I lost my virginity to my disabled girlfriend (paraplegic) yesterday...

i lost my virginity to my disabled girlfriend (paraplegic) yesterday. has anybody else experienced a somewhat "unique" experience?

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>i lost my virginity
>disabled girlfriend

Can she actually feel anything down there or does she just kinda chill while you have a go at it?

yeah, she can. according to her doctor, it's more mental than physical. understandably, it took her a while to feel confident/comfortable, but being in a committed relationship helped a lot.


you mean desperate

Did you stick it in her ass since she wouldn't know the difference?

I'm happy for You user

we were together before her accident, asshole.

Hell yeah. I lost virginity to my grandmother a full year after she died.

what happened?

she was making a turn from red and got a bad glancing blow from a car that should have been slowing down, but decided to blow through a yellow. she's always been a good driver so i believe her when she says it really wasn't her fault. it kills me knowing that a split second earlier/sooner, it would all be a forgettable close call.

>good driver
pick 1

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more mental than physical?


by good i meant cautious because she knows that she's not really "good". if it makes you feel better, the other driver was a cunt woman in an SUV.

>more mental than physical

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Damn!! That sucks. But since you said it was more mental than physical, I hope she recover.

sex is more mental than physical for women. it takes time for them to become accustomed to and be comfortable with their new body, but they can still feel stimulation. you can look it up. lots of lube definitely helps at first lol

does faggotry count?

>see craigslist ad from guy looking to give his first BJ
>answer ad and we email back and forth
>start getting the impression that he just gets off on talking since we go weeks without actually meeting
>he finally comes clean that he's in a wheelchair and hesitant to meet since he's got to be careful
>I can understand that
>asks if I can come over some night so he can suck my cock
>we make arrangements
>night comes and I head to his place
>occurs to me that this may be a set up
>knock at door and he answers in his wheelchair
>sit and chat for a while and then he asks if I'm ready
>stand up, open pants and stand over his legs
>he sucks my cock. not bad for his first time
>cum and he swallows
>becomes a routine

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Is that what your friend told you?

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I guess, in the sense that the first I fucked a girl, I fucked her in the ass.
We were both fairly young and naive, she was stupidly afraid of getting pregnant and there were no condoms around. So I did what any man would. Into the pooper. It took a while to get it in, but it felt real nice.
After a fairly short time of fucking her in the ass I came and then it was just a fucking mess.

She started farting, it smelled like shit despite me not seeing any shit anywhere, my dick felt gross after I realized it felt like shit and despite all that, I sorta liked it.

Unique is still the wrong word

>t. Virgins

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what would be the more correct wording? unique seems like a synonym for uncommon and that fits the premise.