My best friend tease me because I have a ginger gf saying that she is kinda ugly

my best friend tease me because I have a ginger gf saying that she is kinda ugly...
What do you think of her ?

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Yeah but her body looks ok

I think she show me her furry vageena.

Looks cute to me. Half of the internet has a redhead fetish

10/10 body, 6/10 head. With straight hairs and some decent fitting glasses, I bet she's an easy 8, also post more pics user

I fucking love redheads... kind of hard to see her face, but she looks cute. Outstanding body.

I would fuck her and make you watch.

Eliza Thornberry/10

Well she isn't god knows how pretty but she has thicc thighs and that's more important

Post a closer photo (nude would be best) and we can give informed opinions. She seems decent.

As long as you don’t find her explicitly *unattractive* looks are ultimately pretty unimportant when it comes to relationships.

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Would breed/10

>queen of spades tattoo

dropped (if not shooped)

not same girl

op here iam back i was eating

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Show us the full monty. Quit being a faggot.

Cute. Thighs are a little thick for my taste, but otherwise ok.

Your friends are jealous or stupid (perhaps both). Have a good time and take lots of photos.

I hope you were eating her, because she is making me hungry.

>queen of spades
got alot of smoke in your house? tends to happen when you keep a coal burner inside

99% of them are shoped.
The rest are the fat cows, that have to give themself to "one team" to get at least the "at least you're on our team"-fucks...

Seriously. Let's see the good stuff.

Looks like a librarian that hates children. 0/10.

the sex amazqing as well I've never been that much in love before that's why I was asking myself if she was actually not good looking ....

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She looks kinda dorky here...
...but smashing here!

Be glad your friends aren't openly hitting on her!

Bro she isn’t good looking. Sex will always feel good unless one of you is retarded.

looks good. Pretty good i would say.
Then again if you are for real, i don't think you will make her happy or even hold her for too long. Since you are a bitch that seeks confirmation on fucking Cred Forums. And that after comments from other men made you unsecure in the first place.
As much as i normaly hate this saying:
Man up. Grow some balls. Something along these lines.

Who cares? Unless you're thinking about potential offspring. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Fuck her senseless and enjoy each other.

She's attractive

>another flowery one-piece suite with glasses

I think she's attractive OP. What do you look like? If you're a neckbeard she's a keeper. I'd your brad Pitts younger body double move on.

iam average slim tall and no neckbeard

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I would breed her nonstop

Enough already. Let's see her tits at least.

iam planning to get her pregnant btw

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Fetal alcohol syndrome poster child

What country is she from OP ?

She is kinda ugly, but you're not exactly a model either are you?

Looks good to me. Post moar, I’ll make you feel better about it

we are both french

That’s top notch user. She is very good looking but it’s hidden in there which is good to keep all the other dicks away.


>my best friend tease me because I have a ginger gf saying that she is kinda ugly...
If anyone is making fun of you for anything they are usually jealous. Even if she is uggo, your "best friend" (kick him in the balls and never speak to him again btw) wants to fuck your gf.

Skeleton detected
Also illiterate.

This is good now but if you gonna marry her start doing yoga and exercise with her. Better nutrition when you eat together. That has potential to get fat and sloppy as you get older. It’s always best to get into fitness with your long term partner. You want that ass looking good for the long haul. Know what I mean?

Foot game looks decent too from what I can tell

she is a dance teacher so it's her job to exercise .

Spelling major are you?

I’m going to fap to this

have a blast


Yea that’s what’s keeping it together right now but that’s potential body nightmare after a baby. Especially as she gets older. Women degrade harder than men when they age. Keep that motivation for her to be fit as fuck. It’s good for the both of you. Good luck with that. Actually hope you have a great long term together

Kinda goofy looking, body is maybe 6/10 now but will be 2/10 within a few years.
I'd fuck her, but I admit my standards are pretty low.

I'd fuck your girlfriend while you watch and empty my balls into her pussy.

I want tu build a family with her it's so weird first time I felt like that

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thats a wigger if i ever saw one


Everyone thinks they know it all.

Would crush it....

such an amazing girl ...

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is that Loch Ness ?

It’s them wide hips man. Good for breeding baby’s

You're a lucky man, OP. Don't let those of poor taste deter you. Anyone who loves redheads would be all over that girl.

it might be.She is the perfect wifeshe is really dirty at home but really discrete in real life.

I don't understand your reasoning here.
A woman, dressed fairly reasonably.
A car.
A nice enough view to take a picture at.
What part of this is offensive enough to compare to a nigger? Honestly confused here

fyi we were going to a restaurant and I took the picture cause I taught she looked amazing.

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She’s a perfectly acceptable catch. Punch him in the penis

Nah, she's hot. Given your story is true congratulations user.
Some guys are just not into gingers and think they're ugly, but since I'm into them: congratulations once again.

keep going

not gonna lie I wasn't really into ginger at first but getting to know her and haging out really was what caught me.

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she's hella cute dude, moar?

man you have a good yab. ginger yab are the best

If it wasn't a bit too far I'd really say there's something about all of them being more laid back, giving lesser fucks.
This reminds me somehow of a study that proves that redheads have a less intense sense for pain.

C'mon at least slip a pink nip for us and be over with it, this is cruel!

She isn't that good looking to me. But who the fuck cares what anyone else thinks? You're the one who likes her... so you do you. Stop giving a crap about what anyone else thinks.


last year

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damn shes hot

you larping twat let this thread go. these pics you took from insta aren't fooling anyone

You're friends are fags, would fuck roughly/10

most of these pics are oc lol

give us the link

Let's see some skin. Wanna come to her

post more!

op where are you?

for real


Please let her know he's planning to get her pregnant...

My 2 things: gingers and one-piece swimsuits. And yet, I'd gladly walk away from this.... girl.... :-/ sorry man.

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cant believe no one said this but your best mate shouldnt say that about the girl you like. tell him to not be disrespectful about her and if he keeps doing it stop hanging with him. stop letting your girl get disrespected my man its annoying me and it has nothing to do with me. man up


OP describe her bjz n anal game

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