Your name is Jamal and this is your village. DUBS decides what happens to Jamal and his village

your name is Jamal and this is your village. DUBS decides what happens to Jamal and his village

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immigrate to Germany and join a gang

It gets nuked.

Jamal organise a communist revolution

He gets aids then decides to have 12 kids....just like real life

Jamal steals one of the neighboring women for breeding purposes.

we invent wheel by observing dung beetles.

Was gonna post this myself
If I get dubs by accident the next reply to me may take my command for Jamal

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Having successfully impregnated the nearest women Jamal moves onto the next woman and the next
Until every woman in the village is pregnant with Jamal's seed, even Jamal's mother and sister

Your shirt is now green

Johnny teleport in

I'm rolling for this

Change shirt color
Red is the color of anger and communism


nerve gas attack

Having impregnated every woman in the village
Jamal contacts his villages Israeli supervisor to inform him it is time to fill a refugee boat to save his people
Jamal and his village of incest family get into the boat for transport to America

Oh shit not again

Jamal survives

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Have sex with dead bodies of men

It's not gay if they're dead

corpse meat burger stand

honor the dead by burning down the entire village
the dead wont need m anymore

Do you watch Rick and Morty?
Do you believe in multiverse theory?
Then show some fucking respect for this alternate dimension
For all you know this funny game you're playing could be creating and controlling a physical reality
Just know that whatever you do to Jamal really happened in his universe

Check houses for loot

To be fair you have to have a high IQ to tell Jamal what to do

White people integrate into the village and build homes

in that case
>Jamal gets ripped apart by a gang of gay crocodiles with machetes

Jamal gets super powers

Jamal grabs a spear and goes hunting

move to a white settlement to ooga booga

Jammal goes crazy from loneliness and starts to have dinner parties with dead corpses.

his super power is the ability to explodes his balls at will


Jamal finds a rift through dimensions crossing over into our plane of existence

But after the black population is higher than the white population they kill all the white men

Jamals dick becomes bigger than the rest of his body causing massive outrage from the tiny dick Asians

Gay niggers from outer space take him onto their ship and give him a rim job

Jamal dies

Jamal goes to college and becomes a successful small business owner

Jamal gets fucked by a mutated cow

jamals village burns to a crisp thanks to a lightning strike sent by god

jamal invite neighborhing tribe to settle in.

re roll

Zombie apocalypse

Jamal wears a MAGA hat and /pol calls him based

gay niggers from outer space abduct him and give him the probulator 5000

Jamal becomes white

Gay niggers from outer space land in Jamal's village

Looks like Jamal turned white just in time to get raped

Why not both

jamal decides to ritualistically sacrifice himself to a lion in order for his soul to be one with the soil

Jamal is abducted by aliens and the aliens commence him to die by snu snu. The snu snu begins but Jamal releases his seed in every alien life form. Realizing that Jamal cannot die via snu snu, Jamal is sent to the village to take care of his new alien children.

Jamal turns into a big box of cp

Can OP even draw fast enough for this?

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Clearly not

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Hold up
OP has to make Jamal white and draw niggers in pink coming out of a dick space ship

The aliens take Jamal to a black whole where he is sucked in to never be seen again

jamal exerts his newfound white privilege and has to pay reparations to the gay niggers of outer space by offering everything he has, including his anal virginity, to them

Jamal enslaves the aliens because he is white and they are niggers.

Jamal decides to move to Europe


The gay niggers from outer space are amazed
Their whitening ray worked
All traces of melanin had been wiped from Jamal's DNA
The gay niggers from outer space didn't even wear clothes exiting their ship
They rape Jamal at both ends together

apparently yes


Jamal ensalves the gay niggers from space

Well damn
That's the end of Jamal
Where do we go from here?
Do we fallow the gay niggers through outer space?

who will control the village now?

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Rape all the women

A new nigger called Tyrone shows up

The gay black guys turn out to be Jewish and have a circumcision party to celebrate their new ownership

God finds himself in a position where his entire universe crumbled beneath his feet so re creates are starts anew

We are now inside a space ship
OP just draw like a grey floor with some lights around or something
Don't forget the gay niggers
Give them boners

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200 years later, humans find the village and jamal comes back as a space ghost with future knowledge about steam engines

Now this is epic
Classic Cred Forums right here


The gay niggers from outer space repopulate the village with gay niggers born from test tubes

The gay niggers from outer space replace the entire villages population with clones basically hitting reset on everything

behind wormhole is actually a new universe
Jamal is seen as a god

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Jamal should be there too, no?

Gay niggers from outer space saved not only Jamal's village but his racial identity
They were so offended by the race shifting Jamal they threw him into a black hole
Now that the gay niggers from outer space are gone Jamal can finally change his shirt

They threw him in a wormhole

The gay alien niggers die of aids like they deserve too and casey neistat comes to vlog the boons and see how they live

repeat everything that has happened so far

the clones become self aware and, in a nihilistic streak, preach black supremacy and try to take over the rest of the world


jamal burns that fucking shithole down

He's in his house changing his shirt

Gay Nigger aliens are carrying a virus which turns everyone into .. gay nigger aliens.

can you make them have erections and/or pink leotards? I can't tell they're gay.

Also if this is dubs Jamal Changes to a purple shirt

the village and the space niggers get enslaved by big tiddy shemales

the gay niggas from outter space decide to put the whole town in an eternal loop of pain and misery

Jamal changes to his green shirt and comes out of his hut with his wife
The Aliens have left, their work here is done

the gay nigga aliens decide to start an orgy which infects everyone with outter space aids

The gay niggers from outer space turn all the women into men


the gay niggas from outter space decided to bring back jamal in order to watch their husband being fucked by the nigga dick

Jamal emerges from his sleep with a nice new blue shirt
The Aliens leave to find a gayer planet

Rape women

White men come and enslave the whole village

MegaNiggaAlien9000 approaches declaring war on the gay nigga aliens and the village of nigga clones

Jamal starts learning the gravitational rules of the wormhole and decides to rape it

Rapes all the women orgy kill othernigger men

Jamal masturbates alone inside his tp

The gay niggers from outer space join the fun


Rapes women kill other nigger men


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Why the fuck did he turn white?

Jamal goes to find the hermit in the mountaintop

Jamal stands up to gay niggers this time around and rapes them.

Europeans discover village and capture gay niggers and Jamal.

Jamal does what black people do best, he steals a gun from inside the space ship and kills the aliens.

aids happens

The gay niggers from outer space die from aids and ebola
Jamal masturbates over the bodies

Oooohhh shit
Jamal is now equipped with an alien gun
Jamal could possibly take on a whole army or sell the tech to the military and become very rich
Jamal instead uses the gun to rob a white man

Jamal sticks his penis down the hot barrel of the gun and has an intense orgasm gushing out the barrel

Let OP draw the next pic before you give commands guys come on
Jamal shoots himself and wakes up from his dream, back in his village at step 1 again

Jamal eats alien shit make the shit look like alien shit too

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Then Jamal hijacks the ship and now becomes a space pirate.

rape the women

jamal stacks the corpses, into an alter

jamal eats the gay aliens dick for meal

Jamal gets a gun and shoots the aliens.He also becomes white

Jamal, being a dumb nigger, trades alien gun to Europeans for two chickens. They then use the gun to enslave Jamal and all niggers from surrounding villages.

Jamal begins to be worshiped as a god

He steals the ship and takes one of the girls to his ship and makes her his sex slave

Jamal chops up some of the bodies for food and chops down a tree for firewood. He tries to build a fire and accidentally burns down a few huts.

recaptcha: trees

Jamal trades the Alien gun to white settlers for a pack of Swisher sweets and a 40 ounce of malt liquor

Jamal becomes a warlord. He decides he is going to be a great leader and bring his people out of poverty and build a great civilization, greater than any white men have ever built. He is not quite sure how to do it tough. And he isn't going to stop raping 12 year old girls or hoarding all the wealth because he enjoys that he absolutely knows that white people do that shit too and still build great societies. There is so little time left in the day between his drug enhanced orgies, collecting riches, and keeping the uppity people in check he never really gets around to improving anything.

Jamal trades the gun for a bucket of KFC chicken to feed his village of women

Jamal decides to impregnate every woman from the enemy tribes using the patent pending alien gun

Jamal builds a farm.

Jamal pops a cap in every man, other than himself, heads and makes kids with their wives while the men are bleeding to death right in front of them

The aliens already killed all the men

The men all died from space nigger aids already look
Jamal sells the gun for a watermelon

Jamal colonizes China

Jamal turns into a pigeon

Jamal shoots himself and wakes up from his dream


shieed he still needs to fuck their wives to replenish the supply of Jamals

Jamal shits on the space ship

Can't do that now
He's a goddamn pigeon

With the power of alien gun,jamal turns the village into feudalism

Jamal the pigeon flies into an airplane turbine sand gets turned into red mist

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or can he, you never know the women will still suck off a pidgeon

Pigeon Jamal does what nigger pigeons do best and shots on somebody's vehicle

Jamal lets out a "Hoopla" before invading the neighboring tribe looking for crack. Killing everyone with his alien kalashnikov.

The women take turns putting Jamal inside them
They become pregnant with nigger pigeons, niggers with pigeon heads

as a pigeon he decides to immigrate to america making the tribes women carry him there

sounds good time to join the cause rolling for you

Kill all the other nigs in the village

Raped by clown shoes

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he learns to read.

The women catch and cook Jamal

jamal the pigeon decides to turn the world in to pigeons like himself

Jamal the pigeon flies to the next village and steals their corn

Pigeon Jamal nibbles on an alien corpse.

Jamals bottom bitch picks up his gun, puts him in a cage, and takes over as Queen Agbiss.

boring + let's please keep this to at least halfway plausible scenarios.

Had to become a more intelligent animal to learn to read

jamal learns to count his shekels giving prosperity to his shithole and being regarded as a deity

To learn to read, Jamal grows white head.
And black dick to keep women busy.

he finds Malaysians air mh 370

That was an epic turn of events
Jamal became a more intelligent animal and learned to read
Halfway plausible?
Now that he can read, he could get a job

Jamal opens a brothel with white bitches

Jamal is unable to learn to read and instead restores to rapping the dead corpses

Although a pigeon, Jamal kept his human penis, and impregnated the women

Jamal starts a incest cult. He impregnates the remaining female and forces the offspring to mate with each other.

can jamal pop a cap in some whitey and give prosperity to the negros

Jamal reads Mein Kampf and uses the space ship to overthrow israel

Jamal gives the villagers bird flu and they all die.

Read the thread
He's a reading pigeon now

Jamal gets cooked rotisserie style by his two bimbos

Jamal impregnates the women, then he ties them up and uses them as brest milk slaves.

Jamal flies away never to be seen again.

literate pigeon Jamal writes to the Chinese government inviting them to harvest his country's natural resources in return for building a KFC shop.

jamal the pigeon goes to make some nigeon babies (nigger pigeon) with the local womans

Jamal bangs one of the remaining girls and turs her into a breeding mother, the other woman has to provide food for her.

As an intelligent pigeon Jamal teaches his village to flip shit on Amazon, invests that profit in industry and builds a thriving small city. He is worshiped as a god.

Jamal is now President Trump.

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Jamal breeds dolphins for several years, using then as sexslaves and harvesting their excrement to build dolphin shit houses for his half-bred dolphin offspring

fuck off, we already have too much of jamals.

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He starts a breeding program, lasting several years. His children have to mate with eachother.

And he builds a wall between himself and the niggers and makes them pay for it.

Jamal starts reading ancient Jedi scrolls, teaches himself the ways of the force.


Jamal goes to america

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Since he is now the presindet, he moves to Slovenia with Melania.

He has kids with Ivanka.

He starts a chaturbate cam and gives all his earnings to the Opus Dei.

This thread is dead

President Donald (Jamal) Trump enslaves the nigs and makes them build Trump tower where his teepee used to be

Since he is the president, he send all non whites to the camps.

op you ded

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Jamal wakes realizing that it was all just a fever dream from acquiring ebola.

Have sex with sexy Ivanka.

Force convert everyone to catholicism.

Start a breeding program at the white house.

Invade China with nigger army

Get on that OP.

Op here, I gtg someone else take over

Breed with Ivanka.

President Jamal bans the word Daddy on all pornos.

jamal (trump) starts ww3

President Jamal orders the women to carry him to the hippo grounds.

Jamal becomes joker

This thread has lost cohesion

Jamal has a iq above 70

Jamal becomes a giant

tentacle monsters come they do alien shit to jamal and his wives

This is a good thread

If dubs then Jamal aka trump fucks ivanka

Jamal becomes Jewish and revives the slave trade

a massive penis called dave fucks the spaceship and then the spacehip gives instant birth to a baby penisship

jamal creates self-aware AI

dubs and obama fucks jamal and gives the village state-subsidised healthcare

dood breaks his foot and has to use 'invention' to fix it.

Jamal recreates the Soviet Union

jamal nukes islam

close so its time to try again

jamal has a sex change and becomes Jamalette

jamal fucks a cat

try try again JAMAL kill of islam

rolling for jamal solves quantum theory and creates a stable wormhole to this thread

Jamal and trump make the village great again by building a border wall and a gold trump tower hq

jamal commits OP reawakening

for fucks sake dubs
dubs and Jamal is now called Dubs, as are all objects in 'Jamal's' world

The hippos have a disco ball orgie and President Jamal joins on the condition of exchanging one girl for the ugliest hippo.
President Jamal is now "hot and heavy" with the ugly hippo.

now that jamal is educated, he builds a 2020 superpower city out of straws and cowshit
he also builds a helicopter out of straws and tells his village not to eat da poo poo

gg OP this thread be boppin to death

bumping this
>jamal became a lvl 99 wizard aswell


lightning bolt strikes Jamal's hut and sets it on fire

one last attempt

Jamal steal the other huts saying they were the huts of kings

luggage high just make jamal become a nuclear mohamed

Jamal did 25% less crime than other villagers so the space nigger magicians reward him with 25% whitness on his skin
then he puts on a purple lvl99 wizz robe on and builds the first african helicopter out of straws and names himself Nuclear Mohammed
and has many loli waifus

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p.s.: he builds a rap label house with the title
>muh dick