Why do white nationalists hate Jews so much?

Why do white nationalists hate Jews so much?

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im seriously baffled by all the hate for the jews

Its so odd

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Simpletons need a specific target to blame their problems on. And often, these boys have a lot of problems: unemployment, low skills, bleak futures and it's really tough for people to take responsibility for themselves. Providing a scapegoat is a great recruitment strategy for the leadership.

So, yea, in short, scapegoating.

Because they dress differently, at one point they owned a load of banks in New York so people assume all they want is money, and people think they run 'the guvnermernt" because racists keep peddling that idea and idiots keep believing it
(by the way, trump is one of these racists, just fyi)

Why Jews tho?

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Are Jews smarter than white people? I see this discussed on Cred Forums often.

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the autism is strong with this one

goes back to the murder inc. days where it was the italian-american mafia vs. the jewish mob. afterwards the mafia-controlled media portrayed the mafia as the lesser of two evils and the mob were painted as entirely bad. and that stuck

no more than asians
spoiler: it's not because of their race's genes, they just fucking work harder

Oi vey.

Just jealousy.

It's because Jews control almost all media outlets, control most of the wealth on the planet, and violently displaced thousands of innocent people (see Israel), which the UN recognizes as a country even though they supposedly don't recognize nations taken by force.

It's not just jews. It's every-fucking-body and it's right in the name. "White nationalists". They don't like Mexicans, Jews, Africans, Arabs, take your pick, they're against them. But ask them to define what "white" is, you'll see some major intellectual contortions that end up being "I know them when I see them"

It's a very simple method of control, honestly. "Don't listen to anyone but us, they're all out to getcha!"

Isolates members, strengthens control.

My personal opinion, this is all based around crime. These orgs are just fronts for various criminal enterprises and this is just a way to grow that.

Nice strawman brah.

Seems like it. But perhaps its something more..

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Usury put unintelligent/unknowing people in eternal debt.
Jews lost their home cunt and became international and began collecting value from other people's cunts to buy back their own...

Maybe the crime part, but even then I have some evidence to support that. Watch some crime shows about the Aryan Brotherhood. It's a prison gang and their recruitment operates exactly as I described, but to the end of only creating money for it's leaders through drugs and other gang activity.

Whats that movie called where one scene shows a Jew bashing a German guy's head in with a bat? Its a WW2 movie.

Because they're frogposters and they need to pls go

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>I post dumb stupid shit

I'm here for the cute pictures tbhwy

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Here's the article:

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>here's my cherrypicked opinion column from some stupid faggot magazine no one's heard about

Pretty sure it started way before that, what with the early Romans and all

Intelligent people hate Jews. Blacks hate jews. Its not just whites.

Jews love whores. They're archons and have to leech off the serendipity of others.

It's not just white nationalists either. Everyone wants to act like Hitler was the first one to round up Jews for being Jews. He wasn't the first and I'm sure he won't be the last.

>I'm not a white nationalist
>everyone is

It's ONE piece of the multifaceted hate for jews that white nationalist feel.

because during times of economic collapse like germany for instance. everyone was poor but the jews still had money, they hoard all of the money

they started spouting lies about how the jews stabbed them in the back in the trenches during ww1 and stuff like that.

Because Jews are > Whites. They control everything and whites hate that.

I didn't say I hated Jews, you implicating half-tard.

Pretty much this.

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Nor did I say everyone. But I suppose it's pretty stupid of me to expect randos on Cred Forums to possess reading comprehension.

>literal stormfag propganda

face it
it's the only thing that makes your pee pee stiff

well it is true, they went around closing jewish businesses, limiting the amount of money they were allowed to have. they used them as scapegoats

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Your projection fools only you

Tell me this, if you were kicked out of 109 restaurants, who is to blame, you or the restaurants?

samefag posting

Except in prison that's how all races interact. They all tribalize into racial gangs. You may get along with a few members of another racial gang, but you'll never be part of that other group

jews will cry out in pain and blame everyone but themselves

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Jews will always tell you they are persecuted, but never tell you why

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Dont forget german post WWI

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Jews are racial supremecists and extreme racists, because they believe they are “gods chosen people” and nobody else is, therefore their lives are literally worth more than non Jews the same way people think their lives are worth more than an animals. That’s why they do horrible shit to non Jews all the time for political and financial gain, because to them it is not unethical.

Jews are basically bigger racists than nazis 100%, they are bigger nazis than literal nazis were and every thing they complain about being a victim of they have done to other people and usually worse. That’s why people don’t like Jews. Because people don’t like racist extremists.

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i like her jew tits

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Me too

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Go to bed, rabbi.

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Yes they are
Yes they are literally smarter than asians. Not sure why you would rather spew shit than just look this up.
Because Jews perceive white nationalists as a personal threat (not unjustly of course) and so the many Jews who work as journalists/media-people/what-have-you vociferously attack any political argument or entity they perceive as remotely associated with white nationalists. They view this as an existential duty. Then white nationalists and really any right winger sees this and it accelerates their hatred for Jews if they didn't have it already. It's a feedback loop like this. I remember the internet right wing scene before all this 2016 alt-right bullshit and they honestly didn't hate Jews for the most part. I remember Anders Breivik's manifesto where he said that hating Jews was old-hat.

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Perhaps, but the AB is not just a prison gang, they are national and have feeder organizations that have a more "upstanding and legit" veneer, designed to recruit and radicalize the disadvantaged. Google them, it's pretty much all bad.

My thinking is that all of this white nationalism is just a cover for crime and as such, it needs to stop

Only one of those posts are mine. Accusations of samefagging are not even a valid argument, you have to accept that there is more than one person that thinks like this.

Jewish men should be eliminated. Jewish women should be kept as prizes. Perfect creatures.

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You say the AB is some movie villain when they do the same exact shit as nigger gangs

I'd still suck her tits.

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Stick with the discussion here, you're going off into the sticks. Obviously, I'm not FOR any gang activity. But this thread is about white nationalism specifically. And I'm against them for reasons I gave.

But if you WANT to compare white and black gangs, I'd say the white gangs are probably worse BECAUSE they try to have a legit facade and explicitly establish unconnected feeder groups. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Bloods or MS13 don't do this, they're just straight-up criminals.

Israel has no right to exist.

Then I'd smash her teeth down her throat.

A thousandfold moreso than Germany

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seems weird that jews want to destroy the white race
i mean, whites are the only thing standing between them and oblivion

so i doubt any of those theories are true

>im seriously baffled by all the hate for the jews

Me too. It's like a throwback to Nazi's I think. The hipster white nationalists must be as obsessed with authenticity as regular hipsters.

And yet it does, faggot.

Are there any Jews in this thread?

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If you want to understand, read my post


No, but I grew up in the same neighborhood as Ben Shapiro and I have a Jewish gf so I guess that makes me a male shiksa or something lmao

You mean Inglourious Basterds?

>He wasn't the first
You know I actually do forget this, they're habitually pissing off entire nations kek

Is that it? Its a brutal scene.

im jew
but im white
and an engineer
not religious

Jealousy. They're covetous crybabies.

Is that Hailee? Damn.

I do understand. Hipsters.

That was my initial take on it. Player haters.

And so they do all they can to emulate them. Right down to being cut.

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Because jews have declared war on White people.

Who's gonna win?

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>so i doubt any of those theories are true
Whites stand in their way of world domination. More specifically, they know well that White people and secondly Northeast Asians are the only two groups capable of dealing with them once and for all. Yes, they've targeted countries such as Japan with the usual divershitty/cult-marx garbage because they want to make Japanese people strangers in their own country. If that isn't downright wicked then I don't know what is.

Plus jews have a religious dogma called Tikkun Olam that says they have a duty to "heal" the world via so-called social justice. Finally, they don't worship God like they've misled you to beliece but the devil. The Star of David has nothing to do with David but is actually the Star of Remphan, aka the devil.

I implore anyone who is geniunely curious what the jewish question is about and who the actual agressors are then watch this video.


The Bible told us.
-Mark of the beast 666
-Battle of Armageddon, being in Israel.
-Beast, false prophet, and associated army being defeated.
-Beast and F.P. thrown into hell

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Most likely because they see them as threats. Like Black people, you cant bread the color out. They are like blank slates for literally every other skin tone to override. (kinda sad rlly) It was tried many times with west African tribes, the only result was giving them long straight hair. kek
also I agree with

Pick one.


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People are mad about where they are in life and take it out on a group of people to make themselves feel better. The end.

definitely a big part of it

Who are these beauties?
So the Jews are gonna win, cool

Imagine wasting mental energy loathing others rather than focusing on your own life and making it what you want to be. These people on this site are fuckin hurting inside.

How do jews see different races so clearly and why are they obsessed with race?

I've been reading the old testament, very interesting some of it.


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I must have missed the memo, because last I checked nigger loving Jews aren't allowed here, so how about you take your socialist cross breeding roach ideals to another board. This thread isn't random, it's calculated. Niggers hate Jews too, so do Muslims, and that's literally the only good thing about Muslims.


>Except for the last paragraph, as it's a cult, not an enterprise


>Why do jews hate white nationalists so much?

Cmon lads, in your opinion, who's gonna win between white nationalists and Jews?

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Because Satan hates God, and his chosen people represents his plans on Earth.

We, the WN's, will win. Although I don't believe it will be just us. Men of good faith and conscience from different races will join the battle against the Beast's army. While WN's are at the forefront of counter-Semitism really this is a battle of good versus evil that transcends racial lines to a certain extent.

"The jews are at war with the world."

Dr. William Luther Pierce circa late 90's

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It's just a meme

If Jews are smarter than whites then post proof

Spoiler alert: You don't have any

Because non Jews make better Femboys!
Reddit: Ilikecookiesmuchyay

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Because white nationalist are insecure failures who are incapable of self-reflection, so they need to blame an outside influence or their self image/identify will shatter.

Basically because they're pussies and cowards.

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She knows how to handle a gun great. I bet she could handle a cock just as well.

Wonder if she has that Jewish IQ along with those Jewish milkers..

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Oh, without a doubt. She's not just your run in the mill brain dead cumslut.

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White Nationalists, you totally would fuck this, don't lie to me

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Jew girls are wew

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100 percent ashkenazi Jewess Kira Kosarin

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I hope whoever ends up marrying her appreciates those beautiful tits

because they think jews are foreign invaders that created money.

Jews are so bad at acting like real people

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She's got some nice, tone thighs. The perfect midriff too.

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How can white women even compete?

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Eh, it's not a race thing for me. Yarden is a sexy ass woman who happens to be Jewish.
>sexy ass
You got a pic where you can see her ass?

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