I played this at a party and got kicked out

Thanks Cred Forums, for telling me this was good you fucks. I was made fun of and people looked at me weird and asked wtf I was playing. I had it blasting, and figured by Sometimes they'd like it but instead nope it was way too loud and distorted and weird.

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Loveless is unlistenable garbage.


holy fucking shit dude
you should listen to an album and decide if its good for a party before playing it at one. you deserved to get kicked out



Jesus dude, I mean if it's just a few friends hanging out it's understandable but if it's an actual party...no girl wants to dance to Touched lmao


Please be real

You literally have Aspergers. Google it
"Not pick up on social cues and may lack inborn social skills, such as being able to read others' body language"


I got away with Blown a Wish once but it was a hip crowd

it's not, this is a newfag friendly thread

If you played slowdive, they would love you. This is your fault, you should have listened.

i once put on "Swans - A Piece of the Sky" from The Seer, then went to the bathroom. when I came back they were listening to lenny kravitz.


>falling for obvious bait

>be me
>pool party
>night arrives everybody sits chatting eating and drinking
>classic era rock/pop playlist playing (beatles, bowie, pink floyd, etc)
>Wanna put something user? You're quite the music enthusiast
>weird looks
>Chad stands and takes care of the playlist again

true story

The fact that someone like you got invited to a party in the first place is really hard to believe

>he was metatrolled

I used to get invited to parties too but was doing shit like OP and it ended pretty soon, kek,

This album is a fucking classic, but it's not for the musically immature . You and your friends are young and have really shitty taste in music, so try some Miley Cirus or something.

Should have played more "period" stuff, like Captain Beefheart.

>Miley Cyrus

iktf user, i've given up on trying to correct normies' taste

I play Death Grips no matter where I am and anyone that doesn't like it gets fucked in half.

what's the best Cred Forumscore album I can play at parties


Is Since I Left You still Cred Forumscore? That would be good. Maybe some LCD Soundsystem too.

Well it was my first party (OP here) And I Figured why not give it a shot? Everyone here says its so chill and shit. And we were all high as shit but unforunately it was just too noisy. Feelsbadman

Slowdive was probably a better idea

>Go to a dance party
>People involved in the music scene in my city, they have at least a modicum of taste
>doing a rough rotation of tracks
>play some talking heads (Moonrocks)
>get about halfway in some fag changes it
>put on a different track at some point later in the night, I think Do Like You by Stevie Wonder
>Same fag shuts it off halfway through
>Fucking call the guy out on it
>It's his house
>he kicks me out because I called him a cunt and he used it as an excuse to go full SJW on me
Thankfully the guy I knew that lived there (couldn't find him before I got forced out) apologized to me the next day and said no one likes that guy, good to know tards like him don't run the world.

What song

Lads, genuine question, is Soon good party material if you're in with the right crowd? It's got those Baggy drums that make it danceable.


Maybe if everyone is on heroin or DXM.

Or just play When You Sleep

>Lads, genuine question, is Soon good party material if you're in with the right crowd? It's got those Baggy drums that make it danceable.
>Plays Soon at party
>Track starts, kick drum is bumping with a nice rhythm guitar track
>People start nodding their heads, some start dancing
>Song transitions to verse, huge distorted guitar overpowers song, Kevin starts singing
>People stop and stare at each other in confusion. 2 girls can be seen consoling crying friend who won't stop screaming "Make it stop!"