Girls who’ve swallowed your cum

Girls who’ve swallowed your cum

(op have more of this pic?)

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gf or just a hookup?

Ex workmate of mine

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on and off hook up was at college with her

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must have been a fun time



it was she sucks like a machine

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Ah, fantastic. I hope she has a nice ass.

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wouldn't call it anything special

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Dang. It is at least tight? Is her asshole at least cute? How's the suck game?

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Yes to both. She wasn't amazing but very willing to please. Learned to deep throat and would stay down even while she was gagging. Swallowed on command or took a facial, whatever I wanted at the time.

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ex-gf. She used to swallow it all and took it all

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Glad to hear. I'd love to take a turn with her asshole.

one of my biggest regrets is not pushing her harder for a threesome. Would have loved to double team the little slut, fill up her pussy and ass at the same time. She was so submissive. Fun to think about it anyways

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You got one with a load in her ass? You still fuck this bitch now and then?

no to both

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gave great head

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for 25 bucks

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soo how did you get together with these girls? Friend since a long time, childhood, meet at a bar ,etc.?

Fuckkkk she’s so sexy


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would enjoy sucking her tits

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More of her please!! I want to fuck her raw

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Love her little body. Need to bust to her

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Wish I had nudes

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Damn you don’t have anything??

No. She never sent any. She was a pageant girl always nervous they would get out lol

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Damn she's cute! Got more?

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Man she looks nice and thick. How was it?


She’s so hot
Sucks she never sent them


At least not to me. We didnt hook up for long.

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she's a really fun fuck. can ride cock like a pro.

here ya go

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