ITT: songs that make you nostalgic

>ITT: songs that make you nostalgic

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damn, thats some soy shit if ive ever heard SOY

At one time Cred Forums approved of this, I was there.

sounds like a fuckin shit time

Please try and listen to their whole album.

That song sticks out like a sore thumb in comparison to Veckatimest. Wish it was released as a single only.

i used to get high as shit to this album in the woods behind my friends house everyday after school around this time back in 2010, good times

Imagine being so young you weren't aware of Cred Forums in 2009


i still sing this at the top of my lungs in the car, god bless

have you listened to the other albums? veckatimest is cool but shields, yellow house and the friend EP still have a place in my heart. whatd you think of the new album?

we grizzly bear thread now

>30 minutes bus ride to visit my gf back then
>listening to this on my shitty ipod

those were the days

simpler times, man, simpler times

New album was frustrating to listen to desu. Felt like their sound was influenced a lot by nu indie rock/pop.

Also, I fuck with yellow house. Just listened to it today. Knife is a certified mastapeece

desu DESU tBh why do this wtf






This fucking video

This is patrician as fuck

>I was there, when Cred Forums raved about the breakout Grizzly Bear record, in two thousand and eight

Still mad this guy ripped off Postal Service

why is this so hard to believe

I'm paraphrasing Losing My Edge, you mong

My mom used to play this in the car when I was a kid