Why has he never made a diss track? What would a Kanye West diss track be like?

Why has he never made a diss track? What would a Kanye West diss track be like?

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Because literally who could diss kanye to warrant a response from him


Kanye is so egotistical that a diss track wouldn't be a direct diss, it'd be more indirect and would just be three minutes of him rapping about how much better he is

so a kanye song?

Who/what is he specifically dissing in Feedback?



>eminem dissed trump supporters
>ye is a trump supporter

have you ever had sex with a pharaoh?
i put the pussy in a sarcophagus

J Cole - False Prophets is directed at Kanye

>J. Cole
>warrant a response
choose one
fucking shit rapper

>J Cole being relevant enough to warrant a response

Even if he is shit, he's extremely relevant

Kanye is the most influential people alive, I say that with zero irony
Cole is nothing compared to him

facts is him dissing a fucking corporation
feedback is him talking shit the media and haters
not really traditional diss tracks.


Jay Z sneak dissed Kanye on 4:44 (which were all true)

youtube.com/watch?v=uaNSmOyumEs lol Jay is probably gonna kill Kanye Overrated West again

who cares it'd be terrible like the rest of his shit

you might actually be mentally disabled
I say this with zero irony

Who do you think it's more influential?

Bill Gates, Putin, Xi Jinping are obvious examples

It wasn’t a subliminal, it was a direct callout that subtly calls out Jay-Z himself as much as it does Kanye.

Putin and Elon Musk were the only tolerable answers

He obviously meant culturally influential, not powerful

if you mean in music: McCartney and Jay Z come to mind
Gates and Jobs helped create a massive amount of cultures. Jobs is dead but Gates isn't
Putin is culturally influential too.
>Elon Musk
hello plebbit

Kanye doesn't need to waste energy on lesser rappers

because he couldn't top this

Gates didn't pioneer shit, he was a thieving hack.

doesn't make him any less influential

he is also the icon of philanthropy in the 21st century

What? Do you really think McCartney is one of the most influential people in 2018? What

>most influential person ALIVE
no one is talking about 2018. McCartney made a much bigger impact than Kanye in almost every way.
If we're talking 2018 alone,Kendrick, hell even fucking Kodack Black is more influential than Kanye

He doesn't care enough about trump to care about eminem's autism fit. He jsut said he would have voted for trump if he had voted, I think that's more a hatred of hillary than support for trump.