Name our D&D group

Name our D&D group

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The oath breakers of kilath-bol

weird skinny nerds

Need something more creative than that bois


No Phil, I will not.

Two Bards, One Die

A word play, a reference, and a status pun

Not bad.

The Kissless Virgins

The Cuck Bois

squaters of cucumbers

Allow me to clarify; a name for our group within D&D, for what characters know us as.

So far we’ve come up with gimp squad, the cuckolds, and sticky bois.

Also not bad

Fucking hell, this may be the one.

The Dire Nuggets.

The Broken Neckbeards

Sir Limpalot and his Fairy Men


The Niggers


Bunions & Daggers

This pleases the DM

Team "I like furry cock"

Anne Frank's Wank Tank

The Fallacious Fighters of the Faradian Fangle

The Flamecock Fellowship
>from a land called Mannluv
>its a dying land due to rampant STD's
>you're on a quest to find the cure
>rumored to be in a far away land
>called Shok-Therapee

One thousand and four

Haha you be fuckin creative nigga


it's a detestable idea to be part of a group that can be identified by a name
this can only add charges of being part of a criminal organisation to ordinary murderhobo adventurer behavior, it's stupid

Won't last 2 days.

WAIT. Hold on a fucking second here. Are you going to abide by dubs or are you just going to "pick" like newfag schoolgirls? I starting to get the feeling this thread is a blasphemous waste of everyone's time.

Unsightly Anal onslaught.
Regurgitated fried chicken.
Old Mop water.
The penile dribblers.

The ruffians of doom.

Lord Edge and the Murder Hobos.

Not your Elven Army.

Retarded Dumbass & Dickholes

The Derpsicles

Dubs speaks.
Fuck it, dubs names the in-game group. Didn’t expect the thread to receive this much input

Kek wills it.


Ghost Riders
Bounty Hunters
Skinny Dragons
Mad Foxes
Red Lancers
Dust Devils
Easy Riders

Name found.

No you