Does mu like The Stone Roses?

Does mu like The Stone Roses?

What's the best track and why is it Waterfall?

Yes very much, solid 9/10.
The first minute and a half of i wanna be adored is the peak of western civilization

good album

This is the one desu

best Manchester band

*blocks your Greggs*

Kids please

>I wanna be adored

The anthem for every sunken chested man who's ever been rejected.

These guys make Robert Smith look like he lifts daily.

People love Stone Roses, but Happy Mondays produced some nice albums too, The Charlatans were consistently good through the whole decade and Inspiral Carpets were really underrated.

Am i the only one who finds it a little boring? It seems it lacks some sort of passion and memorable songwriting. Even the praised outro of I Am the Resurrection sounds more like high school kids jamming sloppily than some sort of groove-orgasm that people make it to be. What am i missing?



*blocks your path*


Honestly as much as i like them, they are very overrated. They had 1 good album and quite a few tracks on top of that but its not much compared to other bands that get the same recognition.

spotted the soyboy

Dude, both bands are nu-male as fuck.

Screamadelica was better

>The second half of I am the Resurrection just sounds like high schoolers jamming sloppily

Holy shit, what the fuck is wrong with you m8? Do you even play guitar?

I like them so little i never listened to the album but i listened to the flaming lips version of it

ladies, ladies

we all know it's She Bangs the Drums