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talentless uggo


She says that her talent is impersonating ViVi, but I don't think I heard her doing that
And then watch her friends tease her about it

loona noona

miss her

who on a payroll here

don't call wendy a slut

Girls Generation are living legends that changed the game. They can't just up and vanish with such a whimper. They need their swan song. Their final goodbye.




which red velvet member is this?

edenposters > oecposters >>>>>>>> 1/3shitters

Bought myself a new watch with all of that loonashekels


bae joohyun

tell pcy to get his gross hands off of xiumin

Do new Zealanders just have poor taste in idols? Why would you chat up haseul when vivi and sporty spice are there?
Did he think she was easy or something?


the haseul posting in this thread is good. keep it up, haseulinators.

sm doesn't care anymore

protect the tiny rodent



that's what holiday was, disappointing just like them

they're too busy acting

Faded Love is beautiful though. it's the perfect last song

100% word

that's our yerin

chanyeol is like a skyscraper next to xiumin

this is the best loona has to offer?



Get rid of 1/3 and Loona gets way comfier chuubh




snsd hasn't made a good song since 2010

OEC : cute girls, great songs, girl crush, weaboo jinsoul
1/3 : lol who cares xD

Holiday is solid though

I really thought this was nct dream

my bf on the left

thank you


she fucks

all you have to do is start
my routine is to post a little Chuu when I just enter a kpg, and then just post whoever is discussed about/posted

that's our uggo

based deafbro

Chuu falseflagger you fucking faggot

>snsd hasn't made a good song since 2014


the boys = goat


a lot of people say they liked exo-m more than exo-k but i don't know why


please post jungwoo

i be can a boss for you

omo nice legs

lion heart came out in 2015


left: poor man's JinE
right: nice eyes

99% sure you're a falseflagger
do twicefags try a divide and conquer technique or something?

imagine buying millions of minacoins during the bambam sperging and selling right now

>Taeyeon is doing a travel vlog in your city
>You see her in the streets, alone, sitting at a local Café eating lunch and drinking coffee
>She looks a bit sad, but is trying to look her best for the selfies she posts on IG

What do you do?


he still looks good even in low res caps


>a lot of people
just me a lot of times

>the boyz = goat


how is that yikes you gay

are these clones leaving the factory?

exo-k is superior in every way but they don't have the best singer or xiumin

fake a fart with my mouth and then laugh like a maniac while i take a bite on a piece of bread while looking at her

laugh at her nose



isn't this jaehyun


Don't get me wrong my famz. Even 1/3shitters are 99% better than twice and Mina fags lol.

this webm shouldn't be here

no, it's jungwoo

haseul posters are an embarassment, especially the loser who keeps obsessing over her feet and renames every webm he posts to "haseulie" to force that cringeworthy nickname

i only see beautiful talented girls so yeah i guess

Maybe because she is the only one that speaks English among them

why is jaehyun so fat lmao

this is also my strategy



you seem confused

invite some indonesian people over

taeyong is the most effay nct


>gossip girls
>express 99

some of their best songs came after 2010

he's not

haseulie, perfection in a small package



overcome your prosopagnosia then get back to me.

based jaehyun being healthy instead of going the sm sticc route

big body for big voice



i love jungkook!

that chair is struggling not to break beneath his massive weight

The guy who obsesses over her feet doesn't even post pictures of Haseul

good posts

I know you like her, and she is great, but I think that you bring towards yourself only harm by using that nickname here.
Just my thoughts, I personally don't mind it

apologize to whoever's in that picture

leave my man alone


that pizza does not look appetizing at all

fat boy idols...omo

isn't this taemin

she's called haseulie by the other members. i'm pretty sure

i wish scoups was still fat

do you want him to be the next shindong

it's sangyeon of de boiz.

get help.


nobody cares what he thinks

Ask if I can take a picture with her, hoping she says yes so I can tell her that she just made my day and that I will never forget her nor this moment. I thank her for existing and for bringing so much happiness to the world before leaving.


didn't post Kimberly for a while

start crying bc i think about jjongd

stop that

he already is.

Post T H A T taeyeon webm


purchasing haseul at a petstore

We all do.



jaehyun: *eats*

IP range banned lol

why did you post a picture of doyeon

to be fair, i like pineapple pizza so i cant judge

i just want sex with seulgi

someone get this hothead outta here

kei tho


stupid idiot shes not for that

Real RV hours now.



don’t get my hopes up


please stop talking about my wife thanks

like every other human on the planet

pretend i posted the pic where she has a churro and looks mad

these are both omo worthy


who's that? seems like a cool lad

on my brain





leave chanyeol's wife alone



what did camera guy mean by this

wait a minute


slug feet?

someone post the alien guy i can't remember his name



that's not jimin

his name is baekhyun

Kpop corrupted a generation of boys and made them degenerate




he's our granny tho


you can't expect me to click that

i'm more disappointed with f(x) ending with boring ass 4 walls

please respect the sanctity of marriage. thanks.


fuck off pcy


jimin is chanyeol's wife? i guess it's only fair to pair the worst boys together


i liked all night

are they wearing bras

slug pits?

not him, the guy that is going to debut at his 30s


hey i recognize that pic






i noticed that gaypoppers never start shit with others
thanks for being cool


I am euphoric!!!!!

who are these adorable nugus?

i run up to her with a crazy look on my face, drink her coffee, and shit on the table in front of her

does slug have white genes


enlistment has been tough on top oppa

she has mongol genes


time to slug blast

how many filters has this pic gone through

isn't that a crayon pop choreo?

support omoland

pcy is so cute bros


thank you

this is what everyone in korea wants

no you aren't


We love Taeyeon here


his manchild qualities are stupid but cute


I want to kiss this girl!


fucking word..

Hit it Hit it Hit it HO

keep paying attention and you might even find out who's always doing it


especially white men

you meant to post chen

I'll be back in a bit

Vomit sing the national anthem

yeah it was displayed at the 2015 world's fair

korea prefers the rat


snsd hasn't made a good song since january 5th, 2009


Just to be with Uji

for patricians only


you spelled world worng again

my guys



pcy's face is so disgusting

ty fellow chenchad

i'd sponsor her

leave seulgi's husband alone

your attitude is disgusting

i appreciate all the chenbros here

Holiday is a fucking awesome song and the MV slays, especially Sooyoing and Taeyeon.

With every major release they've had a good song. It's not always the title tracks but every album has an elite song that becomes legendary in some way. Genie, The Boys, I Got a Boy, Lion Heart(that entire album is fucking golden actually) and now Holiday and All Night. Haters will say they suck, though.

there is literally nothing wrong with liking chanyeol

sweaty seulgi makes me omo


as long as you admit that he can't rap dance or sing for shit


Not to mention a lot of their japanese language stuff is amazing.

Mr. Mr. doesn't count because it's a smaller release and Jessica had just left, leaving the group is fucking shambles.

word, self love is a good thing


RIP Bestie

>RV posters come after normal 9-5 work hours like proper white collar gentlemen
>Any other time is uggo and Choa hours

but he is the best rapper dancer and singer ever also he is very handsome and talented and funny and sexy

him too

>Implying SooYoung in that short hair and cropped pink top didn't fucking kill it during the music video

neck yourself, pleb

I'm new here. Please recommend some good songs from the most popular groups here

t. kang seulgi


>not a new ip
every time


idk who that is

Momoland - Bboom Bboom

oh my girl - one step two step

mr mr has two of their best songs

oh my girl - hot summer nights

for me, personally,

mina looks best in that dark red hair imho

Big bang "Nigga sorry I'm a bad boy"

working man here, wording this

>post songs from the most popular groups
>majority sm
how much money do you shills get

xiumin? word

oh my girl - windy day

why did sm release the documentary version of all night first? genuinely still pissed off about that

lucky chen

but redundant there mate

more than yg and jyp pay

gotta be able to support your waifu

tfw ywn be rat and be able to hug chen without him whining

SM are fucking retarded.

it's almost like SM has good groups with good music

Chen looks like a chinese grandpa

i get 5 exocoins every time i manage to shill exo
all i can spend them on is shit exo merch

headbands look great on kai

releasing 2 MVs at the same time is retarded because it splits interest but releasing a documentary version for one of them is just beyond retarded. I can't get over it

i just saw a hello venus video uploaded 3 years ago and thought "oh cool, the good ol' days with ara and yoonjo"
then i realized it's been over 3 years since hv got gutted by pledis and that video was Sticky Sticky era
gonna jump off a bridge

I'm all in on SlugCoin. Legit coin and not pump and dump vaporware.

a bouquet of flowers?


i just got my sm shill money. what should i buy?

word, I'm having a nostalgia moment

everything of course

power of music and perfect velvet

how many revelcoins can i buy with 5 exo coins?

blackpink discography

those orbs from their last concert

every twice song

>power of music

>asks for popular band
>nobody recommends big bang

you need to go through the nct currency exchange first

nice song
reminds of 00s europop, but in a good way.
I want to get a taste of many groups, so just post your favourite blackpink track

you're supposed to stock up idiot

holy shit this is cute

blackpink discography is a meme since they've released 5 songs in almost 2 years. heres their latest



What was the biggest betrayal in kpop history?

whos your husbando

t. faggot gaypopper