Drug thread

drug thread.

I tried LSD and nitrous oxide for the first time yesterday. I think I triggered schizophrenia. voices told me to make this post and I'm still hallucinating. I can't make the voices stop and its so annoying.

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Time stamp or kys

Should have never mixed lucu with nitrious oxide, but youd schizophrenia was always there if psychedelic drugs apperantly induced it

I dropped 1050+ug of lsd 2 days ago and it was super fun

Lucy and nitrous is a good mix. Try lsd with ketamine

I’m on every thang!

Go talk to a psychiatrist before you get delusional and believe the voices.

Probably won't happen but talking to a professional is definitely a good idea right now.

Have you slept yet? Have a shower and go to bed

How was it? I was planning on getting a ten strip and doing it all this saturday but am nervous af (tabs are 105 ug so 10 strip = 1050ug )

Take lots of time to rest and maybe try idk meditation? Calm down man.

Does ego death / loss happens in every trip?

Random quick question.
Help me out please m8s
Will a probation officer hair drug test me on a first test?
Not on probation yet or anything fyi

Daaaamn thats alot of acid dude..


Only if youre on a high enough dose and even then you have to be in the right mindset

Drug addict faggot


If you've never tripped, a 10 strip is a bad idea. Start with 1, maybe even a half dose, to kind of learn what you're in for. The trip grows exponentially by the dose. Two hits isn't necessarily "twice" what one hit is.

Dosage wise it's twice as much, but the experience will probably be totally different.

Got a gram of ketamine sitting in front of me but not really feeling like being in a k hole. Would love any opiate right now tho


What's a k hole like?

Gf got fucked up on percs/xannies not long ago was insane