Your son brings home his girlfriend for the first time

>Your son brings home his girlfriend for the first time
>She's black
How do you react?

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never talk to him again

Atta boy!

Offer to pay for aids test.

put in baby in her

bob marly


well, given that his mother is also black, I have no complaints


double murder suicide

Become father to my grand daughter then when my grand daughter is 18 become father to great grand daughter.

tell him to fuck off to Canada and take his gold digging tramp piccaninny with him

Ask how he survived the abortion.

If she's nice and he's happy I'm happy. So many insecure people in this world

is megan markle really a pygmy?

Compare penis size with hers to see if the rumors are true

Who mentioned Saint Meghan?

Steal his sperm in the middle of the night and then castrate him. I'll have to continue the pure family line myself.

Throw a banana to distract her, take son away.

Do a complete background check on all of her immediate family. If any of them have been in prison for any length of time, then my son can't come back to my house with her again. I can't be having "surprise visits" from her relatives and their "friends" that always tag along, and no one knows their last names or addresses.


Congratulate him on his good wife decision.

It wil be possitive anyways no need to test that

She will become a missing person within the next 12 hours

Long as she doesn't stop the monthly family orgy we will be fine