New FB/IG fap

New FB/IG fap

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fucking gorgeous

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moar of those glorious tits

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she's beautiful


please sir

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fuuuuuck I want to put my cock between them


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Thoughts on this babe?

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oh shitdfgbgfecd

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absolute wife material

damn those curves

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gonna need more braj

Fuck! Wow!

which slut?

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love how she's pushing them out like she wants cum on them

going to fill a bucket

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Ewww, none of them.

She would treat you good

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Cuban friend

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Ik man such a slut. Would love to grope her tits

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holy hell. she'd milk me to the last drop...

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My god. can barely hold it

She’s sexy, would you fuck her?

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I wanna see those bad boys jiggle so bad



holy fuckaroney


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Berkeley slut

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I want to be forced to be someones slave boy on kik by being shown pictures of girls to be made horny and vulnerable.

For back story:
Few months back, i was looking for pictures of girls on Cred Forums as I was horny and i added one guy on kik who was willing to send me some. After he sent a few pics he asked that I take off my shirt and take a picture, which i ended up doing as I was horny and didn't think much of it. After I did that he just started forcing me to do more as he got me more horny. He would send me like 4-5 pictures of girls and force me to strip down. He made me strip one piece a time, slowly exposing myself, from my pants, to my boxers, and so on. Long story short, he kept sending more and more until he had me naked and exposed, my balls and dick tied, me gagged, toothbursh forced in me and cumming for him. even when i tried to resist him he would send more pics and just kept using degrading words till he broke me down. Anyways at the time it was super humilating and degrading but for some reason im craving this feeling again and now posting on her.

I will show live picture of myself doing what i'm told.

My kik is: ronlans


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Honestly yeah I would

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isnt she crazy?

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Tight little slut

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i'm here user, stroking so good

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Cute fucktoy

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Dat ass.

doesn't seem possible

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Look at her tits here

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2 or 6

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godDAYUM son need more

More of this tight slut

make her my personal cum slave to please my cock whenever I pull it out with a smile on her face.

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Any fans?

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so damn perfect

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she's so perfect, she's driving me nuts

Who likes Nina?

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god I wanna coat her face and tits with sticky cum

already about to nut lol

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Perfect body

she's so hot

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holy perfection

Same bro

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absolute perfection

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imagine waking up next to this....

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More of that ass holy shit

Keep going

Fuck more

Big white ass?

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what a fucking life. hitting that every day

3 sisters youngest to oldest

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she's the total package with those DSL. fuck I'd use her holes so hard.

Mm nice, what kind of things would you have her do?

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go onnnnnnn




Perfect slut more

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young little whore, prob going out getting fucked at parties

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make her bend over an ironing board like a good slut and use her pussy to drain every ounce of cum every time I come home.


Would love to have her gangbanged

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Oh most definitely, probably begging for a good fuck

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holy fuck. she's begging to be turned into a fuck toy by a long line of cocks...

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Perfect tits more

got some rockin tits

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Mmm more

oh yessssss

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prob likes it when the drunk boys start getting handsy and get the groping going

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dat thigh gap

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That would be an awesome sight to come home to, seeing her bent over with her ass in the air ready to take it

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love her face so much

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Bend that slut over and lift up that tiny skirt so I can fill her holes with cum from behind

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I’d fuck her so hard in this dress

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good god that nip

She probably turns into it, letting them brush against her tits and sneaking a rub in on her pussy

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Diamonds for this goddess

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she is insanely hot

total bombshell


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Any feet pics?

jesus fuck, I'd make her wear that dress to bed weekly

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Fucking diamonds

She would love that

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please don;t stop user



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very cute


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she really is one!

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she'd learn what my cock likes and use that perfect ass to finish me in two strokes, then use her mouth to get me hard again so I can fill her up.

This slut is literally begging for a good fuck like that

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def makes sure her nips are hard and visible, probably drives her ass into guys crotches if they make the first move and risk molesting her

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Thanks Cred Forumsro

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i want to make her insta a sex slave

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So fucking perfect


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I will not entertain footfags


wwyd to this slut?

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Imagine being the one who finally gets to slip his cock into the wetness between her perfect thighs

what an ass. doesn't get better than that

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wow, getting hard, keep going

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You close? Edge hard for this bitch

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tell her to find friends that aren't attention whores by proxy

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Like her face huh?

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would be insane, taste the alcohol on her breath when you shove your tongue down her throat, cum inside her but keep thrusting till your soft

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Bend her over that railing and fill her holes

holy shit, that one almost pushed me over, I'm stroking so fucking hard


She would have you cum in her mouth before you could fill her pussy again

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Keep going

good god what does the back look like


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Honestly would just stay inside until I got hard again and then just keep going

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you got discord?

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oh yeah, Imagining rolling my tongue in her mouth

She probably loves to get fucked in the ass

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That's all?

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oh she's a keeper for sure

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i'd fuck julia so damn hard

Wwyd, keep edging hard

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i wonder if she takes it up the ass

could we run a cock train on amber and have her survive?

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i'm so close, can I moan her name?

oh, she's getting all her holes stuffed with cock and filled with cum every day. she'll do nothing but make sure my balls are drained.




I'd start rubbing my cock against her through that dress, guide her hands to it, have her slowly jerk me while she sucks on my tongue


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I'd hold her down while tittyfucking her in that sweater

Kasey. Seriously though you should make a discord

plz more in new thread, i'm stroking


This, guys.