What are your favorite and least favorite Cred Forums generals?

What are your favorite and least favorite Cred Forums generals?

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>least favorite

Blues rock
Garage rock
Punk rock
Psychedelic rock
Thrash metal
Classic death metal

Least favorite:
New country (aka southern pop)

nice picture
i liked /prog/ when we had it for a few weeks last year but of course that could never last. and kpop is by far the worst thing humans have made

> /dark/, /bleep/ and /noise/ are best
Any waifu shit or mucore circle jerk threads are trash

/chart/ is mainly for newfags

>least favorite

>anything but rap and country heh
>johnny cash is good though, folsom prison, the list goes on
>yeah i don't listen to the radio, they just play the same songs over and over
conversation that you've had

/kpg/ is so accurate

Jazz and classical are the only two ones that are worth browsing.


least favorite:
anything else




least favourite:

Imagine if we actually had an interesting and diverse electronic music general instead of the current smug circlejerk

Sorry my favorite country singer is Mickey Newbury
Stop being a faggot and dont take memes too seriously
New country and rap and radio pop are genuinely my least favorite genres.

share and chart

least fav:
none really

what's the story behind /kpg/?
why are they on so many boards and why do they all act like literal drones?

none of them
all of em

>worth browsing
It's 90% YouTube links, 9% shitposting and 1% discussion. Might as well visit Reddit.
/jazz/ is much better though


least favorite:
/daily/, /chart/, and /rym/

i'd also like a quick rundown on this. i heard it originally started on boards outside of Cred Forums

/metal/, noise rock generals (although they're as rare as a mentally stable tranny), /chart/
>least favorite
/rym/ (complete circlejerk), /shugazi/ (you've heard them all after mbv, slowdive, ride etc.)
>least favourite: pop, rap, new country(?)
has to be bait

All the others are hid

>people are not calling each other tourists and nu-males
Really inaccurate

Kpop will never not be the worst general. There's no actual music discussion in it, just waifufagging over underaged Korean girls. If the speculative celebrities board were to ever come about, /kpg/ should be exiled there.

>least favorite
none really

Least favourite

/blindfold/ was the last decent thing on Cred Forums

>tfw 2016 was 2 years agp

fav: /shugazi/
least fav: idk I only use like 3 generals

Are you saying I'm not allowed to not like those things? Fuck off