Tfw ywn be a member of animal collective

>tfw ywn be a member of animal collective

Why do you want to be a member of a shit indie band that won't be remembered in 50 years?

Why do you want to be a member of a band past their peak so you get remembered as a part of their downfall?

tfw ywn lol

Believe in yourself. Start your own band. Eclipse Animal Collective. You can do anything, op.

To take part in experimental intense self expression along with longlife friends, losing oneself in a shared soundscape of hypnagogic multiplicity of abstract worlds taking and shifting forms of affections

literally wojak t.


animal collective will definitely be remembered

I already made a choice and enrolled in college. I'm already 20 and I can't fool around. I need to build a work ethic. My only hope would be meeting people by random chance that feel the same way and share my vision. My crippling self doubt prevents from being able of creating sincere expressions like AC. Not to even mention I probably don't have half the talent any of the members of AC have. The music bussiness seems so degenerate it kills all my hopes. The only moments I feel like this is while listening to music, when I stop I become "sober". I'm losing my empathy, is zero to nothing most of the time. These words wont let me go, I can only wait for death to take me out of this blankness.

>this is what alternative soyneets actually believe

smoking microbenis

>that pic
Literally who

> ywn see young Avery and panda going at it hard and raw with each other
Fuck this gay earth

Why does nu-Cred Forums hate AC so much?

Something you should listen to in order to understand what good music sounds like.

Sounds like basic thot le sad reverb e guitar bandcamp shite
Kys newcrap

I like tons of music better than AC or anything you ever listened to, so I guess you're the one who dies, motherfucker.

this wojak hits me hard.



Do you guys have a download link for Merriweather Post Pavilion in 320 mp3?

I don't use soulseek

>there will never be a band like prime animal collective again

why even live