Well I'm homeless now, what do Cred Forums

Well I'm homeless now, what do Cred Forums

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Go to the library, get a bunch of books on survival while you still look presentable enough to get or use a library card. Go to camping store. Spend last bits of money on supplies. Live off the grid until you die peacefully underneath the stars at the end of your life. Maybe even get revered as a local legend or just “that old hippie” on the trail in the process.

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steal money and fuck prostitutes lol

buy a house,duh!

eat a dick faglord

Only got £40 so camping gear is out the window

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Pic related

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Kill people's pigs, steal their crops
become a man of the wild

So you are a britbong? Social services then faggot

Watch this

suck dicks and sell bussy for monies

get neetbux, and a neetflat obvs
alternately get a job and a flat?

Chris McCandless style

It can take up to 6 weeks to even start and I won't get a home. (only £60 a month)

if your actually homeless and destitute theyll get you sorted like a proper imigrant

Get a job at a grocery store, that’ll give you access to free food. If you have a car, live in it, if not find a friends house to sleep and shower, if not get a gym membership and use their shower, if not sleep and shower at the grocery store. Figure it out. It’s not hard. Also good luck faggot

just don't be poor

Become fuckable street meat and get paid for you use of your body

I'm English, from England. They'll just give it to some terrorist instead

Also move to better year round weather conditions if you have to sleep outside. Make a shelter and a camp fire. It’s not hard. Figure it out. It’s literally encoded in your dna to survive in the wild. A day or two of starvation will kick it in.

Wife's tits tinycocc on kik

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Oh nvm you’re gonna die lol

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I was going to say you could stay with me bud but you're english so go walk to cornwall or something, i heard it's warm there. You could eat berries and become an inbred hermit man.

Die Englishman


Listens to records backwards and kills yourselves

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got another picture of that?

Establish hobo domination by smearing shit on your knuckles and fist fighting other hobos for panhandling turf

Cross the channel, so you will be filthy imigrant.

>Get a job
Let me jump into my jobby cannon and blast off to where the jobs grow on jobby trees

you can't get a library card without an address

This is great ironic advice.

Rob a bank. You'll get free room, board, and healthcare all provided by the state.

Why would I Rob a bank to go to jail, ethnic cleansing would be a much better idea

Don't be a pussy and try to call the counsil

It's Sunday and 7:24 at night, so unless I wanna talk to an empty office about it no ones gonna listen

Go on the dole

Its called america you faggot.

It might be a bit late for this info but don't quit your job? Or at least work well enough to not get fired?

How'd you fuck up user it literally couldn't be easier.