Trap Thread

Trap Thread.

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Reddit: Ilikecookiesmuchyay

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cute, got moar?

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perfect body

ginger is prettier than most girls

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rip peen

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jenna so hot, poast moar please


It's fake

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Yummy, lots more please.


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Thanks :)

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Any cute pics of you in heels?

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I always wear heels ^^

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I love your legs too!

you got an ass pic of this slut?

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I want to be trap :((

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wow Ella looked wonderful even before hrt

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nice dress

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Any ass?

You're actually flawless. love all the outfits and legwear.

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wow you amazing, any contact info?

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haha, i'm far from flawless.

What do u want that for? :P

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cute lips

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>bridal lingerie
imagine the fun id have unwrapping and enjoying you that night

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You can also buy me a lovensense vibrator. I'll make more pics just for you then and give you access.

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quite a lot i'd imagine ;)

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yess, and id make it worth your while too

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How so?
Would u buy me a house? xD

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Moar please

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>Would u buy me a house?
if i put a ring on your finger, yes obviously

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Based Hitler, save us from these degenerates!!

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mmmm good :D

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is that a leash hanging down in the back? the more i look the more i like

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it sure is ^^

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Dudes about to get banned and doesn't even know it

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what size ring babygirl?

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hes been on this kick for 2 days, not banned yet

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uhh i have no idea.

Why does a 30-something-year old man play dress up?

i dunno, why do u?