Why Mercury isn't a Real Planet and Should be Immediately Destroyed

Why Mercury isn't a Real Planet and Should be Immediately Destroyed

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1st: It's too hot. Super uncomfortable and sweaty. It's harder to cool yourself down than it is to heat yourself up

2nd: It lacks a cool name. The "yee" sound at the end of the name makes it sound too memey, and I find it difficult to take Mercury seriously

3rd: When people see Mercury, they don't transform into monsters and they don't change genders, meaning Mercury has no significant power

Stand on the terminator

4th: Has been mathematically and scientifically proven that Mercury's presence in the solar system has increased the autism rate by 4000%

But do you agree, my dude?

Agree or nah

No we can use it as a penal colony to send the niggers to in the near future

Bruh that's what Venus is for

isn't mercury in tidal lock ? Who wants a planet with no day - night.

Good point. But, there's a flaw in your thinking: Mercury isn't a real planet (oof)

i think we should be focusing our anger towards saturn, its hogging all of the fucking asteroids

venus would crush you

Holy shit

Isn't that the point

Titan bruh, we would never run out of fuel again.

This thread is 4000% autism so I guess it checks out.

Almost. It rotates once every 58 days. Orbital period is 88

quads dont lie

saturn is home of the alien device that manlpulates our reality. created by the lizard people.


Get with the times bro, it's at least 15000% by now


If you pronounce Mercury with a "yee" at the end you have some kind of speech impediment.


Exkyoose meh

It also is the only planet that orbits in the opposite direction of other planets

dat filename tho


It is a real planet you dweeb nigger


You're wrong tho. People consider it one but it really isn't

I watch Richard and Mortison, so I'd know ;)

Because the moon rulez #1
Fuck Mercury and its nerd ways. On the moon nerds get their pants pulled down and they are spanked with moon rocks

fuck off

Rock on, Brother

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
― Adolf Hitler

So Mercury is a moon?

You fucking idiots are confusing Mercury for Pluto.

Maybe, my team has scientists and mathematicians working on that rn

No dude, Pluto is a real planet

But yeah my guys, Saturn is also a piece of shit.

What planet is this?

Id rather fuck Uranus

Alpha Centauri, duh


Mmm sexy

fucking space spics

No, just educated Richards

i think that you guys should stop saying shit about this beaotiful planet, I mean it's not like if you don't reply to this post your mom will die in her sleep tonight and no immunity will save you

New data is in, Mercury doesn't even exist. Thoughts anyone?

Mercury isn't beautiful, as it's been shown, it doesn't even exist

any time you think you saw mercurus you didnt. it was the government holding a lighter lite in the distance

You're right my dude, got the math to back it up

they all just used an ear swab, a flashlight and a mirror

You went to Harvard, right?

If you convert the electronic signals emitting from mercurus to audio signals it sounds like fisting a jar of mayonnaise

Holy fuck, the knowledge. I'm taking notes

mercury is the name of a guy who points flashlights at telescopes

Mercury is the Sun's satellite

mercury was gods greatest prank