, have children, and keep it locked up. They know what it is and where it is. I feel horrible for anyone who is at the other end of miss guided killing but gun control is sumoly I can't understand. It truly only makes it harder for honest people to obtain any weapon. Guns are easy to to get in the street. If they ban cash maybe that would help. Just saying.

>being this buttblasted

>Guns are easy to to get in the street.
You ever try to get a gun in the uk?

well, the facts speak for themselves.

in states with open carry, crime is down.

the solution is to make illegal gun possession a much more punishable crime.
if you have an illegal gun, that should be the same as planning to kill someone.

its like the war on drugs. spending billions and all the time and resources on catching the few top dawgs who gets replaced in a second, while giving small fines to the users, will never work.

remove the market, not the supplier.

if legal guns are the problem, then attacks with trucks are a bigger problem.


Would you be ok with Swiss style gun laws?

> Mandatory military service
> have to recertify at the gun range every few years or pay a fine
> no ammo at home - have to shot at a range.

In exchange you get to have a fully automatic at home for when the Russians attack.

0 points

Enforce the law and keep getting illegal guns out of the hands of criminals or psychos. We can assist that by deporting more illegals and calling in the national guard to ghettos to clean the mother fuckers out

0 points

Nope. Don't need to. Have you?

No, because we don't live in the UK. Any more dumb questions?


Personally, I'd say raise the legal age for gun ownership to 20.

That's what I'm wondering. INstead of them trying to promote devices to help prevent access to the rooms if they're so worried about a hidden gun with an alarm system on it. I see two ways this can be solved and using both would be an amazing combination

>Idea 1
Have devices to hold the doors shut in the event it happens. If the door has to closing system on it (yay yay retardfag here. THe thing that makes the door shut itself) you could have a metal sheath and a pin in each class room. Throw the sheath over it and pin it so the shooter can't get into the classroom.

>Idea 2

Each classroom has a hidden gun in a glass, alarmed box. The moment it's broken into it sets off an alarm system throughout the whole school. This would deter the shooter and/or arm every faculty member with a pistol.

But neither of these will ever happen because it's not stripping a right from citizens to own firearms. If you implement gun control now, it will only make it super inconvenient for a law abiding citizen. Hell, there's black market guns right now with what little we have. Stop and think you fucking retards. Solve the fucking problem and stop pushing your shitty agenda.


>b-but the government has big scary drones, you hicks will never defeat them!
Pic related

Military wouldn't do it anyway, not at command level, and definitely not at enlisted.


No because I want a loaded gun at my house to protect myself with


I’m fine with that, or 21


See how many guns were "legal"

Not a leftist, but Obamas idea was to just make ammo freaking expensive and unavailable.


The Aussies saw a gun problem and enforced more scrict laws against owning gun. We could learn something fom them.

Hey douchebag, I am a leftist, and I am pro-gun

What you NRA people need to do is stress that the definition of "assault rifle" is based on purely cosmetic features

Also raise age of purchasing semi-auto center-fire rifles to 21


Thats not how asymmetrical warfare works. Otherwise we've been wasting our time in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Why do we need intelligence and war plans when all you do is use a drone. Why are you not running the military, you are so smart. Youre like a tactical genius.

you forget libretards have no use for facts, figures or logic if they get in way of personal feelings and emotions.


>in states with open carry, crime is down
>States with the most open gun laws have the highest per-capita murder rates
>New England states dominate the top 10 safest states.

fuck off cunt. im on the left and i didn't cry, and i am pro-gun

kys you divisive cunt

Sorry, I don't understand what your point is, other than that you're either a fucking idiot or a clever piece of russian PHP script.

we have you name and address from the background check, expect us

I’m OP and I agree with you on raising the age. You can buy a shotgun at 18 but a handgun at 21, I guarantee you a shotgun or an AR can do a HELL of a lot more shit than a little 9mm and I never understood that law. Plus an 18 year old is still a kid

See? We agree on something!

No it wasn’t Obama. It was all of you retards stocking up while at the same time the government was replenishing low stocks for the military and law enforcement.

who is this?

I'm so confused

Literally just do exactly what our government did in Australia, it's called a buyback amnesty.
If you fat retards can't even just copy someone else's methods you truly are retarded.
We introduced gun control and haven't had a single massacre in two decades, you fat plebs just can't handle being told what to do because you all a bunch of overweight self absorbed retards. Literally no other country in the planet likes you. Move to Mars or something

>You can ban them

You got yourself a deal.

>”you’re a Russian shill!”

I never said "shill".

I said "bot".

Might wanna work on that Regex, Sirgey.

Okay but there are a ton of things that are banned or outlawed in the world that still exist. Like murder, rape, child molestation, drugs, it goes on and on. By that logic should we just get rid of the law altogether and then the world can be a big free for all? Some people would immediately answer yes to that both because they really think that would be a good idea and because they do not want to be caught online thinking outside of the box they created for themselves. But once things start happening to them or their family then maybe they would think different. It is confusing as all hell. They ban toy guns at school, costume guns at anime conventions and other cosplay get togethers, pretty much all replica guns are demonized, but the ones that actually are used to murder someone are protected. Look, I love guns too. A lot actually. But I think humans are way more important than my hurt feelings if they are banned or at least regulated properly.

There. That's my opinion. This post is public, so I am allowed to give my opinion on it publicly.

We already do that. Nearly 3 million gun sales have been denied to unsafe purchasers.

A bunch of illiterate sandniggers in the middle east have held their own for 40 years with only AKs and sandals. Your argument has failed. Try again. "Muh military weapons" meme fails every time.

They bought like a gazillion rounds of ammo all at once, which triggered ammo hoarding. I think it was deliberate, not just something that happened by chance. Shelves were empty.

So you're saying the US millitary sucks and could be beaten by Cletus, Billy-Bob, and Bobby-Jim?

Liberalism is a mental illness. Look what happened with gays. First they get the ability to get married since they complained for so long about it, now they want mentally ill trannies crossdressing and going into the same restroom as your wife and daughters. That is why we can't fold to their bullshit when it comes to guns. Give them an inch and they take a mile. Fuck lefties, they're communist scum as far as I'm concerned.

Then why don't we raise the age of adulthood to 21 while we're at it?

>”you’re a Russian bot!”

It's already happened (see: Vietnam)

There is nothing anyone can do about it. All these kids screaming at Trump to do something, there is nothing that can be done.

not that poster, but once you start calling people Russian as your argument you've pretty much lost. It doesn't matter if you said shill or bot, you still said russian, and that makes you gay. and lame. and wrong.

If you just thought through what you’re saying more than a few steps you would realize how retarded it is.

Sorry. All lives have meaning.
We do not get to pick and choose whose life means more. The veterans are important, and those children who didn't even get to begin living their lives matter. The problem really is less with guns and more with how we humans treat eachother and our lives like trash, especially when we come across someone who doesn't have the same opinion as us and we're not able to handle it.

I'm in the NRA as well, and I'm tired of having to explain this.

Guns are not the problem in shootings, it's the people involved. If there weren't a second person, there would be nobody to shoot, so it would make the situation moot. Even if the shooter were to shoot himself, there may not even be a gun involved. The vast majority of shootings do not even involve guns. The most famous of recent shootings in Las Vegas, most of the guns found in the hotel room weren't even used in the shooting.

Again: Most guns found in the shooter's hotel room in Vegas were not even used in the incident. It was like they were innocent bystanders. Does that mean they should be banned just because they were there? If you think so you are just crazy. Even the bump stocks that were made so famous in that case, those are usually sold by reputable merchants who own small businesses. But here's the best part: Bump stocks are sold almost exclusively without guns. Without guns! It is just as crazy to assume a bump stock could be used in a shooting without a gun.

People should just wake up and see the facts: Most shootings do not even involve guns.

Better, but I don't really get how the picture matches up with what I said. Unless you're posting selfies again.

Look, I think it's pretty widely agreed upon that the rate of school shootings in america is unacceptable. What that means is having a *completely open* conversation about what would such shootings in the future. So lets have just that. I'll back whatever law it takes to stop this.

So how does a school shooting happen? A mentally ill child gains access to a firearm capable of killing many in a short frame of time, and then uses it to do so. So here's where we could intervene (add if you think of something):

a) Prevent mental illness: "it's a mental health probelm"
b) Remove access to such a firearm: "it's a gun control problem"
c) Make it impossible for a heavily armed, mentally ill person to kill people: "it's a security problem"

I don't have a definite answer. But lets have the conversation

No-fly list for you, then.

everytime they talk this shit sales go off the chart

Well, maybe start with a gun buyback program. If the government offered an absurd $75k for *each* AR-15, people would be fighting to get to the front of the line.

Everybody has a price. It's just time to negotiate it.

i only said semi-auto user; an 18yo can use a bolt action rifle for 3 years and then get an AR

Any 18-20 year old who can afford an AR is almost certainly living with mommy and therefore not really an adult anyway

"NRA Members think US Military sucks".

I like that headline.

>The vast majority of shootings do not even involve guns

How am i gonna be old enough to be drafted, but bot old enough to use a rifle shithead

I live in Mexico. Our gun laws make it hard to obtain legal weapons for home defense, even though it is possible and a right. But it it's still practically impossible.

Even then, shooting a home intruder is dangerous and is likely to wind up with you in jail.

Add to this that gun violence and crime is huge, thanks to a thriving black market and the defenselessness of the general population.

I'm a recent father.

I WISH we had your gun laws.


>being this misinformed and yet still trying to argue about the topic

Several mass shootings after Port Arthur but you penal colonists seem to prefer arson murders.

I heard the Russians Hacked your Tinder

As a teacher in an extremely liberal California town, I can tell you that I wouldn't trust most of my co-workers with a weapon, and our maintenance staff would be incapable of ensuring that those alarms and locks were functioning anyway.

You don't see how buying up more ammo than usual might nake it scarce?

thats honestly a retarded argument. no one has been drafted in your life time. And no one will be.

Not much to talk about. There’s the rights of Americans that should be universal rights and there’s the world the left wants to make. These two are incompatible

Why is always about the guns? Why not about the loss of innocent fucking life? I don't think guns should be taken away from Americans (UK Here). Please think of the bigger picture. What if it was your kids, or nieces/nephews.
>dont ban guns
The problem is that guns are so widespread it's not hard to get hold of them anymore.

There is no solution.

Did the UK ever have 300 million guns before they banned them?

Does the UK share a massive unprotected land border with a third world cartel ridden shithole like mexico?

No an 18 yr old is not a kid. They are adults. They are just not as responsible as the generation before them wasn't as responsible as the previous either. It's a societal problem. Kids are coddled more than ever and are closed off from reality. If it were mandatory to join the military for a minimum of 2 yrs upon graduating high. I bet they would grow up real fucking fast.

Raise the military age to 21

What happens after it’s scarce?

>Does the UK share a massive unprotected land border with a third world cartel ridden shithole like mexico?

I mean, the french....

Americans will never sell their guns back to the gov like that. Myself included.


The reason that you have to be 21 to won a handgun is because they are used overwhelmingly over rifles in crimes.

That said, it isn;t logical that you can't buy a 9mm glock with a 7 round mag at 18 but you can buy a 7.62 AK with a 100 round drum mag.

Look, I don't think you read what I said. No sane person is asking for the ban of all weapons in the united states. Australia isn't like that, America shouldn't be like that. What people are asking for is a way to make schools safe again. That's the only conversation I'm trying to have.


Its not an argument of whether it will or wont happen. But, the idea that im old ebough to fight and die but, not old enough to buy a beer or own a handgun. Meathead


We have the guns, you don't tell us where to move, we tell you :)

Who fucking cares, we're all cattle for the rich anyway.

Do you think Obama sat down one day and decided to buy all of the ammunition?

The process was normal and part of the mormal buying cycle. But the NRA managed to trick all the rubes into thinking there was a shortage.

It's bait, this whole thread is bait. Why do you think all those pictures and arguments without sources are being posted? It's just a bunch of circle jerking for both sides that delays having to find a solution

More guns

Did australia have 300 million guns?

Did they have guns in their constitution and the sentence 'Shall not be infringed?"

Also, if you hate us so much just ignore us, it's not like we're exporting our mass shootings to you.

So if you live alone and are a responsible 19 y/o, you can’t protect your residence like your 22 y/o neighbor?

Not sure where you're going with that. I'm from VT and we have basically zero gun laws. Also, most likely the safest state.

Dont be. Arm up and fight back. Assmunch

It's almost as if there's a country that benefits from us having stupid arguments instead of substantive policy debate.

Oh fuck off with your reductionist argument. The solution obviously isn't to ban guns for the reasons even your retarded ass managed to point out.
I'd rather talk about increasing school subsidies and mental health programs instead of wasting money trying to "take yer' guns!", but I do live in the real world and I know you'd never be open to that sort of discussion either.

tl;dr tiggered.

Use tax money we all pay to hire contractors to protect schools. Cops have otger things to do, hire private firms with special types of security clearances to protect schools. We all pay taxes and some of it should go to that

Kek, true. I agree with you. A 18-20 yr old city kid has no use for an AR or Ak.

Seems like a good solution, right?

But it's politically untouchable. It's too gun control for the right, not enough for the left

This is an idiot that knows nothing of war or the holocaust.

Guns don't defend against bombs you faggot, they defend against a round up.
And the second the U.S. Starts using drones against its own people, half the military will leave, and Weapons will come flooding into the country by Americas enemies to support a civil war.

You could put Adolfo Hitler or Joseph Stalin in the White House, and they would never subjugate the American people.

The point is that an American holocaust is impossible.

They'd be happy just to make it so that lawful gun owners will be hugely inconvenienced with more paperwork of some kind when they go to buy a gun, which will do nothing to stop these psychopaths from continuing to be psychopaths. And honestly that's all libs want. They want to punish people who don't shit their pants at the sight of guns.

Actually VT's beaten out by MA and CT, if I recall the list correctly.

Also,t here's like three people in vermont outside of the Mallet's Bay area, so it's not really a good state to hold up as an example of anything.

Make legal adult 21 then. You know I’m right

What part of "shall not be infringed" did you asshples not understand?

Our military is the best in the world, and no military on earth, including ours, can outright defeat a nationwide insurgency.

Militaries are made to fight militiaries. there's a limit as to what a military is physically capable of.

We were spread desperately thin trying to control iraq and Afghanistan, and that landmass together is only like 1/4th of the US.

Nah. The Millitary will just Ender's Game the soldiers until it's too late.

There was an armed policeman on the scene at the time of the shooting. He didn't even see the shooter. It would be a damn big cost, and even if it worked, some school shootings are carried out by teachers. The higher the number of guns in a school, the higher the number of accidents.

Plus, I don't want my kids feeling like they're headed into a war zone every day. Granted, if that's what it takes, but still. I'm skeptical it'd work.

>It's too gun control for the right, not enough for the left
quit acting like gun rights is a left vs right issue, it isnt. im left and im pro gun. several righties are ok with raising the age to 21.

iow, this is an actual compromise that makes nearly everyone happy except for 18 year old faggots that no one cares about anyway

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OP is "grey Paste"

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>Only 1.5% of shootings are due to mass shootings

Thats pretty fuckin bad

We would go absolutely bankrupt.

And the government considers the reciever to be the regulated firearm. You can get cheap AR recievers for 30 bucks a pop.

hell, if you have am aatuer metal working shop in your garage you can machine AR recievers yourself easily.

I could go out and buy 10 AR recievers for 400 dollars and then go turn them each in for thousands?

>We were spread desperately thin trying to control iraq and Afghanistan, and that landmass together is only like 1/4th of the US.

Actually, as much of a near-straw liberal as I am, the real answer there is that we didn't commit. Had we actually made the at-home sacrifices we should've, including not passing an unprecidented tax cut, we could've rolled through in a few years.

hartford and springfield are extremely high up in the country for homicide rate. no way im buying that ma or ct are safer than vt

All Im saying is why not have a permenant system in place with the private sector to fund mandatory security 24/7?

Thats retarded. Drugs are there to distort your reality, guns only kill. They have literally no other function

Just saying, I live on 130 acres and have wild pigs ruining my walnut orchard. So I should turn in my AR (perfect pig gun) because I live alone and not 21?


headline would be: People who know what they're talking about, including former military, know that even the greatest military on earth can;t defeat nationwide insurgencies.

We all want schools to be safe. The thing of it is, that the gun free school zone act has been law since 1994. That's 24 yrs of a signed document that does not prevent an armed person from entering a school.

I know more than a few perfectly sane gay people who hate the fact that they're automatically grouped together with those fucking mental case trannies

They're only high reletive to reletively peaceful Boston and Providence.

>uit acting like gun rights is a left vs right issue

It is though, at least for the people in charge. The politicians, both side, love this stuff. They love issues. Neither side has the desire to do anything about them. And the issues with no actual solution, i.e. fake issues like mass shootings being a problem or man-made climate change, are the best. They like these issues because it gets the plebs riled up. It divides us up into voting blocs which is beneficial to them.

Be afraid bro. Just a few more big mass shootings & the government will come door to door to take your guns. The dumbass majority will support it too. Part of the Globalists plan all along.


This is the dumbest goddamn thing i've read all day.

No, use your dads gun. I shot plenty of skunks getting in the trash can with my dads 12 gauge when I was 14 or 15, its called old fashioned common sense and non-shitty parenting

Wait and see

Less niggers in new england
>that is all

Haven't you retards been saying that since Sandy Hook?

How many percent of murders?
There are mIre murders than people who are fatally shot


"Many are startled to learn that the U.S. Supreme Court didn’t rule that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual’s right to own a gun until 2008, when District of Columbia v. Heller struck down the capital’s law effectively banning handguns in the home. In fact, every other time the court had ruled previously, it had ruled otherwise."

Have you BEEN to Dorchester? Boston has black people, we just put them in a pen as far away from the Back Bay as possible.


Republicans are the ones constantly voting to take away veteran's benefits.
The GOP doesn't give one fraction of a fuck about vets.

there is no solution. That's why this has been going for decades now.

The country is literally split in half. Until one side is a small enough minority to just be trampled over and forced to concede, there will never be a solution.

Then should we lower the legal age to buy a handgun to 18?


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>on Cred Forums
>censors dick

How many people continue to die from drugs because there illegal
Oh wait......

I'm so glad you're mad. I'm even gladder than you're going to be mad for 7 more years. This is so fucking great.

My point is drones are not the be all and end all of combat. They did not render small arms obsolete. They have a specific use but small arms are still 1000 times more useful. The threat of drones means nothing.

What do you mean by pretty fucking bad? Like 1.5% is a big number?

80% of so called democrats are actually right-wingers. obama and clinton are both right-wingers

bernie sanders, an ACTUAL leftist, was pro-gun rights.

I live in CA. It is a felony to use another’s gun, even a relatives. And pigs at 100 yards.... that’s not shot gun range. They run fast, no time for a bolt action. Nothing to do with my parents.

You're right. They'd get PTSD by just the thought of it, let alone it being installed

U R gay, n00b

put up a fence, homo

a single school marshal with a room full of camera monitors would be enough to deter/thwart school massacres. They put sky marshals on planes, why not in schools.
The kid could get a few students maybe before facing a trained lawman who will have already seen him on camera and will have the upper hand. The students would never have to see the marshal day to day. He'd just be in the marshal office, which students wouldn't need to know the exact location of in the administration building.
Way better solution than having armed guards that will just be picked off first.

Bernie was a fucking sellout who'd suck anyone's dick for attention, democrats, republicans, greens.

Fuck Burnie, and fuck his shitty fanboy army.

Hell yeah

"OOOOOoooo, that's dirty"

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OP is "grey Paste"

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Nope. Keep that shit. Most of the people that own ARs are perfect for pigs, coyotes, catamounts. Most leftists think that every AR owner is a gun nut waiting to loose their shit.

But they are. They're both tools used to do something. They're both capable of being used as killing tools.

That was the stupidest post ever. You must work for the NRA.

that's the way i found it on B months ago

Obviously it's a shame shield

>Terrified about terrorism and Muslim immigrants
>74 Americans die each year from terrorism (if you don't include 9/11, which was a one time thing, it's actually about 1 per year)
>11000 gun homicides in the USA each year
>No problem
Republicans and right wing cucks are fucking retarded.

someone sold my phone

>Bernie was a fucking sellout
nah, if youre referring to him supporting hillary after the democratic convention, he explicitly said thats what he would do very early in his campaign

Interesting that you're so upset about people suggesting Russian influence on this board. Not shills in general, but specifically Russian.

Everyone needs to be aware that Cred Forums is absolutely a target. This person might be one of them, or just a useful idiot they have infected with their propaganda. The only way to counter it: when discussing social or political issues on here, always keep in the back of your mind "would it be in the Russian regime's interest for me to think xyz?"

Well California is just fucked in general. An illegal shot a girl desd and got off the hook by psychopathic leftists in the jury so that state is pretty much done anyway

No one is going door to door taking guns. That is the literal reason the 2nd amendment was written.

Then you better up the minimum age for military service to the same. Otherwise you're a dipshit.

No, I'm referring to him conviniently starting to caucus with the dems after he starts running for president. If he had real balls he would've run as an actual independant.

i said no only idiots do that

Elementary school teacher here, and this is pretty much the most common sense answer to the problem. And the problem, which most people seem to be unable to correctly identify, is that society seems to be producing an increased number of psychopaths who want to murder as many defenseless people as possible, which is why they choose places like movie theaters and schools. Most schools already operate in constant lockdown as far as exterior doors go. At my school you have to be buzzed in by the secretary after you state your business to the camera. All of the high schools and middle schools in my district have high walls or fences, and the entrance to the campuses have a security booth. What needs to happen next is the building needs to have a small security staff. After 8 when the students are in, anyone entering the building needs to go through a metal detector. This is how city and county courthouses have been since 2001. It's time for schools to be the same way.


Oh my fucking god. The left ARE the people crying about homeless veterans. They're not the ones "reforming" the va

Then up the minimum age of military service the same.

Look at how mad you are.

You must be absolutely crushed in our current political structure.

Get used to it.

I agree.



look how hard you took the copypasta bait you fucking retard

Will you quit spewing out numbers like that please. 62% of those 11000 are suicides. 2nd leading cause of gun deaths are one spouse killing another.

Crying, but not doing anything about it.

pretty sure he caucused with democrats for many years

We're not terrified of islamic terror, we're trying to get YOU guys scared of islamic terror so we can deport all the muslims and keep the country tilted in our favor as to serve us politically and so we retain our majority population.

it makes sense you dumb shit.

мove вıтcн, sтop вlocкıпg мy sнıт


If it's simply bait then why are you so hostile? Shouldn't you be laughing?

naw, because you're pissed off.

Ironiic shitposting is still shitposting.

i don't know. it's a mystery.

Why don't all the people who want strict gun laws just move to CA? Problem solved. The Republicans have no problem with libs moving there. It would be paradise for you.

Sensible laws banning further sale of such weapons or mandatory training and a test to acquire a license to own said weapons.

>b-b-but the ones already out there
Yeah, can't do much. You can stop it from getting worse.

Wanting sensible laws on guns does not mean take your guns any more than requiring you to show you can drive a car and have insurance means people want to take your cars

What is your solution? So far, the contribution of the NRA and the right has been to shut down every solution that was brought by the table, which makes it sound like you stand by all these deaths.

Because usually a mass shooting is against completely innocent people, whereas other types of gun confrontations can usually be avoided if you stay out of street gangs and organized crime.

probably twice as many school knifings as the US


See you are just making yourself seem stupid.

Gun ownership is over 42% of households in America. Even Canada has over 20%.

You would destroy the country with your idiot Aussie fantasies.

As representatives of gun owners in the US, the NRA has a responsibility to denounce anyone who contributed to irresponsible use of a firearm. Mass shootings put the 2nd Amendment in jeopardy. To that end the NRA should work to consol the grieving and offer apologies for society's failure to keep irresponsible gun owners from abusing their rights. The NRA does nothing but make excuses.

like you said these guns are out there. so were at a point where we cannot go back and that is not going to change for a long time. the problem is complex and ingrained in our society and connects to multiple issues but we are not so far gone that we cant make changes to how things work because right now this is allowed to happen by the system and our society. i think if it continues people will find that eventually the root issue doesnt come down to weapons but the people themselves and how people are regulated.

This is not the UK. The whole reason we fought the revolutionary war was to sever ourselves from tyranny. Or does that even matter to you?

>you can’t remove them from society
it's been done countless times in numerous countries. when are you going to get it into your thick skull that IT'S BEEN DONE!!!!

Why don't we legalize all drugs then and see how many more people die of OD or end up in the streets after buying heroin and crack over the counter, moron? :^)

It's like you guys can't accept that something has an effect unless the effect is completely perfect. It's so intellectually dishonest.

Murder is illegal and murders happen. Should we legalize murder so that we stop criminalizing the law abiding murders who only murder for good reasons? What about terrorism? Some terrorism can be good, right? Let's just abolish all laws, crouton.

The US is a pretty tyrannical country and rates low in most freedoms. The point of the revolutionary war was not to get guns and the fastest firing gun at the time was about 2 per minutes and they were small round balls.

Compare that to a gun that can make a mans head explode like a melon and fire a shot a second

Mass shooters are democrats though

I'm about as far right libertarian as one can be but there are actually 2 very simple solutions OP that would mostly end the problem.
>(1) Allow a private industry to take over backhround checks because the FBI and ATF are grossly incompetent
>used to work at firearms counter in outdoor sports store
>run background check on a guy wanting to buy a rifle
>sell rifle
>guy comes back about 5 months later to buy a shotgun
>"fill out this form sir"
"i gotta do this again?"
>"yes sir. any time a firearm goes from my hand to yours"
"you ever have anybody lie on these?"
>"sure. the background check usually catches them. if the ATF audits us and checks forms and finds you lied on this form you could be charged with fraud"
"oh. well shit. better mark this yes this time"
>marks yes to being charged with domestic violence
>tells me it for getting drunk and beating his ex wife years ago
>"sorry sir. if you've marked yes to a history of violent crime i have to deny you purchase"
>customer throws a goddamn fit and tells me he'll never be back.
The FBI cleared him on a previous purchase abd shouldn't have. The entire background check system is run by a handful of disgruntled incompetent FBI agents shoved in a closet somewhere. Just about any private organization would handle it better.
>(2) Change the definiton of mentally deficient
>having a perscription for anitdepressants or bipolar medication doesnt deny you purchase
>having a perscription for barbitruates or opiates doesnt disqualify you while a perscriptio for medicianl marijuana does
I'm all for gun rights but there are A LOT of looney motherfuckers getting guns that shouldnt be getting guns. The whole goddamn system needs a major reform and it should begin with taking power and authority away from the FBI and ATF to enforce gun laws and run background checks. They fuck up every goddamn thing and if they don't get their shit together they're going to ruin it for everybody.

Yeah, most people go through that training when they're young. It's called hunters safety.

Excuses are for people who did something wrong. The NRA did nothing wrong

>Why don't we legalize all drugs
agreed. until then, i am going to protect my stash with my guns

>Citing Canada as an example
>Has sweeping gun control policies that are being effectively enforced
>Citizens are still allowed to own guns for self defense if they go through the proper procedures
>Has had something like 3 mass shootings in the past 30 years
Feels good to be a "fucking leaf". You burgercunts will never know what it's like to be able to get out of your house and not fear getting shot down by a maniac.

warning from over seas about the plan

Yea in Nazi Germany. Go fuck yourself

the plan

Damn. This is the "law abiding gun owner" the NRA keeps talking about: A drug addict willing to shoot down innocent government officials just for doing their job.

No wonder the US is so fucked up.

Do you think taking ARs away will stop the shootings. Do you know what someone can do with a 22 rifle and a bunch of ammo? When that happens are you going to ban those as well? Maybe we should just go back to duels with flintlock pistols.

always leads back to the democrats

>I'm about as far right libertarian as one can
thanks for letting me know so early so i could ignore everything else you said. you probably said something really fucking retarded too, like privatize background checks


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go нave a sнaмpoo oг soмeтнıпg

you make a wild assumption based on your personal bias, and now you believe it to be a fact. how about proving it with some statistics? like some statistics that proves that uk's knife violence is on par or greater than usa's knife+gun violence? you have to prove that knives simply replace guns, instead of lowering the death count.

i bet you can't do it.



hitler loosened the gun laws. fact check your Cred Forums memes.

>A drug addict
nope. i use modest amounts only on the weekend. this is a victimless crime, and i am a fully productive member of society. leave me the fuck alone, or risk me violently defending my life and LIBERTY

>and have the government confiscate all of these types of guns?


You have to draw the line somewhere. I know banning ARs won't prevent all mass shootings but it's retarded not to try and see if it won't reduce their amount considering they're completely overkill as self-defense weapons. Mass shooters probably want to use assault rifles because it's a lot more "sexy" and it's a lot safer for them as well if they can take down all their potential enemies in one sweeping pull of the trigger.

The government has ur name and address when u buy a gun unless it’s a private sale at a gun show or something. They can come to ur house and take it. But I’m sure a lot of police officials would be killed going to Jim’s house to take away his ar15 with his 90 shot magazine

splotchTime stamps or it didn't happen.

face it britains knife homicides are double the US. And when you only look at homicides by white people, the US is safer than britain

1. You're breaking the law. Therefore you are overstepping your liberty.
2. You are willing to kill just for your drugs. That means you not only have a serious drug problem, regardless of how functional you are with it, but also that you're a dangerous psychopath.

I can't believe I have to actually make that point.

I hope you're on a watchlist you bloodthirsty fuckwit.


Do you know what the Puckle Gun is? Look it up. It was invented a half century before our independence. Futhermore, do you think our founding fathers didn't realize weapon technology was going to increase in the future?

Which is not a requirement.

>no other function
Drugs exist to remove your headaches, prevent you from having pain, help treat cancer and the AIDS you got by taking it up the ass from the black community.

Guns exist to hunt, shoot for sport (an olympic sport mind you), and yes, defend yourselves and other people.

Some people choose to make drugs which have distortional properties, like meth, cocaine, heroin, etc. Some people choose to make guns designed to kill, like military-issue rifles, etc.

But don't EVER think that they have just one purpose.

Whose running? Watch him trickle down-river



>they're completely overkill as self-defense weapons
Name one thing that makes them overkill

> one sweeping pull of the trigger.
oh, are you one of those retards that thinks ARs are full auto? gtfo

keep sucking that government cock user

whats so funny?

Once again, this is the United States, not Canada. Canada is pretty much France for north america. Go eat some poutine

>1. You're breaking the law. Therefore you are overstepping your liberty.
liberating slaves was at one point "breaking the law"
enforcing unjust laws is TYRANNY
guns are explicitly a protected right for the purpose of FIGHTING TYRANNY

whats so runny?

No more police, no more bureaucracy, it's as archaic as kings and queens, every adult 13+ is to be armed, everyone is responsible for justice, real equality, no centralization of power.

Government buy back. $350 or average price and turn in to police stations for a period of 1 year. Afterwards and possession is illegal and mandatory jail time of 20 years.

I kind of expected to get to get that detail wrong but I didn't expect for someone to be stupid enough to think it matters.

Semi-automatic is overkill.


The NRA is funded by Russia. Ergo you're a traitor, and should be shot.

Except a truck hauls things. Anything more offensive than a hunting rifle or hunting shotgun is made with the express purpose of inflicting harm on another human.

Also, why does nobody ever mention Canada as a good model of gun legislation? It's literally ours but better (like most things Canadian).
>tiered weapons
>need to pass increasingly stringent safety and background checks to own higher tiered weapons
>absolutely banned weapons are the same as ours plus a few sensible additions
>their government is actually allowed to study gun violence, unlike America
>dramatically less firearm deaths by any kind of firearm, of any kind of death, per 100,000 than USA

And I'm a gun owner, I live in a neighborhood where I want to have defense for my family, but there's a line between "this is defense" and "this is an unnecessary amount of firepower."

What government officials are you talking about?

No you're not entitled to decide that a law is tyranny if it only serves your personal interests to do so. That's not how laws work. What you're doing it being a felon and threatening to kill people who will try to stop you from committing a felony. You are a dangerous maniac and I would feel no qualm about seeing you getting taken away for 25 years. Because you deserve it. It's never gonna be any other way. Deal with it.

I plan on buying a several semi automatic rifles when I turn 18 in 2 months. All this gun ban stuff is creeping me out. Oppression starts from a unarmed civilian population

шıggle тıпy daпceг

There is no such thing as overkill when it comes to personal safety and the safety of your family.

Day 2 of my anarcho capitalist utopia:
The white supremacists have formed an autocratic government and have instated armed checkpoints at every street corner.
Tomorrow, I will be executed for watching anime porn instead of breeding with a white woman, as I am allegedly weakening the human race.
Still worth it tho because we told those liberal government tyrants off.

wriggle thems deadies for a puppetshoe

Except nobody with a brain has been advocating or has ever advocated for gun bans, you underage shit. That's a lie the NRA tells to rile its base. Even Obama never once said "let's take all the guns."

We could learn how to live with more home invasions and car jackers, yeah.

I don't want to ban firearms. Only the extreme left wants that. I just want a society that doesn't encourage, allow, or radicalize young men to kill others.

I think in our society, and especially on the right, there are a lot of people who fetishize firearms to an unhealthy degree. People who think any change in the way things happen in America is a personal attack and a war against the constitution. People who believe that all liberals are out to "take muh guns away". Stop doing that, and realize we are all people with different ideas about how we can all contibute to exist together. We won't always agree on how, but that doesnt mean we hate America.

As for gun control itself, there is no simple solution, but mandatory weapon training as a requirement for purchase would be a good step forward, and would contribute to the Ready and Standing Militia concept that many Firearm-Enthusiasts insist is the spirit behind the 2nd amendment.

Murder rates per 100,000

USA 94th. 4.88
UK 183rd. 0.92



Then the same could be said of laws that are meant to ensure my personal safety and the safety of my family.

Oh but that self-entitling logic doesn't work when it's against your political agenda, does it?

90 shot magazine? What hole did you just crawl out of

>william cooper

the solution is:
change the contiturion (make another amendment)
require psychological testing
apply for background check
pay for both
if u pass, u get the gun license
any1, who has guns is required to have it
any1 caught without it, but with guns goes to prison
assumption of innocence - police doesnt do raids, just in case citizens have guns. Ppl can report eachother - snitch on rednecks. If u r an upstanding citizen, u get the license to legitimize your guns

>Semi-automatic is overkill.
lolwut. for a self defense weapon anything less than semi-auto is pretty fucking weak, you stupid faggot

More like whoever says this line gets whacked

There is at the point that it's not effective self defense. Any firearm expert will tell you a handgun is more than enough to deter an attacker.

>semi-automatic is overkill
so... pretty much every gun? that's why the lefts arguments are so quickly dismissed and ignored. you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.

How are you people taking his comment seriously? Some of you people just wait for the moment you can let all your rage out. Grow a pair you pussy.

How is it constitutional to forbid people with mental disorders to own firearms for their self defense?

You have to use a solution that applies to everyone, not just the citizens you decide aren't trustworthy. Otherwise you're in a much more legally brittle terrain.

I meant to say, this quoted post above me is intentional bullshit miss-information intended to kill the bad dies

French-fry? I'm hingry...

another assertion without any evidence. am i supposed to take your word for it based on face value? because your face doesn't hold that much currency.

where's your evidence?

a person, who does not hurt anyone, who does not infringe on another persons liberty, is a "felon"

But a person, who for literally no reason, violently stops a person from a relaxing thing he does after a work week, and will kill him if he resists, is A-OK

its pretty obvious youre a fascist


just a shame knife and acid attacks are now through the roof isn't it.

>if i cherry pick i get the results i want

you do know that one of the most popular hunting rifles on the market is an AR-15 right? It's especially popular for predator hunting like pumas and coyote. it's a lightweight platform that won't break your back to carry while hiking for miles through the woods and because it's so modular you can use one rifle for anything from hunting rabbits and squirrels to hunting bear.

Nice Godfather reference.


>duuuh ban on all powerful guns/ammo =/= gun ban

>it's a mental health problem
>no people with mental health problems should get to own guns
You can only pick one.

>gun license

Haha! Foreign faggot.

I didn't write the law. I'm just saying you're not entitled to break it, then kill the people whose job is to enforce it.

I don't care that you're on drugs. What I think is disgusting is that you think it's morally justifiable to kill police officers for trying to arrest you for it. You chose to do drugs and it's their job to arrest you for it. They don't deserve to pay with their lives for your shitty choices.

You're acting like the world revolves around your navel.

if no1 has a right to have a gun, its not unconstitutional.
If they have mental disorders, it means they cant be trusted to have them.
>How can u call yourself moral, if your country isnt giving away guns to retards and crazies, so they can protect themselves?
u dont atack them. How can u make it constitutional to let every1 have guns to attack crazy retards?

No, but if you want to learn how to use a firearm safely, take the class. Think of it like sex ed. You know you want to fuck some pussy, but when they show you all the shit that can go wrong. You change your mind real quick on the safety of it.


So what you're telling me, is that a handgun is meant solely to inflict harm? It can't ever be used for sport (it is) or even for simple fun (it is)? That anything other than pump or bolt action firearms, is just meant to kill? Well shit, I better just go kill some people then, get my money's worth, if that's all they're good for.

Oh and by the way, I can hit and kill someone with a truck a hell of a lot easier than attempting to shoot someone.

ALOT more people are crazy than you think. Like WAAAAY more people than you think are crazy. Can't use pyscological proefficiency tests.

People with mental health problems should be able to get treatment without paying out the ass for it. Now we would be talking about a real solution.

Yes, they were aware things would change in the future, user

That is why they made the constitutional ammendable instead of a document that can't ever be changed.

Do you 100% believe that the founding fathers intended you to own an uzi?

no mentally feeble people can own guns???

well... that just about disqualifies the entire army and police force in one swing!

The solution is limiting legal production of rounds not commonly used for hunting.

Agreed, 110%, but people who haven't received treatment shouldn't be allowed firearms at all.

also: we dont assume evert1 is a guilty criminal and therefore every1 needs gun for self defence
>whats pepper spray

What laws are you talking about? Can I have an example? You seem a little tense their bud. Breathe or you're going pass out.

>no national health care is the ameican dream

>Retards and crazies
I would bet 50% of people here have a history of depression, anxiety, hyperactivity or have for some reason been on psychotrope medication for at least a part of their life.

Psychiatric problems are commonplace. Where do we draw the line?

feel free to pick from these and dozens of others....




As a direct comparison, do more people die from these "through the roof" acid and knife attacks?
Or is it guns?
Now you made the point so how about you go and get the statistics and show the rest of the class.

at the 50%, apparently
I wouldnt trust u with a gun, or those 50% of sick fucks

I mean I should feel entitled to push for sweeping gun control and/or bans if I believe that will make me and my family safer.

That would be the tyranny of safety over liberty, right?

Well right now we have the opposite: The tyranny of self-appointed defenders of liberty over the safety of the average citizen.

Honestly. They should change the age to purchase guns. Less school shootings. 18 is pretty young if you can’t buy cigarettes where I’m from till your 19. Can’t drink till your 21 and can’t rent a car till your 25. Why not make the age to buy and own a weapon 25

No. If you do that they won't seek treatment. You're stigmatising mental illness. It won't help