/nfl/ general - MAP TO SUCCESS edition

DEN: CJ Anderson could reappear on Dolphins radar
KC: Chiefs to trade two-time Pro Bowl CB Peters?
WAS: Jets willing to outbid everyone for Cousins?
CAR: Report: Julius Peppers leaning toward return
DAL: Cowboys expected to tag DeMarcus Lawrence
PHI: Eagles interviewing Staley, Groh for OC
JAX: Jaguars expected to tag Allen Robinson
WAS: Jets will 'pay whatever it takes' for Cousins
PHI: Blount: Philadelphia 'is a place that I love'
HOU: Texans inform LB Brian Cushing of his release
NYJ: Jets view Powell as a 'complementary back'
CLG: Report: 49ers interested in WR Marcell Ateman

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nice comically outdated map, gramps



so Chiefs-Broncos games are basically flyover bowls? Also I'm pretty sure everybody in those nowhere states which don't have teams are Cowboys fans.


Lmao jest. Can't wait for them to make the Jimmy deal look like chump change.

just so everybody knows, this aired in the Washington DC area during the Super Bowl:


I don't understand the Jacksonville franchise. Is Jacksonville really so densely populated that that tiny sliver of territory is enough of a fan base?

>CAR: Julius Peppers “leaning towards” playing in the 2018 season
>CAR: Marty Hurney reinstated as General Manager
>CAR: Seat prices will go up $1 to $6 depending on the seat. Stadium consistently sold out and a playoff appearance for the fourth time in five years cited as reasons.
>CAR: Ben Navarro reportedly looking to bid to buy the Panthers

>JAX: Bortles 3rd best selling jersey after start of 2017 playoffs
>JAX: New helmet confirmed to be solid non-matte black with logo
>JAX: Stadium renames TIAA Bank Stadium
>JAX: AJ McCarron entering free agency

Also kek

>Foles isn’t going anywhere
He's going to Buffalo for the 22nd, a 3rd, and a 6th



would you rather have these, or the black ones?

I hope my Beautymore Ravens can make the playoffs next year. they'd totes win it all with Flaccute

those are like, waaay more fashionable

So now that the Patriots are finished who will be the Steelers competition for AFC supremacy?

Sorry, you don’t have the power to speak it into existence like Alshon does.

Mike Tomlin

Not really, but Florida is still pretty packed. Orlando could probably support a 4th team, but that’d just be absurd

Sir, sir, please, sir. Don’t @ my general, thank you.

Obviously those white pants be fresh to deaf

Screencap this
>BUF receives
Nick Foles
2018 5th round pick
>PHI receives
2018 1st round pick(22)
2018 3rd round pick
2019 6th round pick

This Also Jags, and the Colts in a couple years. Maybe Denver if they get Cousins, as they can’t into drafting and developing QBs.

No that's why its the smallest or second smallest fanbase in the league with buffalo

The irony of this statement is that Jacksonville is one of the most spread out and least dense cities in the country

Name a more based duo, you cant

>has Raiders in Nevada
Are you retarded



How would you guys make the perfect QB?

Peytons mind
Montanas clutchness
Roethlisbergers wont be denied what he wants serial rapist attitude
Bradys willingness to disregard rules
Unitas toughness

That sliver would grow if they didn't suck so much.

Largest individual city in Florida, desu

I doubt it happens. Buffalo is almost certainly trading up for a QB and they’ll need all the draft capital they can.

NJ are Patriots fans, Jets and Giants fans are New Yorkers who commute from Jersey same for Eagle commuters. NJ is for Rutgers and Belichick drafts the most Rutgers locals

Flacco's looks
Flacco's arm
Flacco's mind
Flacco's cock
Flacco's eliteness

they need to bring back those all whites

>no Vernon Gholston

>"Some in league circles" think Marcus Peters could be traded
Top tier journalism with great sources

in the trash it goes

Add in a sprinkle of favre joy and tarkentan scramble

Bork Osweiler's body


Carson Wentz' mind
Carson Wentz' arm
Carson Wentz' toughness
Nick Foles' clutchness
Dak Prescott's knee

It'd look better if the leg stripe was red/gold/red instead, but yeah the all blacks couldn't leave fast enough we're not the fucking south bay Raiders.

I have faith in my man Reich, from an Eagles fan. Think he’s the first of the Pederson tree.

I think you meant to type biased.

yeah probably
the red/black goes with the drop shadows at least
>los vegas raiders

Salty horse shit eating eagles fan detected


Here is how the QB market should move.
>Giants draft Sam Darnold, sit behind Eli
>Browns are cursed, Buy Cousins
>Bills buy AJ McCarron
>Jets pick Baker Mayfield
>Denver gets Allen or Rudolph
>Rosen is a jew, no one likes him, shoulder issues, and likes the media listening to his politic viewpoints, he drops to late 1st and lots of teams try trading up to get him last second
>Patriots pick Luke Falk in 3rd
>Lamar Jackson to Dolphins
>Vikings sign Keenum to 1 year deal
>Cards ask Fitz if he wants his final year with a veteran or rookie, he says rookie as he's going to Patriots next year for a ring

I'm glad they got rid of the burgundy and blacks. I hope they never come back

i didn't think they were that bad

>st louis rooting for a chicago team
There are several errors but that has to be the most egregious. What retard made this?

I just want to thank Old Bay for applying for janitor on Cred Forums
bring based alpha bro culture back old bay.
we dont deserve this oppression from gook nerd mods here.

WAS: Jets willing to outbid everyone for Cousins?
that makes perfect sense. too bad they have a dogshit team but thats the big move they should make. doubt cousins would have the jets on his top 3 landing spots. so they would have to overpay for him of course.
I cant name one offensive player on the jets right now. mangold still around?

South Jersey is Eagles country. Fuck out of here.

Nope. Just someone that’s not a complete retard like yourself.

Is Maryland the most cucked state of all time?

>they were the only safe haven for catholics, a religion so unlikable even england couldn't tolerate them
>wanted to secede from the Union but Lincoln held them down and skullfucked them
>the original baltimore orioles moved to new york to become the yankees
>colts moved because the fans were so fairweathered they wouldn't go to games after a few bad years
>when the nfl decides to expand, they decide jacksonville of all places would be better than putting another team in baltimore
>the only reason they got a team was because they stole the browns. THE BROWNS
>they then wanted to buy the colts name and history back but they weren't allowed
>their only claim to fame is seafood, which other states do a thousand times better
>the only beer the locals drink has a mustached winking gay man that couldn't even support itself so pabst had to buy them out to keep them from going bankrupt

>AJ McCarron

it's got the rams in los angeles so it's a year old at most

You Philly Commuter scum are worse than the illegals packing 711's in Central Jersey

>Chiefs in Kansas

For You


some viking fag. the dakotas have more packers fans than vikings fans. it's close but i'd say like 45% packers 40% vikings 15% other (mostly broncos/pats)

Not for me.

They'll never be these tho

Anyone who believes that Larry is gonna move is nuts. It’s like Luck, they are dead set in making their pathetic franchise winners.

giants draft the golden jew, jew york cant turn that down
browns take AJ draft darnold
Bills draft Jackson
denver takes allen
cards take bradford
jets take mayfield I agree with that

This but tie in elways ability to avoid the salary cap


The NFL would be better if there was no salary cap

Whatever you say Jerry

t. Cowboys fan

t. Elway