What does Cred Forums think of my edit?

What does Cred Forums think of my edit?

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Its cringe


pure cringe.


Obviously I'm missing context here, to me this means nothing, like a weird album cover

needs minge

Immature. Leave your room and go explore the outdoors.


Looks dumb without context. Give us some info?

needs more joker

School shooter. Society made him do it and thus killed him.

Many things made him do it. And many other kids dont do that.
Lame, dont like your image much.

17 year old murdered 10 people at his school and now people are whining "ZOMG THEY TRYING TEENAGER AS ADULT"

He killed those bastard bullies in self defense.



>murder ppl
yep, just give him like 100years

Ok, I see. Yes, it's definitely a 10 on the cringe scale.

Those son of a bitches!! They will never push him into the urinals again!

The placement of the words and what they're supposed to represent don't make sense, even for meme standards. So cringe and shitty.