Figure Skating - Ice Dance Free Dance

Starting Order:
1 - FRA - LAURIAULT Marie-Jade / LE GAC Romain
4 - KOR - MIN Yura / GAMELIN Alexander
5 - TUR - AGAFONOVA Alisa / UCAR Alper
6 - ITA - GUIGNARD Charlene / FABBRI Marco
7 - POL - KALISZEK Natalia / SPODYRIEV Maksym
8 - JPN - MURAMOTO Kana / REED Chris
9 - OAR - ZAGORSKI Tiffani / GUERREIRO Jonathan
10 - ESP - HURTADO Sara / KHALIAVIN Kirill
11 - CAN - GILLES Piper / POIRIER Paul
12 - GBR - COOMES Penny / BUCKLAND Nicholas
13 - CAN - WEAVER Kaitlyn / POJE Andrew
14 - USA - CHOCK Madison / BATES Evan
15 - OAR - BOBROVA Ekaterina / SOLOVIEV Dmitri
18 - FRA - PAPADAKIS Gabriella / CIZERON Guillaume
19 - USA - HUBBELL Madison / DONOHUE Zachary
20 - CAN - VIRTUE Tessa / MOIR Scott

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first for nipple

second for nipple



5th for Evgeni/a/ MedvedEVA


>watching wholesome skating
>suddenly white skater feels the need to expose herself
>CBC decides to slowmo zoom in
>does it again
>broadcasts this to the entire nation

Why must I live in this awful hedonistic world? I just want non-lewd entertainment.

you'll have to wait for tomorrow for the queen

this is a battle for the silver and bronze right?

Is this worth watching?

Meanwhile, in France, I wonder if anyone even noticed.

defund the cbc

NBCSN for the first half and NBC for the second as per usual.

>whore autocorrected to white

What did apple mean by this?

IMO, the last group is def worth watching. When they turn on the heat, it gets super hot.

sex on ICE

france could possibly get gold if papadakis shows more nipple
im not up to date on judging, but im pretty sure nipslips are bonus points

Rooting for the Shib Sibs! They're getting less coverage due to the leafs but I hope they get at least bronze.

if you want to see people skate without doing any jumps, sure

ice dance is objectively the most boring division

Look. Tessa has nipple too.

i mean, ice dance is probably the least technical of the 4 competitions, but the groups that have serious talent and sex appeal in combination are great to watch

Hubble and Donahue have the en fuego long program. At one point, she BECOMES the guitar solo. I'm gonna have to get stoned.

i thought it was the 21st?

i nipple won't be enough against "pure sex" Tessa


Ladies starts on the morning of the 21st in Korea, which is the evening for us on the 20th

why is OAR so based???

Ladies starts 24 hours from now, whenever that is for you

La goblina....

Another bronzah inc

thanks for clarifying
i had my alarm for 21st local
have a janny in animu



Thank you thank you so much

Short program is Feb 20 8PM EST
Free skate is Feb 22 8PM EST


He truely is the cutest. I still love the hug and tickle fest he had with Javi on the podium a few years ago. That playful shit is what I wanna see in my ceremonies, man.

kys cant even beat womens gb in curl somaliden

wtf I love Canada now
Better boobs tbqh

Lauriault a qt

>hug and tickle fest he had with Javi on the podium a few years ago
when was that?

+1000 POINTS

Canadians are going to win anyway. One of the judge is the president of their federation, and there's no French judge.

thanks canabro

Give them gold for the song choice.

This belongs on /asp/ or /jp/ or some shit, not on Cred Forums.


Did the sound of the skates on the ice bug anyone? Sounds loud today.

Not if Tessa and Scott starts fucking on the rink

2012. 5:56 is when the goofing off starts but the whole ceremony is nice.

Looks like we didn't really send supporters

>still no ORA flag for posters

They're Vietnamese

USA best ally

when are tessa and scott skating?

that was dope.

milk truck has arrived

last pair of the last group, three hours from now

last, so probably between 11:30 and 12 EST


last, in around 3 bongs


what a fag :3

>Lafayette we are here!


you belong in a premature bomb blast


What did Scott mean by this?

dont you have cabbages and potatoes to attend to, paddy?

Is it just me or does this feel completely different than yesterday?

>I-I'm gay I swear

Free skate. They dance to what they want. Not Latin stuff all night.

Good evening lads.
Cute happy boys are my fetish.

Tonight's theme is Weimar.

the nbc practice rink feed was fixated on the ass of one of the ice girls as she was bent over fixing the ice

>These technical moves
I feel like I'm watching mandrama on ice. It's like we're waiting for a botch to happen when someone drops their partner on their head.

That was adorable too. This one as well.

being the bottom tier of skaters seems pretty comfy desu. no expectations, you can go and have fun, still knowing you're good enough to be olympians

That was a mess. I didn't like it.


i liked the first part, but it didnt flow together with the rest i thought

Use 1 word to describe the relationship between yuzu and shoma





Shoma needs to fuck off

This guy should skate with Papadakis.


Ice porn at its finest

Do any of these couples fuck?


the married ones, after the events most likely

Germany's dance feels a bit boring so far


Shib sibs

Of course, it's part of the training

Hubble and Donahue are exes. I think that's what makes them hot AF


Too bad Johnny is not doing commentary. This guy is/was engaged to his ex-"husband."


This guy is gay too?

We're mostly talking about bad luck. And we don't censor it.


even when the guy is gay?

threesome with the shibsibs y/n

these guys are married

Only if they medal.

some i guess, the they arent gay

you guys are sex obsessed

Post your face when it comes out he was gay the whole time and just used Tessa as a cover.

none of them are gay, it's just a story to distract you from the fucking

assume all guys in figure skating are gay until otherwise stated. It's the opposite of how you assume straightness in everyday life.

hell yeah


Weir wearing a weave?

Yuna looks like shit these days

Thought this would be Mulan.

>traditional Korean clothes repurposed to these outfits
Way to play to the crowd, home team


does he have a qr code on his back

Beautiful outifits.
Want what you can't have etc

>this is considered the greatest piece of music this country has ever produced

Wait what??? His front too


white devil with korean qt

Wait a fucking second that guy doesn't look korean.

both are burgerborn

They look really good. Their outfits are fucking beautiful as well.



>he still sees race

>NBCSN zooms in on her mostly since she actually looks Korean
Good. It's honestly a bit weird seeing this very red haired white guy skating to very Korean music.


pick one

yeah but at least its not woman trying to do tricks on snowboards or skiis

The Canadians must die

is it as weird as seeing a very slavic girl skating to very weeb music?

because everyone seems to be fine with sailor evgenia

great, another German pair

My feel when i have no face

roaches looking pretty stylish


At least she represents a slav country

In short track, I don't have to.

>ancient history here we come

thank god for no despashito


>Wh*Teoid guy Korean woman

Disgusting. Stop trying to genocide Asians



Are the men all gay here, or are they married/dating their partner


Ah, I was wondering if it was this Iron. Nice.

A few are married to their partners

Yes very. I mean people can do and like what they want (and skate to whatever they like in this case), it just doesn't stop looking a little odd to me. Won't deny that Min and Gamelin did a pretty good job despite their dodgy transitions.
And Evgenia did alright too but I hated the beginning of it.


He almost fucking stomped on her head.

user, is she wearing a hijab? What do you expect?

Olympic orgies preclude the possibility of stable marriage.

they can also be straight and not be fucking their partners too


>Very Slavic

She's Armenian

wtf is that thing? Mighty Morphin' Power Kangz?

want to know of how i got these scars?

botched circumcision

54% slavic actually


that would be extremely painful

>see through dress

>that dyed hair bimbo


ORA does know they're supposed to dress up for their dance, right?

that russian redhead

"sorry honey, orders from erdogan"

she is probably going to take off the sweater

What are they wearing, I missed it and my stream is frozen

picture from the next dead space game

her outfit was haram

some Russian outfits got banned for doping in figure skating overall. Some other pairs earlier in the Olympics had real shitty plain outfits


How the fuck can niggers even compete?

Why tho
It's not like Canada is homophobic, especially in recent years.
If he's gay then he should've come out already

Was that the girl who looked like she was in a nighty?

There they go, now I feel kind of bummed that their dance wasn't actually going to be about gopniks

Damn did we almost get what an user predicted in a previous thread? Squatting slavs to cyberpunk music?

uh... can you please delete this inappropriate image?

ladies practice rink stream is literally better than ice dancing garbage

Please give your stream link.

I don't think there were ever black ice dancers. It requires a certain level of grace. Even the French dancers are white.

what a slut

When will they learn?

gay guys to women are just human dildos
fag hags exist for a reason
t. gay who fucks his female friends if theyre hot and ask

Fugg why am I following the FR2 live, I'm missing all the sex on ice runs

i’m a goy who buys cable

I have cable but I don't see a single thing. Fuck.

the italians may not be the most technical, but they are by far the most entertaining

goddamn, this music is making me depressed

I liked the song choice too

You have to use the app. Supposedly you can get everything on the website too, but it is retarded to navigate.

>believe that black people can’t dance with grace
Cred Forums, you say the darnest things.

It’s more that they rather be skaters than ice dancers. Ice dancers are the bottom of the ice skating pole.

>too late to apologise

Use your cable credentials to log in to the nbcsports app/ website. Unfortunately there’s only one girl left on the practice rink and the sound cut out so it sucks now

What was the song called that Italians skated to?

I had that costume

reset your app

Exogenesis Symphony Part III by Muse

Exogenesis Symphony Part III by Muse

>it is retarded to navigate
So true. I forgot about the app - thanks user. I may have missed the fun but at least I know.

Lana del Rey cover CRINGE

oh wow gatsby movie soundtrack

>lana del rey
the variety is fun desu


For a second I thought it was gonna be levan polka

hello yes where is the despacito

India skating to Tunak Tunak too?

in the fucking garbage

No despacito today.

pretty good performance, shame they won't end up high in the ranking by the end

They got a little too spastic with that music. I love the costumes tho

wait a few turns


Zambonis are trying to run over the ice fixers today in the practice rink. Carnage on the ice.

I have no idea whats happening so I just wait for the commentator at the end to tell me if it was good or bad

>no one mentioned medo and alina warming up

I was reading a random article and they said that the Shib Sibs get underscored because they don’t dance like they were fucking and that exactly can’t no matter how much Cred Forums wishes to be. That sucks for them, desu.

if you like something it's good.
the scores are based on who paid the most money to the judges.

Pretty sure the practice rink has Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi on repeat

Japanese next.

These women are sometimes tasty but I'm getting put off a lot by the obviously gay men grabbing their fannies

>that feel you would listen to ASMR of the ice fixers repairing the ice.

ASMR ruined me, senpai.

DESU they are just slow and not that great.

Why the coaches have that thing that says " Kiss & Cry"?

here you go user, a little checklist:
were they moving quickly?
did they spin a lot?
no falls?

its the name of the area they go after they skate, its just a pass

That is the box they sit in when waiting for scores

It's a pass that lets them into the kiss and cry (the area where they receive their scores)

Maybe their sex is just really boring

>Ghibli music
I love it already.

Its where they sit, the place you get your scores. Skaters either cry or kiss their coach/skate partner

That's where they are sitting at to recieve the scores, now guess why it's called Kiss & Cry.


Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

You'd prefer to be cucked by straight guys.

>they are slow and not that great
Yeah, no.

pleb shit

this song was in an anime right? i’m not cultured enough to recognize it from a movie

>my feet hurt
>it's way too cold
>why doesn't she have Papadakis' nose

>Sponsored by Puffs!

If they fall I obviously know its fucking hilariously bad but most of these runs just seem boringly non-fall-y


Shut up. Miyazaki movies are good. [Almost] every last one of them.

Yeah . sad it isn't the kotaro oshio arrangement

if you want some falls, watch the ski half pipe in another tab

goodbye mr lawrence

Link to order list/songs used? I swear I've seen it float around here before.

Kylo Ren did pretty good not tripping over himself again

merry Christmas mr lawrence actually

from what I read, most of the comments were "muh nip slip is nothing, who gives a fuck, stop making excuses"

Is he going for the brap?

well there are no jumps and stuff so its not going to have as many falls

it's probably the most corrupt skating style, it has a long and well earned reputation

it's more or less the boxing event of winter olympics

this russian in see through
b r e h

I want tolick the pits of this OARian.

Bring these days back

cute butt

zagorski looks like she'd be fun to fuck, but too crazy to keep around

This Russian girl is looking fucking tasty

>the red head again

She's hot

Redhead time. God bless the republic of OAR.


thx brah

holy shit they're using muse instead of coldplay

this team tho


>not wanting her to kill you in your sleep after she fucks you

Japan and Korea was very very good!

Lol. Gotta love the French! Nipple in or nipple out. Just bring us the fucking medal!
Meanwhile in the US they mention it every chance they get.

pit sluts

d-did she had an orgasm?

Tiffany a cute. CUTE!



you can see a little wet spot there.


classic anime wrestling hold



>that shock
hahaha rip

It was for me lad!

>those will never be your hands


Spain is cute

That's a nice skirt


>those hands will never be your mouth and nose

Come on, Spain! Don't you have anything besides Don Quixote and bullfighters??

too much ass for you paddy?

I think youre confused my man, she was looking directly at me
Definitely stuck his thumb in


also in equestrian sports

so is figure skating with women like this gay or straight guys

*twizzles in your general direction*

neat spin

>you'll never insert your thumb into a french-russian redhead's pooper in front of the entire world
WHY even live?

Now that was a dance.

Straight as an arrow.


gay if you don't fuck them after


In the practice rink, the one in the pink is Alina right? I keep seeing her whizz by but its hard to see anyone's face from the angle the camera is at.
Which one is Nagasu?

Moir is gay. Madison Hubbell used to date her partner.

m o a r

its straight bro
its gay if you're watching the dudes only skate
unless they have feminine penis

don't worry, you got this in the bag already

plus one of the judge is the president of the canadian federation

>that pit


I wanna cum on that doll

That's a retarded name

she looks very surprised

Is the final group next? I want to know when to get good and stoned.

so is mexico


2 more groups

that was the half way point. ice resurfacing is happening now.

no the final group is in about one bong

Oh shit, glad I hadn't missed that.

Queuing it up now.

>3 - GER - LORENZ Kavita / POLIZOAKIS Joti
>4 - KOR - MIN Yura / GAMELIN Alexander
>5 - TUR - AGAFONOVA Alisa / UCAR Alper
>7 - POL - KALISZEK Natalia / SPODYRIEV Maksym
>8 - JPN - MURAMOTO Kana / REED Chris
>9 - OAR - ZAGORSKI Tiffani / GUERREIRO Jonathan
>10 - ESP - HURTADO Sara / KHALIAVIN Kirill
>18 - FRA - PAPADAKIS Gabriella / CIZERON Guillaume

that's it, I'm getting into figure skating pairs/ice dancing. I dance on the side anyway for faggots. this is right up my alley and I don't even have to take my dick out.


Good post.

Thanks guys.

how much would you pay to smell the left rist sleeve?

>thicc thigh and smol calves
my favourite