NeedleD*ck Bjork Worst To Best

>transitions have trap influenced beats

>Debut at six
>Vespertine over Homogenic
>Biophila over Debut and Utopia
>Medula at the top three
Remind me, why the opinion of this guy is relevant?


>Biophila over Debut and Utopia
Sorry i wasn't meaning Utopia, i was meaning Vulnicura

100% correct as always, thank you based melon

1. Medulla
2. Vespertine
3. Vulnicura
4. Biophilia
5. Utopia
6. Homogenic
7. Post
8. Volta
9. Debut

For those who don't want to watch, here's needledick's rankings
>9. Volta
>8. Utopia
>7. Vulnicura
>6. Debut
>5. Biophilia
>4. Post
>3. Medulla
>2. Homogenic
>1. Vespertine

why biophila that high

>Debut, Post and Homogenic that low
Nigga kys

Volta so underrated yall haters


Didn't post until I watched the whole thing.
Strongly disagee with how high Medulla is but overall not a terrible ranking.

every time i see this picture i think of a big gaping butthole

Good for you user


vespertine is better than Homo

Post is Bjork's best album.
Only people who want to seem smart and cultured disagree.

>Everybody who disagrees with me is contrarian!
Nice argument.

Not contrarian but annoyingly pretentious.

>Everybody who disagrees with me is pretentious!
Nice argument.



I want to listen to Bjork but the vagina face has fucking traumatized me how to move past this Cred Forums?

By listening to her other stuff and watching her earlier interviews.

Ok ty

How do people even enjoy this dumb mongoloid looking bitch? Pretentious tripe

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