How do I quit the devil's cabbage with no cravings?

How do I quit the devil's cabbage with no cravings?

I'm on my last nug.

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you have to want to quit, otherwise you'll relapse. Smoke more and chill out or don't smoke.

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just start drinking a whole lot of coffee throughout the day and when you crash at the end of the day it will make sleeping easier.

lol, you're all retarded. I smoked for years and stopped cold because it got boring. The end.

If you can't do that then you're a pathetic fiend with no life.

Lmfao. If your faggot ass has problems quitting this shit, then you would kill yourself if you did heroin or painkillers. Stop being a pussy for fuck sake.

Lol its izi, just don't smoke it, find some thing to do so ur not bored, i smoked weed for 7years daily and quit on a spot, and started again and quit again several times when i felt like it. Its izi to quit as long as u got shit to do. Same way i stopped cigaretts, and those i quited for good (so far 4years)

that counts as wanting to quit retard. you didn't actively want to smoke, so you had no cravings

This dude is right, quitting weed is izi, it's only hard if u got literally nothing to do in your free time.

I did actively want to smoke you fucking junkie. just kill yourself now, it's already over for you if you can't quit weed

weed is the hardest drug to quit because it's all mental

Just go cold turkey, I smoked it everyday for years and about 5 months ago I stopped caused needed a better job, first couple of weeks is bad but gets better and easier afterwards. My lungs are happy and I’m no longer coughing like a motherfucker.

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Start smoking crack instead

You know nothing of addiction, you newfag fuck. Go sit in the corner with the other children.

No easy way, just have to push through a week of wanting it, then you’ll have a much easier time after you get past that. Anything you do regularly wether it’s soda or weed or anything, your body is gonna tell you to keep going, you just have to get through that

it's piss easy to quit.
first 1 or 2 days you'll feel restless. fix this by playing vidya, doing your hobbies or getting fit.
first 4 or 5 days you wont have an appetite. make soup and force yourself to drink as much as you can. drink beers to fill the rest of the calories and to take mind off weed.

you'll know you're clear when you start having normal hunger again.

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I'm on week 3 of not smoking, you can handle a few days of not being on some pussy shit.
Grow a spine.

Do any narcotic and you'll realize how much weed sucks

>I'm on my last nug.
you can always scrape the resin


Find something to do that's not at home during some of your free time during the week, don't buy more. Doesn't have to be every night, but something to take your mind off of being bored, and occupying yourself with a video game is the same as being bored, be not at home for a few extra hours a week and you'll find you don't care as much about filling your at home time with intoxication because there's less of it.

I love the people that are like "omg jus quit its easy I did" mother fuckers, people get addicted to pie or gambling or habitual motion (things like cracking knuckles, picking your nose biting fingernails etc) and you're saying a psychoactive drug isn't addictive? Mfw? I'm currently quitting and it can be pretty hard I've got a 15 year habit and I was selling so i smoked every day. You will get cravings but you can placate them. A good psychological trick to get past the initial week is smoke a roll up with a roach. If you're a joint smoker this has the strange effect of tricking your brain fir a little while and the cravings should subside but I always find boredom is the enemy, keep yourself occupied and if there is a place you always get stoned (mine is my living room) try and avoid it as you will associate the environment with weed. Best of luck OP quitting anything can be hard I've managed to get of barbiturates, coke and pills but weed has been an unshakable addiction for me.

You can't lol, it sucks for a week after you quit and then it's up to you not to do it again.

>How to quit
Just stop.
>Without cravings
Kill yourself

I was a daily burner. I had to stop last year for medical reasons. Those got better, and I just stayed off it. I'm coming up on my 1 year anniversary. I still get cravings sometimes. Just want to drop a fat dab, and eat some chipotle. Fuck yeah.

I do plan on smoking again once I have an official year clean, but never daily.

>people get addicted to pie or gambling or habitual motion (things like cracking knuckles, picking your nose biting fingernails etc)

ya, but those ppl are weak and don't really count

Start smoking cigs for vape. then quit that. If you have cravings and have them longer than 1 month and you cant fight through them. Get to therapy because the only happiness you got was from smoking

How you get bored about your boddy producing dopamine?

u cant stop with no cravings. cigs and vape wont do a damn thing but disappoint you. just keep your mind busy/entertained however you can. Exercise, video games, sex. might need to find a new hobby

I can only smoke it for like 1 month before it loses its appeal but maybe you should try cleaning up your diet to make you feel better with out it. Paleo, keto or carnivore could work, I use to use weed for depression and anxiety, it worked but then i started a carnivore diet because of every problem i had from being vegan or almost vegan some years. Now when i smoke weed it makes me super anxious and tbh i don't need it because my diet change cured my depression.

I also was able to reduce my fapping massively and give up alcohol which i've never been able to do until recently.

Smoke it and be done with it. Find something else to do. Read a book, go to the gym, take up art, whatever.

instead of viewing it as something you want that you are holding yourself back from having but instead stopping yourself from doing something that you dislike.

If youre stopping for a job, think about the job and whether that is more important.

If you think the weed is more importatn, i.e. youre addicted, then think about the fact that you dont actually enjoy weed, youre just an addict and this drug is hurting you.

Coming from a dry drunk.