What do the art hoes you know listen to?

what do the art hoes you know listen to?

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I'd facefuck that bitch until she dies

The sounds of their boyfriends beating them.

Tame Impala
King Gizzard
Mac DeMarco
Velvet Underground
Tom Rosenthal
Frank Ocean

MGMT, Grizzly Bear, Bon Iver, Tame Impala, Beach House, Tycho, Arctic Monkeys

king krule

Shitty 3 chord indie SoundCloud artists with sad self deprecating/loathing lyrics or shitty bedroom R&B with lo fi chill anime beats instrumentals and awful singers. Basically music if you hate or don't respect yourself.

Her lips are actually like 20% smaller than the lipstick suggests if you look closely, and the bright pink already made them look thicker than they really are. Sad!

I knew one of those girls in college a few years ago, and she was literally the only person IRL I've ever heard talk about Cred Forumscore memeshit.

>she was literally the only person IRL I've ever heard talk about Cred Forumscore memeshit
fucking cringe

The Strokes
Tame Impala
Frank Ocean

depends on the flavor of art hoe.
what you want?
Indie and Neo-Psych, Black Metal, Techno, Ironic Pop?

I-I don't w-want any

>fucking cringe
fucking cringe


fucking cringe

ariel pink/john maus
emo revival shit (only the poppy stuff like modern baseball)
joy division (superficially)


just adminestered 5mg fentanyl what do i listen to

hiphop/trap/r&b hoes
the smiths/stones roses/brit indie rock hoes
tame impala/king gizzard/psych hoes
jungle/garage/not-big-room-edm-but-basically-big-room-edm hoe's

any other flavours?

300 replies

for what reason

Who's better in bed? Art hoes or normie girls?

Lil Peep

old Arcade Fire
Arctic Monkeys
Macintosh Plus (without knowing any other vaporwave artist)
singles, especially from electronic musicians (another proof they are disgusting plebs)

this is why ion trust bitches


art hoes but they want to talk about their feelings after

>implying Cred Forums is not the most emotional of boards

Art hoes because they deepthroat and give you feet

One I know likes Bjork but that's as far as she's said about her music taste.


whats that song where the music video is shot with a webcam and hes smoking blunts in skiing goggles?

Hahhahahhahhaha fucking this
Had an art hoe FWB and this always fucking happened, she was cool to me but she was way too sensitive sometimes and would get mad at me

That sounds like cancer to my ears. Am I the only one?


No idea sorry user.

I don't know many, not being a student any more, but I did live with a typical vegan, red-haired art hoe who pretty much just listened to Oasis and The Stone Roses, weirdly enough.

Damn, what a meme

his best track by far

I dont think king gizzard fits there
they're reddit but not art hoe

her bottom lip is fuller than her lipstick though

modest mouse

>the art hoes you know

This 100%

7/10, would date.




Certainly better than the average.

current 93 - crooked crosses for the nodding god

beach house
mac demarco
animal collective
typical lo-fi shit
tame impala

Fuck, you got me

In my experience they listen to stuff like Merzbow, Boredoms, Gerogerigegege, Coil, Throbbing Gristle, Whitehouse, Nurse with Wound, Einstürzende Neubauten, Brainbombs, Egor Letov, Death in June, Current 93, La Monte Young, Pale Cocoon, Moondog, Lou Harrison, Henry Cowell, Luigi Russolo, Popol Vuh, Fishmans, Jean Jacques Perrey, Les Rallizes Dénudés, Rainbow Caroliner, Taj Mahal Travellers, Fushitsusha, DNA, Peter Brötzmann, Natalie Rose LeBrecht, John Cage, Scott Walker, Unwound, Dead, Frank Zappa, Morton Feldman, Captain Beefheart, Pharoah Sanders, Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman, Alice Coltrane, Arnold Schoenberg, Pierre Boulez, György Ligeti, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Nang Nang, Haruomi Hosono, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Nara Leão, Basic Channel, Raymond Scott, Delia Derbyshire, zeitkratzer, Daphne Oram, Noah Howard, Terry Riley, Peter Sotos, Lula Côrtes e Zé Ramalho, Boyd Rice, Mahmoud Ahmed, Henry Flynt, Kazumoto Endo, David Tudor, Jorge Ben, Aporea, Half Japanese, Pelt, Mega Banton, Secret Chiefs 3, Keiji Haino, Ramleh, Otomo Yoshihide, John Zorn, Joe Meek, Robbie Basho, Phil Spector, Faxed Head, Hijokaidan, Harry Partch, Frances Baskerville, Wesley Willis, Fred Frith, The Residents, Sun Ra, Sun City Girls, Hans Krüsi, Royal Trux, Jandek, Yat-Kha, Loren Mazzacane Connors, Pärson Sound, Djeli Moussa Diawara, The Dead C, Comus, Cromagnon, Eliane Radigue, Arthur Doyle, Shizuka, The Red Krayola, Henry Cow, Magma, Opus Avantra, Pan.Thy.Monium., Raphael Rogiński, Murmuüre, Ksiezyc, Gong, Cukor Bila Smert', cLOUDDEAD, Muslimgauze and Kaoru Abe

Art hoe pls go

That's pretty patrician

Mac Demarco
Bedroom pop
Soundcloud rappers
Twin Peaks
The Frights

and whatever else mentioned in this thread

This especially

Talking Heads, a bit of Queen, Bowie (posthumously), lo-fi rappers like Joji, and A E S T H E T I C S shit like that

lived with one last year, she said she listened to shoegaze almost exclusively.


>tfw no shoegaze/dream-pop gf


Most of them are poptimists and they listen to hip hop like Drake n shit

get help

art hoe pls go

this doesn't exists


why would he share

The Growlers
Le Tigre
Mac DeMarco
The Vaccines

it does. I never went into specifics because i wasn't into shoegaze around this time last year, the only band i was aware of was mbv and i didn't want to seem like a pleb.

who is this art hoe? i want her to suffocate me

did she bathe and shit?

art hoes. no contest. some art hoes are cool, you just need to find which ones aren't shallow as fuck. Don't expect monogamy from them, though it's possible if they're particularly fragile and not some snow bunny.

t. friend with art hoe gf of my other friend

>inb4 cuck

she didn't look like she did but, maybe? she used to always wear workwear and flared pants with dirty reebok classics. actually kinda geeky in character, she seemed fraudulently happy and it made me feel uneasy, probably why i didn't go on to live with her this year.


I'll just take my devildigits and go, I guess.

unkempt pussies are a NAY ... leave her to the freshmen

art hoes but they are not worthwhile for long term baby making


oh my god yall are fucking babies

t. nasty pussy art hoe

stop drinking a bit honey

post your tits

>wah i don't like it when people have observations toward my peer group

You think thats baaaaaaad.
I never had a serious relationship and Im a NEET


You're going to listen to the angels soon

say hello to the angels

not surprising

what do you mean anonpie?

post ankles

send vajine


and post bob

king krule
frank ocean
mac demarco

Never get tired of this pasta

Where does this meme that women listen to King Gizz come from? I’ve literally never met a girl that does and it was probably 75% guys at their shows that I’ve been to

This is 90% of my library

you should probably be facefucked until you die

>everyone lists entirely different artists

really makes me think. very cookiecutter lol i h8 women too

agreed king gizzard is penis the band


Fucking K-pop

art hoes listen to soundcloud rap to fit in with their black bulls

What's an art hoe?

pretentious cunt

new buzzword for hipster

slang term for a female artist who is mentally fucked because of trying to be an artist, so she also is a hoe of sorts due to her nuttiness.

any girl that's not a normie sorority bitch i guess

liberal arts degree, usually looks like OP's pic, thinks she's super special and different etc

any female pseud trying to be a unique artist by drawing exactly like anyone else

the chad reply

vs the virgin witty comment

Kanye West ironically

t. Underage

hipster is dead though

Girls with dyed hair who thrift shop and go to liberal art schools

What we would've called a delusional hipster slut several years ago

An annoying attention-whore with lung cancer and a delusional life

that's the point

there is no way art hoes know who john maus is

y'all chill with the wrong art hoes. a bunch of my female friends are more knowledgeable about music than most people on this board. one of the pluses of being active in brooklyn's DIY scene.

>NEETs hating art hoes


It would be nice to have a girl that shares your taste in music.

post your tits or get the fuck out bitch

this but unironically

I can rip all of your limbs right out of their sockets.

superficially maybe

>le virgin dreams xD



Exactly what's an "art hoe"? I've heard Cred Forumstants use this term for the better half of 2017 and still only have the vaguest idea of what they are. Anyone care to elaborate as to what is an "art hoe" and what makes them so? I'm dying to know.

That most I've gathered from all conversation is that "art hoe" is another term for hipster, but applied to vapid women with a superficial interest in art.

>"art hoe" is another term for hipster, but applied to vapid women with a superficial interest in art

*claps unironically*

it's more of an aesthetic than a stereotype. overalls, vertical stripes, mom jeans, dyed hair, pilly wool sweaters, nose rings, that kind of mac demarco shit.


Why do you hate women?

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