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redpill me on the white men love kyungsoo meme

Redpill me on BTS

How do we save her?


that's our yarin


we're all BR here

i hate both of you


they stole if from yuriposters for some reason


some white guy that posts here loves him



waiting for hime-sama's asmr vlive

someone post that pic of the white guy holding up the banner


yuri posters need to take that meme back

we don't talk about kasper here


irrelevant but there's one cutie whose name is jungkook

he's the white man magnet

only worthwhile gaypops desu

don't hold your breath

we just wanna have fun
cause we hot
and we young

top tier discography and choreography

>failed my driving test
kpop for this feel?


Just love me right (Aha)
nae ujuneun jeonbu neoya (Oh)

personally, as a heterosexual white male,

Its not a meme, its the truth. White men love Kyungsoo

noooooo sulli

just xiumin

Only one regular egg poster isn't a white male and she's always seething about it

thank you for my new desktop background

the best part of aju nice is when they're performing it live and they all just scream for some reason



big mistake

incredibly annoying fanbase but the guys are cool and they have some bangers


wtf is going on with her face
I had to reverse image search to see whether this was shopped or not

thinking about bacon...


everybody here is jealous of their success and pretends it isn't real

Do you know who the one for me is? Why it's Jinsoul, of course!

Go Won's giggle though!

there's me

the fancams are very nice


who should tekashi69 collab with when he tours in korea?

didn't the meme start because there was literally a survey that proved egg was popular with white male fans?

she looks really good in this version

and videography


Worst fans, best boy group. Honestly, they deserve every bit of fame they're getting right now


Red pill me on blackpink

delete this pic of me thanks



never heard about it, link it

how old are you

bacon is ______

fucking based

dont worry about it

thanks for posting that pic of me

nice webm guest starring my wife

absolute angel

an unreliable cunt



>this is a photo of all of kpg

no but he used to be popular among korean men. probably because he gives off a different vibe from your average kpop twink.

did tao kill himself after this


post some chens i don't have many actually

a petty bitch

>will never wake up and see this next to me
why live

delete this, it isn't him


momo was BUILT for lewding

no he just went to china to make shitty music

kys moron



dating bacon sounds like a nightmare dbh

me either, gotta save some more



it's ok he made it up to him

Is there anything Haseulie can't do?

go study you fucker

chen sweetie i'm so sorry
have you listened to collab of the year 2k17 recently


redpill me on dynamic duo

print this picture out and place it on wall make sure to wake up facing wall, boom.

wow chen looks good here

I got really nervous and fucked everything up

Bad Boy would be SOTY if you took out Yeri's parts

be in the proximity of birds

haseulie, the woman with better taste in music than jinsoul

when are we going to get a good scandal

>Bad Boy is SOTY

one of them dated sulli so that should tell you something

give me five minutes

when dispatch catches a bts member banging a twice member

heh heh
hi user

LOL top kek

redpill me on redpills

link me the best ksoo fansite

redpill me on ksoo fansites

take the blue pill

I hope you're not serious, keep guys like this far away

we already know jimin broke jeonger's poor heart

i love haseul but lets be honest, ballads are shit

they made the patrician choice on choosing D.O


LOVE AND ROLL is I e if my favorite songs.

Anything similar? Closest I can think is Airplane by f(x).

this guy looks clean
if i ever get caught at a red velvet concert and get posted on kpg i'm making sure i look my damn best

we dem boyz

they're not wrong

you came the wrong way

nice edit moron


>ballads are shit

haseul makes them sounds okay but they still suck

crab a shit


if i ever go to a red velvet concert ill post the pictures myself

please support kyungsoo's fat ass

everyone loves ksoo!

too heavy

where did all of these kyungsoo posters come from

snake is even shittier



word especially us pcybros

white men


everyone on kpg is a kyungsoo poster

lots of white guys on right now

his nose looks like it's bleeding

>i be can the boss for you

this thread is fucking terrible

haseul used absorb!

agreed, lets get back to posting Dahyun of Twice

get ready for a delet

white men out



real white men prefer cbx



that might be the only thing that can save it at this point

KCON Japan 2018 First Lineup
Stray Kids

i only like baekhyun and xiumin from them, they should have another comeback


deo boyeojwo your light all right
nae ane isseojwo all night

that's quite the sausage fest, i'd be worried if i was a momoland fan

not with that nasty granny in it

The white men came home after a long day of work
Kyungsoo prefers white men

here you go friend :)

>jamming mouths up like bad traffic rush hour rapping


I hope NY doesn't have a shitty lineup like that

hey mama was good but ka-ching was an embarrassment

much better already

ah thats better. thanks


i'm guessing you also hated lotto


lotto and kaching were both terrible for different reasons

>hums mission impossible theme
>calls it james bond theme

it was a lotto bullshit dbh

still my favorite twice webm

Cool Lip



theories abound that twice were shooting their mv yesterday which is why they didn't show up on video

i was born in the wrong country

lotto is a misunderstood masterpiece

he likes anyone but you guys


this one goes out to all the white men


it's actually just shit

Cute potato

it's always better when do graces the day


best oec

post our nct guy


thank you Kyungsoo
kys fat bitch

like a volcano




when are the gays leaving


monolid lip tho...

love love love love is potato
kim lip is hot like a volcano


brown goddess


all oec is best
but Yerim is bestest

what should i post to get them to leave




those poor bastards with the face paint

it's our thread now


shame about the manface


they live every day of their lives slathered in bb cream, it probably wasn't much different


All OEC are best OEC, but it's gotta be Jinsoul for me.

stop posting this uglo scammer

damn babbesoul is cute

Choerry a shit

kys lucas

your waifu throws her toilet paper in the garbage when she takes a shit

stop calling attractive people ugly



now that the dust has settled, have we all realised that pcy is the best exo?

>tfw taeyong is no longer the most handsome nct
how will he ever recover

lmao you first fag

no you aren't

ah fuck i almost forgot about kcon in the states
i've got money saved up but i've never dropped that much on anything before and I think I want to go

why does lucas look so... yikes

i thought he was supposed to be a visual

kys pcy

hopefully never
Until now everything was pretty good, but I start to see idols that are linked in my brain to rude posters that always start some shit

babysoul nendoroid


lucas is actually an uglo

a woman imbued with the soul of a baby

The other guy is better


tell ksoo that white men love him


did he spot a white man in the crowd in that pic?

stop posting lucas i'm trying to forget he exists

no friend, this is what attractive people look like

looks like nct added one more uggo to their lineup

no he saw me

jesus fucking christ

daily reminder to drop exo for nct

but zayn has a shit personality

Everyday my wife's debut gets closer!

the state of oecshitters

maybe when nct gets better
boss was pretty cool

holy shit he makes doyoung of all people look like a visual god

but i like both

why is joy such a pitslut

come on. he's not that ugly

taeyumshitters on suicide watch


you can only choose one in the end

how did i never notice choerry's qtness until now

is she actually a trainee? i thought taeyeon was really intense about keeping her family out of the industry so they wouldn't have to deal with crazy fans

lucas is uggo

i find doyoung attractive
does this mean i have turbo yellow fever

nice try but he'll never get topped

>our girls
>dB limit asmr cooking
>interesting subs
that's my buddy right there

not really, he looks pretty average

when did daisy become a BABE

the stylists know her strengths and are exploiting them

leave my boy lucas alone idiots

he doesn't even look like that lmao they always photoshop/after effects the shit out of his face


someone said he looks like a troll and i can't disagree

imagine that on your

how old is he

For reasons that are unknown to me, a lot of people missed this absolute cuteness

isn't she underage?

he goes back and forth between pretty uggo and pretty alright a lot, if you can look past his horse grin he's not bad.

Choerry's choerries


>10 years age difference
why did her parents make this decision

means you are gay


make it a dawon thread

16 is legal in korea

19 years old, born in 1999

did they ever explain why she's called kim lip

the hell, younger than i thought

my waifu doesn't poop

what decision?


please fix your webm

i liked her song the least out of oec so that's probably why i never really noticed her...
a qt

neck yourself white fuckin faget

is his voice really that deep?


because of her lip service (good at talking), and kim jungeun had too much impact

seola thread para el primo

because of her name, it's kimberly lippington

because her real name is a little problematic

don't post this idiot

i think it's the name of some korean poet

i dont do kpop but i respect that you guys keep it contained to one board, but god damn it for some fucking reason the kpop threads dont hide. all the other threads i try to hide disapear. but not kpop. fuck

at least she's able to joke about it

Looks like me

it's a sign
listen to shinee's 1 of 1 album

tiny minho

yes but we all have an uggo we're into so it's okay

except me

wording this

>one board
i think there is a kpg on three different boards


true, but he's dating gigi hadid
so does it really matter?


why did you re-saved that pic in a bloated png format??

one thread i mean

ok...i will...