Any growfags browsing Cred Forums? I need your input

Any growfags browsing Cred Forums? I need your input.
Newbie grower here, the newer growth on my plant is all shriveled, twister and sorta crunchy. Its her 2nd week in flower.
Been giving 1.5L every other day +1ml biobizz flowering nutes. Feeding cycle goes nutes, nutes, only water.
Overall, I reckon the plant is fairly healthy but these wilted growths are worrying mean.

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Here's a better view of her.

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Nitrogen burnt as fuck

Give it no sun at all! Add sugar to the earth.
This will feed the bacteria in the dirt like hell and they will make it into drugs yet unknown to mankind. Smokeable leaves after a week or so

An astute observation.
My first grow to be exact. Not looking overly healthy so I figured I'd ask the folk's over on Cred Forums.
Does she need a flush? What's the remedy? I've been feeding her low nitrogen high phosphorus food since new year, that's when I flipped her. You sure it's nitro burn?

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Mix the sugar in water and feed the dirt sugar water after that the sugar crystals are gone

Plain ol granulated sugar? Do I need to pH the water to 6.5? How many grams of sugar and how many litres of water? My girl is in a 5 gallon pot btw.

If I get no other input I'll dump a gallon of RO, ph 6.8 water with 2-3 tablespoons of hkney in it onto my girl.

Overwatered AF should only water when she needs it.

is it too hot? maybe you need a fan

it may be nitrogen burnt.
Also leaves tend to point upward like that when they are trying to loose water.
Maybe give them a bit less

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Looks like poor watering practice

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What do you recommend?
Not to be rude but Cred Forums has given great advice before and I know a bunch of Califag growers browse the site.
Thanks. Flushed her right now with pH 6.6, 10 litres total.
Already got one. Maybe I'll get another. Only a portion of the plant is being hit by the fan atm.
Really? I thought I wasn't watering enough. Only gave her 1.5l every 2-3 days when the top soil seemed dry to the touch. What watering schedule do you propose for a 5 gallon (18L) fabric pot?

Yeah you're defo over watering too much, only water the plant when you know it needs it. You should invest in a moisture/pH prong set, dirt cheap and tell you how wet/dry the soil is further down so you know when to feed or adjust pH. Hope this helped OP.

Definitely a piece of kit I'll invest in ASAP.
I was under the impression that I need to water until I get runoff and the grower forum posts suggest about 0.5x water in relation to the pot size, hence why I felt like I was underwatering her with 1.5L cause my pot is 18L of soil. I'll scale it down to 1L every 3 or so days, straight pH 6.5 only and see how she gets on.

You want to water only when the entire root zone has dried out, not just the top few inches. Water just before the plant starts to wilt, ideally, with marijuana. Get to know what a dry plant feels like by weight. Also water thoroughly so that it runs out of the bottom of the pot so you are leeching out salts and you don't end up with pH lock or poor roots.

Maybe I'll up the water volume, since I was getting nearly no runoff with 1.5-2L in my 5 gallon, while reducing the watering frequency. Basically whenever it feels light and airy. Also I'm not using the best of soil atm so that could be it. I'll definitely get a good grow soil for my next batch along with a ph/moisture meter.


I mean, people give their plants molasses. So he's not completely off.

Nitrogen Burnt, reduce water input.
Distilled water actually helped me with this kind of issue. Try dropping down to 1L.

>Really? I thought I wasn't watering enough. Only gave her 1.5l every 2-3 days when the top soil seemed dry to the touch. What watering schedule do you propose for a 5 gallon (18L) fabric pot?

Listen. Plants need barely an inch of water a week. Top 2 inch’s of soil being dry is actually normal. You’re going to cause root rot and your plant will not be able to observe nutrients. Your lights are going to dry the surface if there is no ground cover. You probably using peat moss for soil? It’s slightly acidic if you are which is fine as long as it has its nutritional needs met. If I were you. I would mix peat with equal part vermiculite and some homemade aged compost and/or some good quality aged store bought cow shit, moo doo, ect. This is the best soil you could make for any plant. It has all the nutrition it needs and will retain moisture and be well drained. There’s no secret here. You are complicating things by following too much shit advice with nutrients, water, ph, everyone thinks they have a formula but in reality givin the proper soil condition that nature provides a plant doesn’t need fertilizer to live, they’ve been surviving billions of years with out needing to be cared for by a human. Understand this philosophy? If you have the right soil and light, little water you basically leave it alone. You’re changing shit way too much and causing the plant to react too much, taking away precious energy that should be going into fruiting/budding. Do yourself a big favor, instead of reading the million and one ways to grow cannabis, spend a small amount of time learning about simple, basic organic horticulture. This shouldn’t be anymore complicated than growing a tomato plant. Good luck

Just stick your finger in there deep. It’s that simple. Or spend money on bullshit devices

Yes a plant will tell you when it needs water. It’s ok for it to stress a little and it will flag and tell you


Also I hope until have drain holes in that bucket

Do you distill your own and how? I let it sit overnight with an oxygen pump/bubbler. Plan on getting an RO filter instalked, for general wellbeing.
Solid advice. I grow tomatoes every summer and I just leave and forget the fuckers and boom. I've a shitload of tomatoes I just give away.
Yeah, I'm using peaty compost, cause hauling a big bag of soil across the place isn't an option for me atm. I've definitely been thinking about just buying the soil locally and amending/mixing it my self. I'll do that for my next grow. Thanks dude.
It's a fabric pot so it's got good drainage. Probably bad soil that isn't draining properly. Needs vermiculite/perlite I think. I'll get a big bag of that, mix cheap local peat soil, bonemeal and some cheap NPK mix.
Never done that, just patted the top and if it felt dry, I watered.
I'm probably being overzealous and impatient. Gonna leave her alone for a while now.