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... imagine them singing this to you, omo

wjsn will hit daebak this comeback

Post sad kpops

leave chinese idols alone







blackpink fucking sucks holy shit

why did they ((they))) not let this become viral

heh heh
hi user

word but they dont suck

didn't even notice


step it up dude

my niece is taller than him

he looks like he would enjoy killing children

that's our yerin

make him feel better, kpg


same but this


what is this 2001?

is that jeongers

Post best duos.

how onew


*shoves into a suitcase*

bet she saw a book lmfao

remember when the moon turned pearl aqua the day jonghyun went to heaven?

fckn crazy dbh


i've always wondered, do girls in asia wear these rash guards when they go swimming and not swimsuits like bikinis and one pieces? or is it just idols? i figured it was only idols since they don't want to show a lot of skin (like in a bikini or one piece) and what not but i'm not really sure



his rapping isnt that bad and his ears are great

>idols dont want to show a lot of skin

was that confirmed real because i thought i saw people talking about it being photoshopped

I pray it's a banger and I wouldn't mind some jazziness

also less sun burn

*gives ear massage*

this is the nicest anyone has ever been to pcy on this board
you just earned 500 smcoins

lurk more before posting please

>he watches compilation videos

it's joy from red velvet and sungjae from btob


nice f**t game



this is literally just a tv censorship thing, waterparks and beaches are full of 2 piece bikinis.

post jonghyun bangers

everyone in korea wheres them. even at a random swimming pool all the dudes are wearing them



ive already lurked enough and i saw it posted time and time again
doesn't get any less cringe


out of all the gfriend ships these two make me wonder sometimes

not true, everyone wheres that shit

jaehyun is cute
she is was a pretty good album

why is this song so smooth

scammer will never perform a solo on your birthday

i want an ear massage from kai. it's not fair.

the whole album is great

wears*, holy fuck i'm tired

this would be a good subunit. you've got vocals/rap/height all covered.




*drinks orange juice* oh hi user, didn't see you there

why is this here

It must be awkward to shower with his team mates since he's amost there





ty for the info
yeah the skin care thing makes sense too

when he says i'm going to do what i want even if you say no, omo

don't think about that



>Xuanyi plays the role originally listed as Meiqi's (probably due to her age and the sex scenes required)
They should have just waited dbh



I'd normally post the live performance, but it feels wrong now.

tfw no tiny woozi bf to take care of

these qts tho

you can't fool me, I've seen dj soda videos. I know what koreans wear in pools.

what are you talking about


these uggos tho

Remember that photo with them holding a portrait of Mao?
That movie is finally coming out.
>this story is based on the diary of a young woman discovering her sexuality during the Chinese Cultural Revolution of the 60s-70s

>ywn fake laugh at your slug gf dumb jokes

everyone already dropped blackpink for loona but i guess this one guy didn’t get the memo....

i miss when woozi had that soft pink hair but looked pissed of 80% of the time

Okay, seriously, on pictures of Daisy with the JYP girls she doesnt look so mangled.

Did she get in some sort of accident between leaving JYPE and joining Momoland?

>sex scenes

he always looks pissed off

Idiot we still love Jisoo



are you talking about selfies where girls know the exact angle to take the picture from?


me in october bro...

>best kpop song this month is by a comedian

night after night
how many hours did she practice it beforehand too
a literal 20 year old woman lmao

in twice's discography there's maybe 3-4 songs that i'm not a huge fan of. i've listened to their albums tons of times though

i thought sehun was tao at first

*pushes down*

taking woozi to anger management counseling



Even if you pull the Facebook angle meme, she is still less deformed.

woozi is just discount suga


gayhun needs to keep his hands off my husband



reminder that you can post members of groups if they've already debuted as a group
not so fast loonashills


i didn't see meiqi


who is dat boi?

jungkook from bts

>mfw OEC already debuted

A cute

my spoiled litle brat eunha

yikes ps grannies already



squats and oats

choerry tho


whoa natty qts already

>choerry's legs

y is she so surprised


hotdog stand in the distance

be careful

wat does this mean

just realized all the other groups in her company suck

*boops his nose*


i'm done with kpop

see you guys tomorrow

did we all brainwash ourselves into liking boss yet


i liked it first listen

All LOONAs are natty, chuubh

I didn't need to

i like the chorus only

poor man';s chaeyeon

you got it

this except i like everything but the chorus



oh it shows

can't wait for eden to debut
insta show win

be careful he might bite



Don't mind me, just posting the SOTY:



boss might not be soty but i be can a boss for you is definitely lyric of the year

who else is still jamming to this

boss is really hot garbage

haseul a qt

Worth it just for the kino moment at 1:40

Choerry a thicc



sometimes she still looks like that

bad mashup

based taeyong getting the best lines

they should use this for a collab in an sm concert

qt as heck

wet water

qt as heck


i'm deaf now, thanks

that bird is way cuter than haseul

i can be the boss for ya

h-haseul, i...


that bird is just haseul without makeup. natty goddess.

now this is a banger



ew bibi

is that dubu on the left?


what hell looks like

>this girl is older than choerry
she looks so young i actually felt bad for omoing

she got really ugly after leaving jyp wtf


Haseulie looks like THAT? I think I'm gonna drop Jinsoulie and make Haseul the one for me.


i'd give him the sticc if you get what i mean


no she didn't, cherrypicker

even as a baconshitter i have to admit that was a poor showing

i'm gay after looking at this

that's exactly what you do tho


based dayoungie

bibi eeeeeewwwwwwwwwww

is her korean extra terrible or something

yi- WHOA!

I'm glad the Datanews photographer found a new job after his company went down

i really love red velvet

for the sake of everyone in this thread please delete this


i love miss haseulie!!

only true loonatics know choerry is the chosen one in the loonaversal lore

what's >our opinion on LOONA here?

yves, however

we love them and i'm not just saying that because i'm getting paid to

Salle gets more lines than her and Sally cant speak Korean to save her life.

>posts fansite edited images and instagram filters
I rest my case


qt chuubh

this is, without the slightest hint of exaggeration, the ugliest creature in all of kpop

who cares about some nugu group

their mv directors are gods and their posters are trash

pretty much the best group right now chuubh

Daisy probably suffered a stroke or something.

anyone who posts
is based

fear me

which girl idol has the best chub? Is it mina currently

i agree
i actually feel sick whenever shes posted

i need you to delete this

best thing going in kpop

tfw bacon's hair has been so bad lately that this looks great

how do i filter every single daisy image


i need some energy luvies i have to finish my resume by midnight tonight

it does though

im going to do the exact opposite and make a minji folder

how do i download every single daisy image

gouge out your eyes


he needs to pull an egg and start over

daisy's arms make her look like a heroin addict...

he's abused his scalp so much that if he shaved it, it would probably grow back patchy

what the hell
she's been hanging out with yebin

Yvesen though a lot of people here shit talk LOONA a lot, I will still Go Won and support them Chuu the end of the universe.

...she's not? what are those marks then?
does she wear dentures?

chuu is easily top 3 cutest in kpop

tfw no bald bacon bf