Short on cash. Thinking of letting guys fuck my wife for money. How much do you think she can get per guy?

Short on cash. Thinking of letting guys fuck my wife for money. How much do you think she can get per guy?

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200 bucks

Where u at?

100 bucks

200 if you put a bag over her head

I'm in.

I'd say 50 tops if she did a blowjob, and vaginal penetration. MAYBE 65 if she did anal as well.
Girls go for 200 that look 5x better than her so that's me being nice.

What the fuck kind of body modification are you into?
It's weird what you've done to her penis


It’s called a vagina

I'll just pick her up in the grocery for free and show how much better life can be without a pootfag.

What does this even mean???


She’s pretty much open to anything

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If she's fresh I would say 200 for a half hour and 250-300 four an hour. That's usually the going rate but if you know someone who wanted to fuck her you could probably get more.

ugh.... that vag

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gross. 50 for bareback. 75 for greek.

>My wife
Nice larp virgin

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Why did you make her penis look like that? With surgery? Did you go to a piercing studio or something?

What kind of body mod is that?

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I'd give you 200 bucks, using a condom of course and not being a fucking asshole to her.

She’s clean

She looks cute and I hope you guys get through your financial troubles without pimping out your wife. Maybe get a fucking job, or go suck some dicks yourself?

No probs. I would fuck her for a 20 and a glass of water.

give her a little meth and she should be able to fuck 7-8 guys a day at $150-200 a pop. also post one of her on all 4 with pussy and asshole showing please.

bout tree fitty

dios mios el chubacraba el americana globlina

Why the fuck is her pussy all burned? What the fuck did you do to her?

I'd pay her 100 to let me spit in her asshole and then have her do atm

It’s not

I'll give a Frank to empty my bag into her body

I’d fuck her

You did something to that girl's crotch
her penis is inverted and she has fucked up dark burn-like skin

you're on Cred Forums dude you can just say what you did
there is weirder shit on this site everyday

Cute as fuck

More pics??

she's cute

See, OP? Other people know. Pretty sure you tied her down and poured gas on her pussy and lit her on fire.

ITT newfags who dont image reverse search

Ugly Filipina goblina

She’d probably make what others in your area make. A pimp might snatch her away from you. Your dumb ass must have an addiction or something.

depends where you live obviously DUH
over here i dunno 50 euros

dude dont do it dont be stupid
you'll never live out the dishonor/loss of dignity

Looks better with clothes than naked.

WTF dude?

I’m in spanaway

Shes got a nice body. I like the dark pussy and asshole. Face is a little busted but I think you could get paid.

Why don't you sell your own body? Are you a fat ugly fuck?

Kelso meth addict detected

can she cum from anal?

Tree fidy

I'd pay like 50

$100 or $80

she's fuckable


Upwards of 9 bucks

I'd fuck her for $200, but you'd have to pay me upfront.

I'd fuck her. if I could pump a full load into that mixed race pussy.

I'd give you 500, but I keep for 3 hours

I would pay 150 to cum inside her 3 times

$100 max

That’s an ugly pussy. The lights would have to be off.

1000 but she's mine for the night! But then she has to gtfo in the morning

fuck that

if Im paying that much the only bitches leaving my house will be the ones in body bags

She looks like she shits out of her pussy

$50 take it or leave it