How do we address the reddit soyboy r/indieheads invasion?

>there are people on Cred Forums right now who like
Boy Pablo
Wild Nothing
Frankie Cosmos
Alex G
Julien Baker
John Maus
Mild High Club
Jerry Paper
LCD Soundsystem
The Drums
The Lemon Twigs
Diet Cig
Real Estate
Kurt Vile
Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Toro y Moi
Alex Cameron
Beach Fossils
Japanese Breakfast
Jay Som
Sunflower Bean
Mac Demarco
Frank Ocean
Courtney Barnett
Modern Baseball
American Football
Sheer Mag
Rex Orange County
Yellow Days
Princess Nokia
Steve Lacy
Zack Villere
Mr. Bungle
Angel Olsen
Young Fathers
Cherry Glazerr
Car Seat Headrest

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It's simple, you ban any and all discussion of these albums.

right on schedule. the catalog feels naked without it

Yo this guy's afraid of a fucking bean. Bahahaha

>John Maus
very nice addiction

Homeshake and Mac are good; not great, but good. The rest are gay af though.
Off yourself

i announce going to WAR with r/indieheads

we must spam anti-soy music and tell them to leave us alone

look how self concious this pathetic one is


somebody start a thread/operation, we have to stop the invasion of cucks

oh no a shitty cluster of internet culture is having opinions. lets show how much we dont care about those opinions by caring a lot about those opinions and making angry posts about it on a bhutanese tapestry forum.


Stop posting this you stupid fagget

Not until you ban hiphop

>Ban music discussion on a music board

REEEEE, let us MAGApedes have our safespaces!!!!

>le Cred Forums boogeyman

It's not a bogeyman if it's true, now kys cunt

If it's not music then what is it?

Chill out, snowflake. You're the one demanding a safespace.

Holy fuck that would almost be impossible.

>being this buttblasted
Reddit would better suit your interests, numale

You need to go back there, and to Cred Forums, run along kid

You're covering alot of territory there op, I was nodding my head for a bit then i get to radiohead

cmon dude don't fuck up your own thread

How do we stop the MAGApede invasion?

Holy shit

>implying Radiohead isn’t the most overrated soycore band of the 21st century

How does a board go from 'counterculture' and 'sometimes interesting' to JUST in only a few years time?

Boomers should all be hanged

lol at an indie essentials chart that doesn't have one single Smiths album.
They more or less invented the genre.

children have no respect these days

Can you read?

wow, thanks for excellent list. i'll check these out.
maybe you can set about banning girills from Cred Forums now

He didn't say Cred Forums, he was referring to thedonald.
Something you want to tell us?

I really like alex g please don't bully me.

ok, i admit being mistaken. in truth i just scanned the 80's section and jumped to conclusions

reminder that Cred Forums was always shit. Just look in Metal threads, literal children worshipping death metal

>buttblastedly raged by soymusic
>">being this buttblasted"

metal triggers soyfags


oh no my safe space! but seriously the bigger problem I see on this board right now are newfags and revisionists trying to say stuff like MCR, JEW and Linkin Park are good

This madness must end.

Jesus christ. I knew this was a thing, but god damn is it so much more worse than I thought.

>just discovered Cred Forums last week from Internet Historian
>pretends to be an oldfag and spam soythreads on Cred Forums

mcr have literally always been popular here, unsure who JEW are...

Jimmy Eat World

that one jerry paper midi album with the windows 95 vibe is very legit
the drums have a couple decent songs on portamento and stay in their lane for the most part
unironically not liking radiohead is nig-tier

everything else checks out

That’s pathetic

Cred Forums should be exterminated IMMEDIATELY to prevent these newfag cacs from "triggering libtards" lmao

Mr. Bugle is pretty gay but some of their early demo are lit as fuck.

Bleed American is unironically a good album.

OH NO NO NO..pffthahaha


>waaah let me discuss my shitty prog rock and noise for braindead junkies everything else is crap reeee
fuck off

That’s a lotta soy!

>when you reply to a MAGAtard on fucking Cred Forums of all places, you're potentially replying to 70 year old brainlets who only listen to country
ok grandma