Today's the day, wish her a happy birthday Cred Forums. She's legal now

Today's the day, wish her a happy birthday Cred Forums. She's legal now.

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Dob 1/19/2023 yeah this isn't shopped at all

Good enough for me. Let’s see em.

It's 2002. The arch on the last number is the same as the first 2.

I mean, only stuff she posts from now on is legal. I know there were some threads about her a while back, so I wanted to spread the word. Can't have Cred Forumsros going to prison.

fuck off with this fat mutt

Wait, she legal NOW?

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Who’s got the other pics?

Mfw. People were saying she was 18 like a year ago. There were a couple boards on Reddit where fags were counting down days until she was legal so they could start posting.

But what boards on Reddit? Which ones?

Who dis is?

I think they got nuked. I was looking for them earlier. Guess the cucks at reddit figured a bunch of redditfags counting down days until a girl turned legal wasn't exactly a good image.

I can say, r/MatiMarroni just started up, only 1 pic so far and it's clothed. Not much to go off of yet, but I'd keep my eye on that one for future updates.

Mati, or mat.i. she's been posted around for the last 3 or so years, some madlads actually got their hands on a mega with rumored nudes. That, of course, was before people found out that she was underage. Bunch of people were either lying or misinformed about how old she was. Some said she was 18 2 years ago.

There's always her insta, mati.xo if you fellas want more of her, but tread softly. I'd hate to see another thread about a prison user

Just waiting for those eventual leaks

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already happened mate
obviously im not going to post though

I mean the legal leaks. I'm not messing with any shit that's from before she turned 18.

That’s a fake account, real one is m3tild3.

Don’t want another king to get scammed.


You sure? That snap was in the bio of her insta account, which had half a million followers. Unless that's a really convincing fake

They've used her old pics, pics she posted at current times on her old accounts before banned and use shoutouts to gain follows, the real mati never did shoutouts and never did paid ads in posts. The snap is most likely fake too.

Happy Birthday Mati. Most beautiful girl in the world.

Anyone with her mega?

christ she's a slut.
stop worshipping her dumb ass, you dumbasses

Fair enough. Well, either way, photos are photos. The new pics will circulate in time.

Yeah, the fake accounts are only god cos they occasionally post pics from her paid content but that's about it.