Pysch grad here. anyone here a successful philosopher or scientist :D

pysch grad here. anyone here a successful philosopher or scientist :D

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Chemistry prof here

I am a scientist.

mid-term or thesis?

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I did sociology

Because learning the nature of our biology gives you no right to talk about how we behave and what we believe

fuck your psych degree

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i did true communism in absolute thesis performance.

learn English then learn what sarcasm is

learn logic, not diongesis

I have a PhD in Astronomy and planetary science and teach at a University. I also have a BSc in Geology and Oceanography.

They are all quite closely linked, I cannot tell others what to think about anything outside my sphere of knowledge, that would be arrogant and pointless.

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is anyone really anything?
t. m. phil

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-cough- genesis isnt narration it the third point of view of Diony or "emotional appeal"

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We don't have mid-terms here.

or true communism as im a military commander on a S.S. Ship
>Pics or didnt happen

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how can you be sure?

cells make consciousness. consciousness dont make cell

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One win for team 11 shinobi (genin edition)

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So many salty STEMlords here...
Have fun jerking off memorizing formulas and equations. I'll stick to saving the world, thank you.
Or should I say: your welcome.

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ive never actually physically cringed at something on here before

well done

> Or should I say: your welcome.
you should say "you're welcome"

Can you describe "successful", or shall we ask Alan Watts?

thats wrong lmao

I am a particle astrophysicist. What do you mean my successful?

(learning more and more about less and less until we wind up knowing everything about nothing)

how can you tell?

not my major bro :(

I like loli porn.

Alan watts is pretty cool tho

not that he is a super wise and smart/rigorous philosopher but he has some neat insights

can we


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am beta 3rd year scientist in my computer science degree

Planning to do a masters in computational neuroscience

Scientist here.

team 3

Super is overblown.
The world does not understand the people at six-sigma.
This might be why I like Jordan Peterson. He's not all that smart and he's too conservative for my own tastes, but his judgement tends to be true. More people should be like him, especially the self-righteous wing of politics.

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dude. i want to be just like you

Liberal Arts used to mean the seven practices of a free man. All science derives from the liberal arts.
Speaking as a Renaissance person, that is.

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No, the question should stand as written.

"Parallels are only parallel when they're parallel."
– Rima Snyder


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>successful philosopher
I imagine these are few and far between
Yeah, penty of those
I majored in CS with a minor in philosophy because it interested me, while it might be widely applyable, employers want more direct skills, much as "soft" skills are appreciated

>is anyone really anything?
Depends on what direction you want to take the conversation. We can be everything and nothing

>or scientist
I'm a level 40 Scientologist

I am. I'm a psychiatrist.

Here, have these for free:

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sorry, but still trying to find a good site for these,

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