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Keep going or no?

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Well fuck it.

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Keep going

why are there boogers on the picture

Sorry if this is anti-climactic. I didn’t think anyone would care about this low tier coom comic.

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I’m not sure what it is. It was already on the scrap paper when I started drawing.

If that wasn’t enough I could do more, if there’s any actual interest.

Are you autistic?

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No, but I’m not fapping because I have to go fuck my GF later, so I’m drawing as an outlet.

Lucky bastard, at least send photos

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We just started going out like 2 months ago. This is the only nude I’ve got.

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Is this thread done? You lads tell me.

Enjoy her while you can buddy

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I’ll hit you up on here if I end up marrying her

Then I hope you end up marrying her in the future, be happy with her

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I’m definitely gonna breed either way.

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Enjoy it

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