Trap thread's at the limit. Here's a new one!

Trap thread's at the limit. Here's a new one!

Put your face on my stomach for me?

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I need a big dick daddy to make me his housewife

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post feet

I'd make you my little housewife cumdump. Emptying my pent up loads into your hot holes 24/7.

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Ay, brit trap from the last thread, you in here?

Any traps wanna make me cum kik throwaway762

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you sound so desperate

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>Here's a new one!
Finally. Kino porn.
Have one from me.

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Advertising the desire, but not the information thatd make it possible.

Do you have like discord or kik or something or just wanted to hear how pretty you are?

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You tolerate Ernst Rohm, Hitler-San, I would hope your plans on saving the white race would have been better thought out after 75 years in arctic refrigeration than stalking gay thread on Cred Forums and trying to annoy the image limit until boys who look like this apparently decide to have families of four with tall blond slight slavic looking women.

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>implying i'm rping as hitler
get off your estrogen meds, you're already pretty fucked in the head you daft cunt.

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Stop larping as alanna, m8

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>spends his sunday manually spamming hitler in gay threads
wew lad

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uh, source with sound?

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>thinking a dude so afraid of losing the war and being humiliated that he killed himself is not a giant faggot

>literally convinced an entire country to hand over their lives and their futures (soon in the hands of the allies and the fucking USSR) and then KILLS HIMSELF

seriously, I could suck 10000 trap dicks in a day, hitler would still be the bigger pussyass faggot.

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make me

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why don't you do like your idol and off yourself user?

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what do traps and hitler have in common?

nothing. traps kill themselves becuase they're sad. Hitler killed himself because he was

a f r a i d

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i'm hweere to hwelp nazibro :333

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I'm not on estrogen, I'm on pic related.

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make your own thread hitler fag, stop shitting up other ppls threads

This you user?

That’s why he’s doing it. Trying to image max the thread. Did it in the last one.


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>i-i'm n-not gay! i swear
Fucking hell just accept that you're fag, bloody hell...

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Goebbels was a handsome man.

Erm, it' you retards that are shitting up my hitler thread.

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because he thinks we wont make another thread?

Not really.

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Because he’s a typical hitler cuck idk. Like I can understand not wanting the entire first page to be traps, but if it’s relegated to one or two threads I don’t really get what the issue is. Like if you don’t like it just don’t fucking look at the thread

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OK, but at least he was cute.
Maybe that's why Hitler liked him, because he looked extra masculine in comparison.

I'm doing this for your sake too, you ungrateful bastard.

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Imagine stanning a vegetarian pussy and not a real dictator like Stalin or Pol Pot. Cuck ass fascists

I don't know and I honestly don't care.

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>pol pot
ching chong ping pong lmao
also, commie garbage taking gibs and sharing everything they have

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youre not, thats a lie
its obviously all about you

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I think the nazis did too many bad things. You know, maybe if they had done more good things, maybe things could have been better.
At the same time I think it's very unfair to say 'the nazis' and only talk about the Hitler government. It's like saying 'the social democrats' and only talking about the Greek government between 1980 and 1995, as if that was all Social Democrats ever wanted or stood for.

So hitler got his ass kicked by a bunch of cuckold communist slovens and Asians is what you are saying?

No, you're engaging in self-destructive behaviour. You're causing great harm to yourselves, which I hate to see. You're engaging in not only erotic, but also homosexual behaviour which is a great unjustice put unto your souls. Since you all are like little children; slaves to unrighteous desires, I must act as the guardian and try to limit that bad influence on you.
Those idiots who are on hormones, fuck them. They're goners. But regular men I can still help. Less faggotry you engage in the higher the chance you'll see for yourself how sick and disgusting you've been acting.

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you know itd be one thing to just have an autospammer to spam these things with ebin funny nazi images but the fact youre actually wasting your energy on trolling something that cannot be trolled by writing autistic stupid unwarranted self-importance ridden texts that nobody would ever bother really reading really says a lot about you.

just a thought

Just start making the entire catalogue a trap catalogue

Traps getting fucked

Traps in lesbian positions

Trap hypno whatever gay shit that is

These guys really only have the energy for two or three days of trolling but nobody ever challenges their dedication.

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> manlet
Literally turned a country into a industrialized power house in 10 years and wiped the world clean of nazi vegetarians like your boy

And worry not, you are very apparently not educated enough for someone like Pol Pot to even worry about cleansing

>too many bad things
too broad of a statement, be more specific.
>if they had done more good things
Restoring Germany as a world power, pulling Germany out of debt, crushing unemployment, giving the people more freedoms, destroying parasitic and destructive elements within German society, guarding the German people in and abroad and some other deeds is not enough? If Germany had won Europe would've been a paradise for all Europeans to enjoy. Now you have foreign invaders raping and ravaging this old and glorious continent.
Nope. Despite being outnumbered, outgunned, outproduced and surrounded on all sides Germany was still close to victory on numerous occassions.

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>I must act as the guardian
see, its about you, and your need to feel important, by shitting on other people. seek professional help

I understand, too small of an attention span? Just coom your pants. That's a good golem.

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Nope. Not putting me on some kike meds thank you very much.
If I'm surrounded by idiots and children who commit self-harm I need to act.

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God damn you look so hot

okay so youre a borderline psychotic schizo for whom this nazi larp is an actual serious thing?

lmao, i hope you ACTUALLY have fun at this instead of being the sad lonely fuck you really bring yourself out as here

>very apparently not educated enough
>Literally turned a country into a industrialized power house in 10 years and wiped the world clean of nazi vegetarians like your boy
the kettle calling the pot black

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Who said I'm larping? I'm just using Hitler cause I have lots of his images saved, alright, I'll use spiderman next time, don't worry bud.

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i mean, youre still autistic as fuck so knock yourself out, retard

I'll try my best bud.

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>hates gay threads this much
>enough to spam the fuck out of them
>to keep them alive and at page 1 for the entire day

nice one retard lmao

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How about Joseph Mengele's experiments? The concentration camps were horrendously cruel. Imagine how this cruelty burned into the minds of the guards would affect society. Such a commitment to spiteful cruelty would carry its poison forward through generations.
How do you not consider a society irredeemable that produced such crimes?

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>Joseph Mengele's experiments?
He was a doctor who saved many lives.
>The concentration camps were horrendously cruel
Theaters, sport fields, organised events like plays and football games, brothels, dentists, hospitals, swimming pools, etc. were horrendous and cruel? Okay bud.
>cruelty burned into the minds of the guards
The same guards who's genitals were crushed during interrogation on those ALLEGED atrocities? Yeah, sure.
>How do you not consider a society irredeemable that produced such crimes?
Mankind has never been irredeemable. But Hitler's vision might have brought it closer to that redemption. But unfortunately evil prevailed.
Have fun with trans kids, animal fuckers, rampant poverty and race wars across Europe and North America though.

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go do this in the nigger threads also, please.