Rango 2

rango 2

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thoughts thots?

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no one likes my children

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Islam tread?


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tapir thread

I like your tapirs fren. Tapirs are my favorite animal :)

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Which species is your favorite? Mine's Malayan :}

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south amarican tapir baby is best baby

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They are really cute... The zoo in the next town over from me has a few Malayan ones. Haven't gone there in 10 years or so though

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go to them... tell them that i love them....

The last two times I've been to NYC I didn't have time to go to the Bronx zoo, but they also have a few tapirs iirc

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love the size of this unit.

Have you ever heard one in person?

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Bless this Taper thread

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iv never seen one irl, but iv been playing planet zoo to get my fill of tapirs

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