Once and for all

Is Brockhampton a fucking meme or not?


you didn't fucking answer the question

why are these guys getting a shit ton of buzz it seems dumb

Not really, all 3 Saturations are seriously good and will likely be remembered in years to come.

rap that isn't trap now has novelty value

They have a couple of decent tracks but most of their albums are filled with garbage filler so mostly a meme

What is a 'filler' brockhampton track to you? Legitimate question.

I think he's talking about those dumbass skits that they have in every album

nothing wrong with those skits tbqh

saturation tapes were surprisingly high quality for them all being released so close together

but they're not great, i feel like theres more garbage tracks on each than good

they have potential, not sure what you would call a meme but I don't think they are

They're only gonna get bigger

They're becoming more well-known as time goes by

They'll obviously burn out eventually like Odd Future, but not any time soon. They have a few more years and albums ahead of them.

Brock Lesnar is going to be pissed these homos used his name

All 3 albums have genuinely good tracks. Don't let these neckbeard virgins tell you otherwise.

they'll fill the gap odd future left behind for maybe 2 more projects then they'll split into smaller groups and solo projects, all mediocre.

But why the general opinion on Cred Forums seems otherwise? legit question, I enjoyed all the albums from them

soy/art hoe meme and/or industry plant meme, taking your pick

They're objectively bigger than Migos.

I do believe they are going to split soon. I canĀ“t picture living life as they do in the long term. How long until they get tired of each other and end up hating everyone in the group?

Pretty depressing to think that people who forged strong bonds with one another, and enjoy creating things with one another, still end up drifting away.

Is it just familiarity breeding contempt, or are humans just not meant to like each other?

this but also the fact that its a "indie" sad vibes rap fusion

Because they're getting some decent mainstream attention and a lot of Cred Forums posters want to seem cool and underground

A bunch of people getting together giving it their all to get famous is a lot of fun, but then actually being famous is hard and it strains what you naturally had. People can definitely remain friends, but its nearly impossible to recreate the magic of the first projects.

they're really fuckin marketable

Yeah, but they have the potential not to be



I think it's just the way things are supposed to be, as sad as it might be. It is expected to get tired of people that are constantly around your personal space. Sure, got to be fun at the start but gradually every human relationship is going to worn out

It's boring, generic radio rap.


Boybands, like skateboards, ebb in and out of popularity once every decade or so.

sad truth


opinion discarded

honestly i think it'll be sooner rather than later, and that's a good thing

the gaps in talent among members is fucking huge and quality suffers from it.

like each fucking member is able to skid along by spreading out one songs worth of lyrics across an album, of course they were able to put three mixed quality album in a year.